A rough VRAI created diamond, Oval cut diamond, and Oval cut engagement ring
A rough VRAI created diamond, Oval cut diamond, and Oval cut engagement ring

3 Carat Oval Diamond Rings: A Shopping and Styling Guide

Angelica Frey | February 28, 2023

A 3 carat Oval cut diamond engagement ring combines the brilliance of a brilliant-cut diamond with the lengthening effect of its oval shape and significant surface area.

An Oval cut weighing three carats works with a wide variety of styles and settings. Read this guide if you are thinking about 3 carat diamond rings featuring VRAI created diamonds and are looking to maximize both brilliance and size. Book an appointment with an expert to see the way it suits your hand.

What Is A 3 Carat Oval Diamond Engagement Ring?

A 3 carat Oval diamond ring featuring a 3-carat Oval shaped diamond as its center stone. Oval cut diamond engagement rings have become an increasingly popular choice because it combines a flattering, finger-lengthening effect due to its elongated shape with the brilliance of the brilliant cut, for maximum fire and brightness. In addition, its large surface area makes the diamond appear larger than a round brilliant of the same carat weight.

How To Choose A 3 Carat Oval Center Diamond

When considering a 3 carat Oval VRAI created Diamond, one has to pay special attention to symmetry and polish. “This is because the overall finish of the diamond is crucial to a diamond's light performance and overall look,” says Queena Chang, VRAI’s Chief Diamond Expert and a GIA graduate. “While Round Brilliants do have an overall cut grade, it is important to keep in mind that with fancy shapes, they can have different proportions in length and width, and different clients can prefer different ratios.”

Cut, one of the 4Cs, is only graded in Round Brilliant diamonds. In fact, the symmetry will determine how even the pattern of the diamond is, which plays right into how the light will enter and exit the diamond. Poor symmetry can throw off its entire shape of the diamond, or cause certain parts to appear darker or flatter to the eye.

“Polish is almost equally as important, as poor polish will result in unappealing polish lines and scratches on the surface of the diamond, which can make it look almost cloudy or milky white on some surfaces,” warns Chang.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Oval diamonds, like Pear and Marquise shapes, sport a Bow Tie, or rather, a dark bow-shaped pattern across their table known as bow ties. The interaction between the facets and your own head and shoulder blocks the light from being reflected.

How Much Does A 3 Carat Oval Diamond Ring Cost?

The price of a 3 carat Oval diamond can range from the low five figures all the way into the six figures, because, other than symmetry and polish, color and clarity impact the price tag.

A Mined G, VS2 costs around $45,000. In the case of lab created diamonds, which are chemically, physically, and optically identical to mined diamonds: they form first as carbon atoms under high temperature and immense pressure, then bond together to grow a crystalline lattice structure. In addition, with lab created diamonds, their origin is always guaranteed. 3 carat, G, VS2 Lab-created diamonds cost around $8,000.

How Big Is A 3 Carat Oval Diamond Ring?

A 3 carat Oval diamond can measure between 11.98 x 8.11mm and 12.18 x 8.31mm, which results in significant finger coverage. However, thanks to the elongated proportions of this shape, it will retain sleekness and elegance, and will suit classic, vintage-inspired, modern, and bold styles.

How Does A 3 Carat Oval Diamond Ring Look On My Finger?

Thanks to their elongated shape, 3 Carat Oval diamonds can make your hand and your fingers appear longer and slimmer, even though the overall effect will be determined by the diamond’s actual proportions: GIA rates the best length-to-width ratio between 1.30 and 1.50 at the highest, followed by the 1.25 – 1.29 and 1.51 -65 ranges. Anything below and above that range will make your 3 carat Oval resemble a Round Brilliant cut, anything above like a Marquise cut.

Is A 3 Carat Oval Diamond Engagement Ring Too big?

Whether a diamond is deemed too big, the right size, or too small entirely depends on the wearer’s style, preferences, and ring size. Someone favoring dainty and sleek styles and settings might gravitate more towards lower carat weights, while people with more maximalist tastes will find 3 carats just right.

3 Vs 2.5 Carat Oval Diamond Ring

A 3 carat Oval diamond can measure between 11.98 x 8.11mm and 12.18 x 8.31mm, while a 2.5 carat Oval diamond 10x8 mm. A rapid calculation will show that a 3 carat diamond appears 1.2 larger than a 2.5 carat one, while weighing 20% more.

3 Vs 4 Carat Oval Diamond Ring

A 4 carat Oval diamond ring measures between 13.19 x 8.94mm and 13.39 x 9.14mm, while a 3 carat Oval diamond averages between 11.98 x 8.11mm and 12.18 x 8.31mm. This means that, while being 33% heavier, the 4 carat diamond is only 19% larger in terms of surface area.

What Are The Best Styles And Settings For A 3 Carat Oval Diamond Ring?

The best settings for a 3 carat Oval diamond ring are the ones that fully complement and celebrate the size, brilliance, and shape of the stone.

“Most clients have not seen a 3.00ct diamond on their hands before, so actually seeing a live 3.00ct Oval on their hands is the biggest "WOW" moment that they have,” says Chang when describing the reaction clients have during an in-person consultation. “Another aspect is that people don't realize how much brilliance is lost over camera, as most of my clients have explored their preferences via Instagram photos or Pinterest searches, so being able to see and enjoy the full rainbow flashes (fire) and reflections of light (scintillation) is always an amazing moment to behold.”

Style wise, an Oval diamond works extremely well with most settings, including classic, vintage-inspired, modern, and bold.

Timeless 3 Carat Oval Diamond Engagement Rings Styles

Showing off the center diamond does not equate neglecting the setting. A sleek, minimalist setting such as the The Oval Knife-Edge, the Classic Hidden Halo and Classic Two-Tone are VRAI’s most popular styles this carat weight and shape. The Knife-Edge setting subtly contrasts the sleek curves of the oval diamond, the Hidden Halo keeps the diamond secure while adding a little extra brilliance. The two-tone allows you complete freedom when it comes to color grade and metal of choice, as the white-gold prongs will make sure that the color of the band won’t affect the diamond’s brilliance.

Vintage-Inspired 3 Carat Oval Diamond Engagement Ring Styles

Ornate, vintage-inspired styles can turn a 3 carat Oval diamond engagement ring into a heirloom. The Three-Stone-Halo Ring, with its pavé-set diamonds, creates a filigree-like pattern around the center and side stones, while the Twisted Classic Ring offsets the majestic proportions of the diamond with the dynamic quality of the intertwined band. The halo Dome Ring, with its three rows of pavé set diamonds on the band and the two, concentric halos, combines opulence and elegance.

Sleek 3 Carat Oval Diamond Engagement Ring Style

3 Carat Oval Diamonds also work with contemporary styles: enjoy the dynamic interaction and balance of volumes, geometry, and asymmetry, for unexpected, yet timeless variations on the theme of the solitaire.

The Bezel setting has been around since the dawn of jewelry as an art and craft, but we associate it with sleek, modern styles for the way it creates continuity between the band and the diamond. VRAI’ Signature Bezel Oval lets the diamond shine while keeping it secure with its gold rim. Wearing it in an East-West setting quietly subverts the original design. And if you want your diamond to fully speak for itself, the Hover allows you to show it off in an unexpected way.

Shop 3 Carat Oval Rings With A Diamond Expert

It’s hard to fully parse a 3 Carat Oval diamond’s brilliance and size through a screen, regardless of the high resolution of the photos provided. Seeing one in real life with the help of an expert will definitely help you understand if its weight, size, and brilliance are a good fit for your taste and needs.