Multiple Round Brilliant cut diamonds on a black background.
Multiple Round Brilliant cut diamonds on a black background.

4 Carat Diamonds: A Guide To A Statement-Making Look

Angelica Frey | February 07, 2023

Wherever you might go, a 4 carat diamond makes a grand statement, whether it’s the centerpiece of an engagement ring setting, or it adorns a Solitaire Necklace or Solitaire Diamond Studs. In engagement rings, a 1 carat diamond is one of the most popular choices, with the majority of the buyers choosing the 1-to-2 carat range. A 4 carat lab diamond definitely stands out. Are you gravitating towards a VRAI created diamond in your future? Read on to learn more about this carat weight and decide if it’s right for you. Or book an appointment with our diamond experts for more personalized guidance.

What Is A 4 Carat Diamond?

A 4 carat diamond is a single cut and polished diamond that weighs 4 carats. Although rough 4 carat diamonds exist, most diamond jewelry retailers refer to a diamond’s carat weight after it has been cut, polished, and ready to set in a jewelry design.

Carat is not synonymous with size, as weight alone does not directly correlate to length, width, and depth. 4 carats are equal to 800 milligrams or 0.8 grams. Each diamond shape displays their carat weight differently, with some shapes facing up considerably larger than others. The Round Brilliant cut diamond will often measure around 10mm in diameter. Oval cut diamonds and Marquise cut diamonds appear larger on the finger; a 4 carat Oval measures around 11 by 9 mm on average; a 4 carat Marquise is around 16.5 by 8.25 mm. By contrast, a 4 carat Asscher cut diamond, which carries most of its weight in the pavilion, will measure a little under 9mm in diameter.

What Is A 4 Carat Lab-Grown Diamond?

Physically and chemically, a 4 carat lab grown diamond is identical to a mined diamond. Compared to a mined diamond, though, a lab grown diamond has a clear point of origin, and the controlled environment they are created in eliminates any negative environmental impact or human toll of mining. The lab process faithfully recreates an identical growing process to mined diamonds. Under high temperature and pressure, carbon atoms bond together to grow a crystalline lattice structure. Once fully formed, they are cut and polished to reveal maximum brilliance. Lab grown diamonds sport the same types of blemishes and inclusions as mined diamonds, which further proves that they are real.

What Is The Price Of A 4 Carat Lab Grown Diamond?

Carat weight is only one factor among what determines the price of a 4 carat diamond. A diamond is graded according to the 4Cs (aside from carat weight, the others are cut, color, clarity), with each C having its own grading system, which then features on a diamond’s grading report. Cut is not synonymous with shape, as it refers to the degree of precision and refinement of the facets of a diamond; color describes the hue of a diamond, which ranges from colorless to a yellowish-brown tint. Since colorless diamonds are the rarest, the diamond pricing reflects that. Clarity indicates the visual purity of a diamond, indicating the degree of presence of inclusions and blemishes; less than 1% of diamonds meet the technical definition of Flawless, which impacts its price tag.

As a general rule, there is no linear progression between diamond size and diamond prices. A diamond’s price tag can go up exponentially when moving from 1 carat weight to the next.

1 Carat Vs 4 Carat Lab Grown Diamonds Price Comparison

Just because a 4 carat diamond weighs four times as must as a 1 carat diamond doesn’t mean it costs four times as much. In the case of Round Brilliant Cut, a VRAI created diamond that is just under 4 carats is priced at $7,236, while for 1 carat diamonds, prices start at $1,147. Shapes like Emerald cut, Oval cut, and Asscher cut reflect a similar interval.

2 Carat Vs 4 Carat Lab Grown Diamonds Price Comparison

A 4 carat diamond weighs double the amount of a 2 carat diamond. However, a 4 carat diamond won’t just be double the price of a 2 carat diamond. In the case of Round Brilliant Cut, a VRAI created diamond that is just under 4 carats is priced at $7,236, while for 2 carat diamonds, prices start at $2,180. Other cuts display a similar pattern.

3 Carat Vs 4 Carat Lab Grown Diamonds Price Comparison

VRAI created diamonds within the 3 carat range cost from $3,822 to a little under $9,000. This is because color and clarity, other than cut, play a significantly larger role the further up you go in size, as inclusions show much more clearly in larger diamonds, and, at the same time, color is much more easily detectable at higher carat weights, even in the presence of an Ideal+Hearts cut.

Top 4 Carat Diamond Shapes

When it comes to choosing the shape of your VRAI created 4 carat diamond, keep in mind that each diamond shape displays its carat weight differently, whether they carry most of the weight in their crown (which comprises the girdle and the table) or the pavilion (the bottom, which extends from the girdle to the culet). In addition, the cut grade impacts the size of a diamond as well, as a poorly cut higher carat diamond will appear smaller than a lower-carat diamond with a higher cut grade.

Round Brilliant 4 Carat Diamond

A Round Brilliant 4 Carat diamond has the most balanced ratio between weight and actual size and is considered true to its carat weight. 4 carat Round Brilliant cut diamonds are a timeless and elegant choice as, in their classic beauty, they withstand all trends and the test of time. On average, a 4 carat Round Brilliant cut measures around 10mm in diameter.

Marquise 4 Carat Diamond

Those who want to maximize the carat weight of their diamond will find a 4 carat Marquise cut diamond to their taste. The Marquise owes its name to its resemblance to the lips of King Louis XIV’s mistresses, and, thanks to its elongated and tapered shape, it elongates the finger. Of all diamond shapes, the Marquise is the one that faces the largest, measuring 16.5 by 8.25 mms.

Cushion 4 Carat Diamond

With its soft edges combined with facets optimized for maximum brilliance, a 4 carat Cushion cut diamond is a timeless and romantic choice. The Cushion cut diamond does not face up as large as a Round Brilliant diamond, and, at 4 carats, it measures 9.25mm across, which appeals to those who don’t want something that appears too large.

Emerald 4 Carat Diamond

A 4 carat Emerald cut diamond has precise, clean lines deriving from its narrow step-cut facets, which a higher carat weight flawlessly shows off in a hall-of-mirrors effect. These characteristics do come with some caveats: the shape of the facets, coupled with the extended table of the diamond don’t hide inclusions or a lower color grade as well as brilliant-cut diamonds, so pay attention to color and clarity when shopping for an 4 carat Emerald cut diamond. On average, a 4 carat Emerald Cut diamond measures 10.61mm in length by 7.86 mm in width.

4 Carat Diamond Rings: The 3 Best Settings

Once you choose your VRAI created 4 carat diamond, it’s time to match it with a setting. Given the diamond’s weight and size, you will need a setting that can secure the diamond and hold it in place, and prevent any snagging. Also, given the opulence of the center diamond, a sleek setting will elevate its appearance, size, and brilliance without distraction.

The Signature 6-Prong

If you like the look of a solitaire for your 4 carat diamond engagement ring but you want to make sure that the stone is firmly in place, then VRAI’s Signature 6 Prong is the right setting: its clean lines and non intrusive design accentuate the brilliance of your diamond and the six prongs enhance its security.

The Cathedral Setting

The appeal of Cathedral engagement rings lies in their architectural lines and in the way the two arches offer extra protection to the center diamond. And while a 4 carat diamond holds the stage on its own, a Cathedral setting also elevates it, and will make it look even larger and brighter.

The Bezel Setting

VRAI’s Signature Bezel features sleek and timelessly modern lines, with a knife-edge bezel setting that elegantly frames and firmly secures the diamond to the band without distracting from its brilliance. This type of setting will elegantly complement the beauty of a 4 carat diamond.

Book an Appointment with a Diamond Expert

Purchasing a 4 Carat diamond is the first step towards the creation of an heirloom that can be passed down generation after generation, and is also a considerable investment. Our experts can advise you with regards to shape, cut, color, and clarity. Book an appointment today for more personalized guidance.