Round Brilliant VRAI created diamonds in different carat weights
Round Brilliant VRAI created diamonds in different carat weights

7 Carat Diamond Rings: When Bigger Is Better

Angelica Frey | February 28, 2023

A 7 carat diamond is guaranteed to make a grand entrance. Choosing this carat weight for an engagement ring is the quintessential definition of a grand gesture, and the marker of a maximalist-yet-elegant style.

We’re mostly accustomed to seeing engagement rings and jewelry designs featuring the 1 to 1.5 carat range, so a 7 carat lab-grown diamond jewelry will be quite a sight to behold. If you want to go big, book an appointment with a diamond expert to see if seven is the ideal carat weight for your ring.

What Is A 7 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring?

A 7 carat diamond ring features a 7 carat diamond as its center stone. 7 carat diamonds are quite rare, and sport a large surface area where at least one dimension is bound to exceed 1 cm. In the case of elongated cuts such as Marquise, Pear, Emerald, and Oval, the length is usually between 11 and 13 cm; in addition, 7 carats weigh 1.2 grams: their dimensions and their weight means that the choice of a setting needs to take adequate support into account, while also elegantly showing off a center diamond of such size and brilliance.

How Much Does A 7 Carat Diamond Cost?

Mined cut 7 carat diamonds can cost from $136,030 to a little less than $300,000. We used G-I, VS1-SI1 as defining parameters. In the case of lab-grown diamonds, which sport the same chemical, physical, and optical characteristics as mined diamonds.

In fact, both mined and lab grown diamonds share an identical growing process: first they form as carbon atoms under high temperature and immense pressure, and then they bond together to grow a crystalline lattice structure. Ultimately, they sport the same clarity characteristic and range of colors as their mined counterpart. Lab-grown diamonds are all of guaranteed origins without the human and environmental toll. In addition, the price tag is considerably lower.

VRAI created diamonds in the 7 carat range, with G-I color and VS1-SI1 clarity grade, cost between $13,500 and $17,000.

What Determines A Good Choice Of A 7 Carat Diamond?

Of the 4Cs, Carat weight is not the only determinant of a diamond’s price tag. At a high carat weight, color and clarity grade increase more and more in importance, as the larger the facets, the more visible the inclusions and the diamond’s natural color.

”For these high carat weight diamonds, I love to focus on a nice color from G-I to compliment any metal color my customers may choose, as well as a VS1 or VS2 clarity so that the diamond will be clean to the eye,” advises Queena Chang, a GIA graduate and VRAI’s Chief Diamond Expert. “These grades allow me to focus on the high carat weight, but still have a diamond that will not have any large visible blemishes to the eye, or too noticeable of a color.”

What Determines The Size Of A 7 Carat Diamond?

7 carat diamonds weigh 1.2 grams, or 0.049 ounces. The actual size of the diamond, meaning the dimensions of width, length, and depth, are determined by their cut and shape: some shapes carry considerable weight in their pavilions, others in their table.

Elongated shapes such as Marquise, Pear, Emerald, and Oval will have a larger surface area than round or equilateral shapes such as the Round Brilliant Cut, the Asscher, the Princess, and the square Radiant cut. Consider that, at all shapes, one, if not both dimensions will exceed 10mm (1 cm), so the finger coverage, whether in length or in width, will be considerable.

What Are The Best Settings For A 7 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring?

When it comes to buying a diamond with a substantial weight such as a 7 carat diamond for their engagement ring, the most important factor in choosing a style and a setting is finding something that can provide the adequate protection while also showing off the stone.

“When it comes to larger carat diamonds, I highly recommend my customers to consider settings with more support, such as our Classic Hidden Halo, which has a rim of metal underneath the girdle of the diamond to support the prongs,” says Queena Chang, VRAI’s Chief Diamond Expert and a GIA graduate. Other ideal settings are the Signature or Signature 6 Prong. “Both of these settings provide support and a lowered setting to accommodate the deeper pavilions,” continued Chang.

What Are The Most Popular 7 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring Shapes?

While the Round Brilliant Cut remains the most popular diamond shape on the market when it comes to engagement rings, at this carat weight other shapes can be just as flattering. Among VRAI created diamonds, the most popular shapes at this weight tend to be Ovals, Pears and Emeralds.

“These are all elongated shapes that tend to follow along the length of the finger, and do not overwhelm the width of the finger,” explains Queena Chang, VRAI’s Chief Diamond Expert and a GIA graduate. “I personally love the Emeralds at this weight, as you can truly appreciate the fine faceting at this size.”

7 Carat Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring

At 7 carats, a Round Brilliant cut diamond measures around 12mm in diameter, which covers approximately 75% of a size 6 finger. It roughly doubles the diameter of a 1 carat Round brilliant cut ring, despite weighing seven times as much. A 6 Prong setting can ensure enough stability while emphasizing the round shape and brilliance of this diamond.

7 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

Seven carats really let us admire the geometric facets of the Emerald cut diamond. Measuring a little more than 13 by 9 mm, a 7 carat Emerald cut diamond will only cover 56% of the width of a size 6 finger, while also visually lengthening it. A bezel setting encircling the diamond and running parallel to the facets complements the distinct geometry of this diamond shape.

7 Carat Oval Cut Diamond Ring

Measuring circa 13.5 by 11.5 cm, a 7 carat Oval cut diamond retains the same brilliance of the round brilliant cut due to the similar nature of their facets while also not overwhelming the finger in terms of width, covering approximately 71% of the width of a size 6 finger. To show off this cut, consider a six-prong setting or a Hidden Halo setting.

7 Carat Pear Shaped Diamond Ring

Combining the lengthening effect of the Marquise cut with the brilliance of the Round Brilliant cut, a 7 carat Pear cut diamond measures around 16 by 11 mm. A bezel setting elegantly complements its signature teardrop shape by highlighting both its curves and its pointed edge.

Explore 7 Carat Rings With A Diamond Expert

A video or a rendering on a digital sample of a hand can only replicate the look and feel of a 7 carat diamond up to a certain point: seeing its size, brilliance and lustre firsthand is a unique experience, which can help you determine whether a 7 carat diamond is in the cards for you. An expert can thoroughly present the features of each cut and shape.