Anniversary Bands & Rings Guide: How to Choose & Top Styles

Alicia Briggs | December 14, 2023

Gifting an anniversary ring for milestone wedding anniversaries continues to grow in popularity, but many people don’t know how to buy anniversary rings. Below, we cover what anniversary bands are, when to give them, and how to choose the right one. Discover our best-selling anniversary rings featuring VRAI created diamonds for a ring worthy of celebrating your continued love.

What Is an Anniversary Band?

Anniversary bands are rings that couples give to commemorate their wedding anniversary. Anniversary rings are typically exchanged on milestone anniversaries to celebrate how far you’ve come.

Anniversary bands range in style and complexity depending on the anniversary. They often feature various gemstones or precious metals.

Anniversary Bands vs. Wedding Bands

Anniversary bands and wedding bands both represent marriage, but they are two different types of rings. Couples exchange wedding rings on their wedding day during the ceremony. Anniversary bands are exchanged on their chosen wedding anniversary to celebrate their continued commitment.

What Anniversary Do You Get a Ring For?

You can give an anniversary ring on any wedding anniversary. Many couples choose to give anniversary rings on milestone anniversaries. Anniversary bands are typically exchanged on the 1st, 5th, 10th, and 20th wedding anniversaries. They are also popular for jubilee anniversaries (25th, 50th, and 60th).

Couples may also give anniversary rings to celebrate a major milestone or event, such as the birth of a child.

Types of Anniversary Rings

While anniversary rings come in all shapes and sizes, different types of anniversary rings are associated with specific anniversaries. Below you’ll find the most common anniversary ring for each milestone year.

1st Anniversary Ring

The first wedding anniversary is one of the most popular years for anniversary bands. A simple gold band, like The Flat Band, is traditionally exchanged on the first anniversary. Gold is timeless and historic, which beautifully symbolizes your lasting love and the future ahead.

5th Anniversary Ring

Five years of marriage is a major milestone for a couple. On this anniversary, couples often choose a ring that’s beautiful, noteworthy, and enduring - just like their love. Sapphire is often chosen for fifth anniversary rings, as it symbolizes faithfulness and sincerity.

If you chose to start a family during these five years, consider a Three Stone Ring to represent the three of you.

10th Anniversary Ring

Ten years of marriage calls for a special gift that honors your devotion to one another: diamonds. The Devotion Band is the ideal tenth anniversary ring as it features an endless array of VRAI created diamonds to represent continuous devotion.

20th Anniversary Ring

Twenty years of marriage is certainly ​​worthy of an anniversary ring. Emeralds, a striking and rare gemstone, are often chosen for this significant anniversary.

If green isn’t your color, a historic Emerald diamond is a wonderful alternative. Emerald cut diamonds are sophisticated and represent strength. Consider The Half Emerald Eternity Band for your twentieth, and update to a full band on your fortieth.

25th Anniversary Ring

A twenty-fifth wedding anniversary is known as your silver jubilee and is historically associated with silver. Our sterling silver VRAI V Solitaire Ring is a contemporary take on a classic style, which perfectly represents this new chapter.

If you love silver’s clean and bright luster but prefer a slightly more durable metal, platinum or 18k white gold are beautiful alternative metals.

40th Anniversary Ring

40 years is another major milestone in one’s marriage. Rubies represent success in love, good health, and romance. They are often chosen for 40th-anniversary rings.

Alternatively, if you prefer diamonds, create a custom anniversary band with romantic and symbolic pink diamonds.

50th Anniversary Ring

Fifty years of marriage is known as the golden jubilee and is celebrated with gold. Consider a diamond-forward gold anniversary band that shines as bright as this noteworthy anniversary.

The Five Stone Halo Band has undeniable brilliance and five scintillating VRAI created diamonds to represent fifty years. Alternatively, any yellow gold or rose gold band with pavé set diamonds makes a romantic and striking anniversary ring.

60th Anniversary Ring

Sixty years together is an accomplishment worthy of an extravagant celebration, and is called the diamond jubilee. Consider an anniversary ring with endless diamonds, like an Eternity Ring.

For a diamond anniversary band that’s as extraordinary as sixty years, create a custom anniversary ring with one-of-a-kind VRAI created diamonds Cut for You™. Choose a rare diamond shape that’s as unique as your love, such as a romantic Heart diamond.

How Do I Choose an Anniversary Ring?

There are two key things to ask yourself when choosing an anniversary ring.

  1. Are You Planning to Stack Your Anniversary Ring?

“The main thing to consider is whether you want to stack your anniversary band with your engagement ring and wedding band, or if you want to wear it alone,” explains Grace Taylor, VRAI’s Sr. Director of Sales & CX.

If you want to stack your rings, then your wedding and engagement rings determine which anniversary ring you choose. Your anniversary ring should stack comfortably and securely with your existing rings to prevent any rubbing or damage. The anniversary ring doesn’t have to match, but the color and style should pair well with your current rings for a cohesive ring stack.

If you prefer to wear your anniversary ring by itself, then there are no rules for choosing an anniversary ring.

“Many people opt for a larger diamond Eternity Band as an anniversary ring because these are larger stones, and they look GREAT on their own,” Taylor advises. “Some people size them for their left-hand ring finger and wear them when they don’t want to wear their normal ring set. Others will get them sized for their right hand and wear all their rings together, on different hands.”

2.Will Your Anniversary Ring Replace an Existing Ring?

“The beauty of anniversary bands is that you’re able to decide with your eyes wide open. You’ve been wearing your engagement ring and wedding band for several years, and now you know how you like to wear your rings,” Taylor continues.

“Do you wear them every day and never want anything to change? Then adding your anniversary ring to the stack, or wearing it on another hand, is a good choice. Do you ever wish you had something “easier” to wear than your engagement ring, or wedding ring? If so, choosing an anniversary band that you wear instead of your engagement or wedding ring might be a better choice for you,” Taylor recommends.

9 Best Anniversary Rings

For further guidance in choosing an anniversary ring, consider VRAI’s nine best-selling anniversary ring styles.

Unique Anniversary Rings

A unique or non-traditional anniversary ring is best for couples with an avant-garde style, or who want to veer away from their classic engagement and wedding band. Unique anniversary bands are bold, dramatic, and sure to stand out.

Diamond Anniversary Rings and Eternity Rings for Her

The most popular style of anniversary ring is a diamond band, especially for women. Diamond anniversary rings usually feature diamonds slightly larger than the melee diamonds in a pavé wedding ring.

“My favorite anniversary band is our Emerald Eternity Band. There is something so classy and timeless about Emerald diamonds. The eternity style is never going to go out of fashion,” suggests Taylor.

Anniversary Rings for Him

For simple men’s wedding bands, consider an anniversary ring with diamond accents, or a diamond band, to add substantial allure when stacked.

For bolder men’s wedding bands, a unique yet understated men’s anniversary ring with a distinct satin or brushed finish, and beveled edges will create a beautiful contrast.

How to Wear an Anniversary Ring With a Wedding Ring

There are two primary ways to wear an anniversary ring with a wedding ring. Adding the anniversary ring to your wedding ring set is your first choice. When stacking, start with whichever band is the most substantial. Nestle the engagement ring in between, and finish with the lighter band.

The second way to wear an anniversary ring with a wedding ring is to wear each ring on a different hand. For a balanced look, wear the anniversary ring on your right ring finger. If you’re wearing your anniversary ring on another finger, be sure to measure your ring size as each finger can differ in size.

Anniversary Bands FAQs

If you still have questions about anniversary bands, consider the following.

Can I Get an Anniversary Band Instead of a Wedding Band?

Anniversary rings are given after you get married. They typically aren’t given instead of a wedding ring. However, many couples choose to replace their wedding band later on with an anniversary band.

What Finger Is an Anniversary Ring Worn On?

Traditionally, people wear their anniversary ring on their left ring finger, as part of their wedding set. Other people choose to wear it on their right ring finger to mirror their engagement ring and wedding band.

Additionally, some people choose to wear their anniversary ring on their left ring instead of their engagement or wedding ring.

How Much Should You Spend on an Anniversary Ring?

How much you should spend on an anniversary ring varies according to your budget and preferences, as well as the anniversary. Simple anniversary rings will cost less than diamond-forward, heavily detailed anniversary rings. VRAI offers a range of fine jewelry designs perfect for anniversary rings that range between $195 - $7,995.

What Is the Third Wedding Ring Called?

The third wedding ring is called the anniversary ring.

Is an Anniversary Ring the Same as an Eternity Ring?

Anniversary rings and eternity rings are not the same thing, but people often use eternity rings for anniversary rings. Any ring can be an anniversary ring, but eternity rings are a style of ring.

Eternity rings feature numerous diamonds set closely together along a band. Eternity bands represent eternal love. Due to their distinct look and symbolism, eternity rings are popular for anniversary rings.

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  • Personalized guidance to select your ring
  • In-depth diamond 4C education
  • Exclusive in-store fittings or virtual try-ons
  • Custom design options