Anniversary Rings You’ll Love

Kimberly Zerkel | June 24, 2022

Kimberly Zerkel | June 24, 2022

Gifting an anniversary ring for milestone wedding anniversaries continues to grow in popularity. For many, it’s the occasion to recommit to one another with a fine jewelry design featuring VRAI created diamonds that will last a lifetime,

An anniversary ring is similar to an engagement ring and wedding ring, both in style and meaning. These are gifts that are symbolic and are meant to be forever cherished.

But what anniversary ring is right for the occasion? In our guide, you’ll discover lab-grown diamond anniversary rings for every style and find the one that’s perfect for celebrating your continued love and devotion to one another.

What Is An Anniversary Ring?

An anniversary ring is any ring gifted in honor of a milestone anniversary — even if that milestone is one year! Many choose a diamond-accented band that is similar in shape or style to their wedding band. Others choose a Solitaire or Three Stone ring that is similar to an engagement ring setting.

What style of anniversary ring you choose, as well as which anniversary it honors, is entirely up to you. Read on to explore some of the most coveted styles to find the one that is right for your own personal celebration.

Diamond Anniversary Rings

Perhaps the most popular style of anniversary ring is a diamond band. These styles of rings usually feature diamonds slightly larger in size than the melee diamonds in a pavé wedding ring. When added to a wedding ring stack, they add a look of undeniable substance and sophistication.

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The Alternating Shapes Band
The Eternity Band
The Five Stone Band

Unique Anniversary Rings

A unique or non-traditional anniversary ring is for those with more avant-garde style, or those who want to veer away from their classic engagement ring and wedding band. These designs are bold, dramatic, and sure to stand out — making them ideal to give or receive for your next anniversary celebration.

Unity Ring
The Toi et Moi Engagement Ring
The Signature V Band

Three Stone Anniversary Rings

A Three Stone setting is an incredibly popular choice for an anniversary ring. This is because the three diamonds can be symbolic of your relationship’s past, present, and future. Select a trio of your favorite diamond shape or mix and match shapes for a look that is as unique as your love story.

Round Brilliant Three Stone
Marquise and Pear Three Stone
Trillion and Tapered Baguette Three Stone

Platinum Anniversary Rings

Platinum is revered for its purity and strength. It is often sought after as the ultimate expression of craftsmanship and indulgence. Choosing a platinum anniversary ring is the perfect way to celebrate this milestone together — particularly if you are wanting to upgrade your original wedding band to something that symbolizes your shared success.

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Yellow Gold Anniversary Rings

Yellow gold is loved for its timeless elegance. A solid yellow gold anniversary has the look and feel of a future heirloom. Consider this color for a design that you hope to pass on for generations to come, especially if your original wedding ring set features yellow or rose gold.

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Rose Gold Anniversary Rings

Rose gold is sought after for its regal and vintage-inspired look. A 14k solid gold anniversary ring has a romantic, heirloom-like appeal that makes it ideal for this special occasion. It’s also perfect for those with a mixed assortment of metal colors in their wedding ring stack or fine jewelry collection, as rose gold often pairs well with other colors.

White Gold Anniversary Rings

White gold is coveted for the clean, contemporary look it creates. Whether it matches with your original stack, or you simply want to add a modern-yet-timeless white gold ring to your collection, there are a variety of styles that are sure to please.

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10th Anniversary Rings

Ten years of marriage calls for a special gift that honors your devotion to one another. The Devotion Band is the ideal anniversary ring as it marries timeless design with a celebratory, diamond-forward look. Choose your metal color and either Round or Baguette shaped VRAI created diamonds for a personalized anniversary gift that pairs with your wedding ring set.

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15th Anniversary Rings

Bone china is the gift associated with a fifteenth wedding anniversary — but you’ll be forgiven if you opt for diamonds instead. A delicate and airy design would be perfect for keeping with the theme, however. A solid rose gold Single Shared Prong Band is a perfect choice for celebrating fifteen years of love and commitment.

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25th Anniversary Rings

A twenty-fifth wedding anniversary is historically associated with silver. For those wanting silver’s clean and bright luster, but in a metal that is longer-lasting, a platinum or 18k white gold ring is ideal. A solid white gold pavé Knife-Edge Band is a wonderful gift for this milestone anniversary. It marries light, minimal style with the substantial look of diamonds for a celebratory design perfect for marking the occasion.

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50th Anniversary Rings

Traditionally, fifty years of marriage is celebrated with gold. There’s no rule saying a few diamonds can’t be added to the mix though. An 18k solid yellow gold pavé Curator Band features an alluring golden dome covered in small melee diamonds. This substantial design puts your fifty years of love on full display.

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55th Anniversary Rings

The fifty-fifth wedding anniversary is usually associated with emerald. But for diamond lovers, an Emerald cut diamond is ideal. A Three Stone setting featuring a trio of Emerald cut diamonds is a substantial gift that represents each step along your journey together. Its symbolic appeal makes it ideal for the moment.

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60th Anniversary Rings

Sixty years together is an accomplishment worthy of an extravagant celebration. Which is perhaps why the traditional gift for a sixtieth anniversary is diamonds. A large Eternity Band with timeless Round Brilliant diamonds wrapped entirely around the band is a gift equal to this extraordinary occasion.

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Anniversary Ring FAQs

As the anniversary ring continues to grow in popularity, couples have basic questions on how and when to wear them. Here are a few go-to tips to consider before you buy.

How Do You Wear An Anniversary Ring?

How you choose to wear an anniversary ring is entirely up to you. However, there are certain styling options that are more popular than others. Adding the anniversary ring to your wedding ring set is your first choice. If stacking, start with whichever band is the most substantial, nestle the engagement ring in between, and finish with the lighter band.

You may also wear it solo on your right ring finger to create a balanced look, or on any finger you’d like. If you choose to wear it solo on another finger besides the left ring finger, be sure to measure your ring size beforehand as each finger can differ.

On What Finger Do You Wear An Anniversary Ring?

Many wear their anniversary ring on their left ring finger, as part of their wedding set stack. Others choose to wear it on their right ring finger to mirror their engagement ring and wedding band.

There is no rule against wearing your anniversary ring on whatever finger you may choose.The only rule is to measure beforehand to ensure a perfect fit.

Does An Anniversary Ring Replace Your Wedding Band?

Only if you want it to. Some upgrade their previous wedding band with a more substantial or diamond-accented ring for a milestone anniversary, while others simply add an anniversary ring to their pre-existing stack.

The decision to replace your wedding band is extremely personal. It should be made based not only on budget, but on how emotionally attached you are to your wedding band.

What Anniversary Do You Upgrade Wedding Rings?

There is no specific anniversary that calls for upgrading wedding rings, as upgrading wedding rings is a personal choice. However, many couples who opt to upgrade choose the ten-year mark to do so. If you decide to renew your wedding vows, regardless of the anniversary date, that would be an ideal time to invest in new rings.

The traditional anniversary gift to celebrate fifty years together is gold. For sixty years, it’s diamond. So even if you hold onto the same wedding rings throughout, these are perfect anniversaries to splurge and offer a gold and diamond ring!

What Is VRAI’s Diamond Upgrade Program?

Because we forever guarantee the value of your VRAI created diamond, we are proud to offer diamond upgrades. Diamond upgrades are a wonderful way of transforming your engagement ring into an anniversary ring.

Any certified solitaire diamond purchased in a VRAI engagement ring or loose diamond (0.50ct and above) is eligible for an upgrade for the lifetime of the original purchaser. The diamond can be returned for credit equivalent to the original purchase price for any diamond jewelry purchase on VRAI.com, that is at least fifty percent greater in value. Learn more by reading through VRAI’s Lifetime Warranty.

Speak With Our Diamond Experts

Ready to find the anniversary ring that celebrates your unique love story? Book an appointment with our diamond experts and receive personalized guidance and in-depth diamond education to find the ring that’s right for you.


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