Art Deco Jewelry: Our Favorite Styles

Kimberly Zerkel | July 11, 2022

Kimberly Zerkel | July 11, 2022

Art Deco is a sophisticated and symmetrical style that applies to certain clothing designs, art, furniture, and even skyscrapers like the Empire State Building. Although this vintage look from the early 20th century is now considered timeless, Art Deco jewelry is one of this season’s most coveted looks.

Read on to learn more about Art Deco jewelry and how to incorporate this sought-after style into your everyday look. And discover our favorite Art Deco inspired designs featuring lab-grown diamonds sustainably created by VRAI.

What Is Art Deco Jewelry?

Art Deco jewelry refers to any fine jewelry design from or inspired by the Roaring Twenties. Jewelry crafted during this period is beloved for its bold elegance and sophisticated appeal. It often features clean lines, geometric patterns, and Gatsby-like glitz.

The term Art Deco itself was coined to describe the art and architecture from the 1920s and 1930s. It is a shortened version of the French arts décoratifs and refers to a look that emphasizes geometric shapes, abstract design, and an overall look of fine craftsmanship and luxury.

Art Deco Geometric Shapes

Perhaps the most recognizable trait of any Art Deco design is its use of geometrical shapes and patterns, as well as symmetry. Art Deco jewelry is certainly no exception.

Emerald cut diamonds and Asscher cut diamonds feature step cut facets that create a “hall-of-mirrors” effect when reflecting the light. This symmetrical look is what made these shapes in particular beloved during the Art Deco era. Other fancy shapes, like a Marquise cut diamond or Pear shaped diamond, are also Art Deco favorites due to their alluring, elongated form.

Creating a pattern through repeated shapes is also quintessential Art Deco. A Tetrad Ring, a Five Stone Band, or an Ear Arc are perfect examples of this style.

Baguette Ear Arc
Emerald Tetrad Ring
The Five Stone Marquise Band

Art Deco Platinum And Diamond Designs

Is it any surprise that jewelry most associated with the Gatsby era is decadent? While any design featuring solid gold is still perfect for achieving this vintage look, a combination of platinum and diamonds adds that extra layer of indulgence and quality craftsmanship that was so sought after during the Art Deco period. Consider a platinum-and-diamond rings as the ultimate right-hand cocktail ring for a Twenties-inspired soirée.

The Three Stone Engagement Ring
The Devotion Band
The Toi Et Moi Engagement Ring

Art Deco Bezel Designs

One tell-tale sign of Art Deco inspired jewelry is a bezel setting that perfectly outlines a diamond shape. Because it creates a geometrical pattern and further highlights the diamond’s form, bezel jewelry is an easy way to incorporate this era’s look into your everyday style.

Bezel Earrings
Bezel Necklace
Bezel Station Bracelet

Rose Gold Art Deco Jewelry

Although platinum and yellow gold were beloved during the Roaring Twenties, nothing gives jewelry today that vintage-inspired look more than 14k solid rose gold. Known for being romantic and regal, rose gold’s coppery hue transforms nearly any design in an heirloom-like piece.

Solitaire Necklace
Signet Rig
Halo Studs

What Are Popular Art Deco Jewelry Styles?

From fashion rings to studs, pendants, and more, here are the Art Deco jewelry designs that we can’t get enough of.

Art Deco Rings

Featuring an array of diamonds or a stunning bezel setting, these Art Deco rings let you take a little bit of Gatsby with you wherever you may go. Wearing one dramatic ring on your right hand, or featuring an array of rings on each feature, is the perfect way to style these particular designs.

Bezel Ring
Tetrad Ring
Five Stone Band

Art Deco Necklaces

Worn solo or layered in a perfectly symmetrical cascade, Art Deco necklaces add effortless vintage style to your daily look. Choose Emerald or Baguette shaped diamonds for their “hall-of-mirrors” pattern, or select a bezel set necklace for sophisticated style.

Bezel Station Necklace
Semi-Bezel Necklace
Arc Necklace

Art Deco Earrings

From drops to studs to ear arcs that climb, these Art Deco Earrings celebrate the geometrical patterns and shapes that defined this era. Wear each design on its own or stack them together for a modern twist on vintage style.

Ear Arc
Bezel Earrings
Bezel Drop Huggie Hoops

Art Deco Bracelets

Pile on these Art Deco bracelets for a bold and sophisticated look that harkens back to the Roaring Twenties. Whether your preference is for yellow, rose, or white gold, try to match metal colors for maximum shine.

Bezel Station Bracelet
Baguette Tennis Bracelet
Round Tennis Bracelet

What Art Deco Engagement Rings Match Your Jewelry?

When it’s time to buy an engagement ring, there are many Art Deco engagement ring settings to match your vintage-inspired jewelry. Consider complimenting your look with a Three Stone engagement ring that features a trio of your favorite diamond shapes, or a Signature Bezel engagement ring.

Halo engagement rings were also incredibly popular during the Art Deco era. Select an original or large halo of melee diamonds to spotlight your favorite diamond shape, or consider a Hidden Halo engagement ring for a contemporary take on this historical setting.

The Three Stone Engagement Ring
The Signature Bezel Engagement RIng
The Halo Engagement Ring

Explore Fine Jewelry With VRAI Created Diamonds

Ready to incorporate Art Deco style into your look this season? Explore all fine jewelry featuring diamonds sustainably created by VRAI and discover the modern-yet-timeless designs that are right for you.

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