lab-grown diamond earrings
lab-grown diamond earrings

The Best Diamond Earrings for Any Style: How to Wear & Buy

Alicia Briggs | July 24, 2023

Few pieces of jewelry are as essential and timeless as diamond earrings. No matter your style, there is a pair of earrings meant just for you. However, navigating the numerous designs available today can make finding the best diamond earrings daunting.

Use this article to discover everything you need to know to buy, wear, and properly care for your lab-grown diamond earrings. To inspire your selection, we’ve included the top diamond earring designs featuring VRAI created diamonds below.

What to Consider Before Buying Diamond Earrings

The primary thing to consider before buying diamond earrings is the design. The style you choose should suit your taste, lifestyle, and budget.

Diamond earrings typically come in the following styles: stud, dangle, drop, or hoop earrings. VRAI also offers statement pieces like diamond ear climbers and ear jackets.

If you live an active lifestyle or prefer understated jewelry, stud earrings may suit you best. Dangle, hoop, or drop earrings are often favored by people who love elegant, feminine, or diamond-forward designs that stand out.

Due to the varying details, diamond shapes, carat weights, and metal choices featured in diamond earrings, each design will range in price. Keep your budget in mind when selecting the ideal diamond size and design details for your preferred earrings.

Which Diamond Shape Is Best for Earrings?

No one diamond shape is the “best” for all earrings, but Round Brilliant cut diamonds are certainly the most popular choice overall.

“Round diamond earrings are like the little black dress of jewelry - they go with absolutely everything and are a staple of any collection,” explains Grace Taylor, VRAI’s Sr. Director of Sales & CX.

Certain diamond shapes, however, will work better for certain styles. If you have classic jewelry tastes, you may prefer Round Brilliant cut diamonds or Princess cut lab diamonds for earrings. If you love a vintage look, consider historic, fancy-shaped diamonds like an Oval cut or Pear cut. For contemporary styles or Art Deco enthusiasts, you may gravitate toward Emerald, Baguette, or Trillion cut diamonds.

This is also why specific designs only offer certain diamond shapes. VRAI’s elegant Duo Drop earring, for example, only features a Round Brilliant and Pear cut diamond. If another diamond shape was used, the design wouldn’t have its signature silhouette.

How Much Should I Spend on Diamond Earrings?

The design, diamond grade, and the number of diamonds featured will determine how much you should spend on diamond earrings.

Our diamond earrings start at $148 for a single sterling silver VRAI V Solitaire Stud with a .10-carat Round Brilliant cut diamond. VRAI earrings range in price from there and go up to $30,500 for a pair of Illuminate Hoops. This design features over 30 VRAI created diamonds totaling 18.30 carats in a 14k solid gold setting.

VRAI diamond experts can help you understand the value of your chosen diamond earrings so that you can understand how much you should spend.

What Diamond Grade Is Best for Earrings?

“You can generally be a little more relaxed with the 4Cs for diamond earrings as they’ll be less front-and-center than an engagement ring,” advises Taylor. “Clarity is a great place to save a little money since any eye-visible imperfections will be harder to spot nestled in with your hair. When it comes to color, just make sure that the diamonds have matching color grades.”

All VRAI earrings feature lab-grown diamonds with an Excellent cut grade and optimal clarity and color for their setting.

How to Buy the Best Diamond Earrings

If you want to buy the best diamond earrings at the best price point, choose lab-grown diamonds. Choosing lab-grown diamond vs. mined diamond earrings is a wonderful way to celebrate your values and personal style while saving money too!

Earrings featuring VRAI created diamonds go a step further than other lab-grown diamond jewelry. We are the only producers of Carbon Neutral Certified lab diamond jewelry. Our earrings spotlight diamonds grown in our zero-emission foundry in the American Pacific Northwest. These diamonds are polished by master craftspeople to exacting standards, then set in 14k recycled solid yellow, white, or rose gold.

By choosing VRAI created diamond earrings, you can buy diamond earrings that were made without human or environmental toll.

To buy diamond earrings, explore our inventory online. You can shop by earring style or collection to easily narrow down the design that suits your preferences. Once you’ve selected your ideal design, you can choose to buy a single earring or a pair. Then personalize your earrings by choosing from the available details (metal color, diamond shape, carat weight).

You can also create custom earrings for select designs with the help of a VRAI diamond expert when you book an appointment.

The Top 6 Lab-Grown Diamond Earrings For Any Style

From studs to huggie hoops, there is a style of lab-grown diamond earrings meant just for you. Below we’ve included a few top designs that should be incorporated into every diamond jewelry collection.

Best Diamond Stud Earrings

Lab-grown diamond stud earrings are timeless and essential pieces to start your fine jewelry collection with. These earrings securely sit on your earlobe and typically feature a single diamond.

Whether worn solo or part of a dramatic stack, diamond studs are sure to be a part of your look for years to come.

What Are the Most Popular Diamond Stud Earrings?

The most popular diamond stud earring is a Solitaire Stud. Solitaire Studs can be personalized with different diamond shapes that transform their appearance.

With several different variations on the classic Solitaire stud available, such as Bezel, Pavé, or Halo studs, it’s no surprise that this versatile design is beloved.

“I love VRAI’s Iconic studs for someone who already has the classics,” says Taylor. “The setting style is similar to The Classic engagement ring and is quite sleek.”

What Is a Good Diamond Size for Stud Earrings?

Solitaire studs are typically available at lower carat weights. VRAI Studs generally range from .10-carat to 1-carat. Certain designs, like our Solitaire Stud and Bezel Stud, are also available in custom carat weights for people who prefer studs bigger than a 1-carat diamond earring.

Best Diamond Hoop Earrings

From Huggies to diamond-studded hoops, hoop earrings are known for their dazzling, dramatic style. Minimal designs are perfect for daily wear, whereas larger hoops are tailor-made to complement a special occasion.

There are two primary styles of diamond hoop earrings: Huggie earrings and Hoop earrings. Huggie earrings are lightweight, minimal, and wrap closely around your ear. They may feature pavé set diamonds or a single diamond that dangles from the hoop.

Classic Hoop earrings are a bit more dramatic, with a larger hoop and an array of bigger diamonds. Hoop earrings can vary in length, width, and weight.

When choosing the best hoop earring for you, consider the size and style that feels comfortable to wear and isn’t too heavy.

Best Diamond Drop Earrings

Drop earrings typically feature a single diamond that drops from the earlobe and is connected to a hoop or stud. Certain drop earring designs can also be considered dangle earrings, with several dazzling diamonds that dangle down from a 14k solid gold chain.

Lab-grown diamond drop earrings are renowned for their elegance and grace. Perfect for elongating and accentuating the neck, drop earrings make a wonderful statement piece to wear to a wedding or special event.

How to Wear Diamond Earrings

The earring design, and your personal style, will dictate how best to wear diamond earrings. For everyday wear, subtle diamond studs or petite hoops are a chic and comfortable choice.

For a dressed-up look or special events, people often wear diamond drop earrings or a dramatic diamond studded hoop.

If you like to experiment with your jewelry or have multiple piercings, you may prefer to layer your diamond earrings.

Ultimately, anyone can wear diamond earrings to any occasion. How you decide to wear them will come down to you.

Is It Okay to Wear Diamond Earrings Every Day?

You can wear diamond earrings every day. If you’re wearing a specific pair regularly, it’s important to clean them properly and store them correctly to maintain their brilliance and luster.

All VRAI earrings come in a reusable package that is ideal for storing your earrings.

To clean diamond jewelry, mix 1 tsp of gentle dish soap with one cup of warm (not hot!) water. Dip the earrings into the solution and delicately scrub them with a gentle cloth. Let your diamond earrings air dry on a soft cloth or surface.

Can You Shower With Diamond Earrings On?

You should always remove diamond earrings before showering to prevent film or build-up. We don’t recommend getting diamond earrings wet, so remove them before swimming or washing your face.

Should You Sleep In Diamond Stud Earrings?

It’s best to avoid sleeping in diamond stud earrings or any diamond earrings. It may feel comfortable to wear diamond studs while sleeping, but unless your piercing is still healing, we recommend removing them before sleeping.

Shop All VRAI Created Diamond Earrings

Explore all VRAI created diamond earrings and jewelry online to find the style that’s perfect for you.

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virtual appointment with diamond expert meeting with potential customers over a call on a computer

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Speak with our diamond experts and enjoy:

  • Personalized guidance to select your ring
  • In-depth diamond 4C education
  • Exclusive in-store fittings or virtual try-ons
  • Custom design options