The Best Lab-Grown Diamond Necklaces For Your Style

VRAI | January 20, 2022

VRAI | January 20, 2022

Selecting lab-grown diamond vs. “natural” diamond necklaces is a wonderful way to celebrate your values and personal style. By selecting necklaces featuring diamonds sustainably created by VRAI over mined diamonds, you can rest assured that your fine jewelry was made without human or environmental toll.

Read on to discover the lab-grown diamond necklaces meant just for you.

What Are Lab-Grown Diamond Necklaces Made From?

Lab-grown diamond necklaces are made of man-made, above-ground diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are anatomically identical to mined diamonds; the only difference between the two is point of origin.

Necklaces featuring VRAI created diamonds go a step further than other lab-grown diamond jewelry. They feature diamonds sustainably created in a zero-emission foundry in the American Pacific Northwest. These diamonds are polished by international craftspeople to exacting standards, then set in 14k recycled solid yellow, white, or rose gold, never plated or vermeil settings.

Best Lab-Grown Diamond Necklaces By Style

From tennis necklaces to pendants to medallions, there are necklaces highlighting VRAI created diamonds for everyone. Read on to discover styles perfect for everyday layering or for adding allure to any special occasion.

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Lab-Grown Diamond Solitaire Necklaces

Solitaire necklaces are timeless staples for any fine jewelry collection. In fact, many jewelry lovers start their collection with this classic piece. A solitaire necklace highlights one of seven diamond shapes in a prong setting attached to a 14k solid gold chain. An instant family heirloom, solitaire necklaces featuring VRAI created diamonds are made to be cherished for a lifetime.

Round Brilliant Solitaire Necklace

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Emerald Solitaire Necklace

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Lab-Grown Diamond Pendants

A lab-grown diamond pendant has the same timelessly elegant look of a solitaire necklace, but is slightly more traditional in style. The solid gold pendant setting with an open back gallery highlights seven different diamond shapes. The pendant hovers over the heart but is also designed to move with you throughout the day for a look that is both meaningful and versatile.

Princess Solitaire Pendant

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Pear Solitaire Pendant

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Round Halo Pendant

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Lab-Grown Diamond Medallions

Lab-grown diamond medallions are some of the most sought-after fine jewelry designs today. From the classic North Star medallion to the modern Intentions medallion, there is a style for everyone — which makes this design an excellent birthday, anniversary, or holiday gift. Solid gold medallions featuring diamonds sustainably created by VRAI are a wonderful addition to a burgeoning collection, perfect for wearing solo or layering with other necklaces and chains.

Intentions Medallion

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Inner Spirit Medallion

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North Star Medallion

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Lab-Grown Diamond Tennis Necklaces

A tennis necklace is the ultimate expression of dramatic sophistication. Tennis necklaces are often worn for formal occasions, like on the red carpet or at a wedding. But those with bolder style might choose to add this statement piece to their daily look. However you choose to wear it, rest assured that the alluring array of VRAI created diamonds in a tennis necklace are free from human and environmental toll.

Tennis Necklace

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Illuminate Necklace

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Celestial Double Strand Tennis Necklace

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Unique Lab-Grown Diamond Necklaces

For the ultimate diamond lover, there are unique lab-grown diamond necklaces that are sure to reflect your curated style and personal values. Each detailed design is a conversation starter created to stand out in your personal collection. Discover the regal Floating Neptune Necklace, the delicate, floral-inspired Perennial Necklace, and the bold Strength Necklace. Which unique fine jewelry design is right for you?

Floating Neptune Necklace

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Perennial Necklace

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Arc Necklace

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Lab-Grown Diamond Necklaces for Her

When searching for a gift for mothers, partners, best friends, or simply for yourself, these beloved designs are sought after again and again. The effortless beauty of each of these lab-grown diamond necklaces is perfect for daily wear, and transitions flawlessly from day to night to compliment every look.

Bezel Station Necklace

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Semi-Bezel Hexagon Necklace

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Tiny Station Necklace

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Lab-Grown Diamond Necklaces for Him

Each of these unisex necklaces is a favorite for gifting and self-gifting. When it comes to Father’s Day, graduation, birthdays, or any occasion, these looks are sure to please on that special day and every day after.

Bezel Solitaire Necklace

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Currency Necklace

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Speak With Our Diamond Experts

Certain lab-grown diamond necklaces, such as those from the Solitaire collection, are not only available in customizable shapes, but also sizes. So for guidance in selecting the shape and carat weight that’s right for you, as well as in-depth diamond education, speak with our diamond experts. They’ll help you to explore necklace designs perfect for starting or adding to your collection.

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