18 Best Mother's Day Rings: A Gift She'll Wear Forever

Alicia Briggs | March 27, 2023

In this guide to Mother’s Day rings, discover the array of ring styles featuring VRAI created diamonds that make the perfect gift for all mothers and mother figures. For this Mother’s Day, dare to express your love with sustainable rings and other Mother's Day jewelry that reflect her values.

Each design features recycled solid gold and diamonds grown in our zero-emission foundry, free from human and environmental toll. That means you can treat the special individuals in your life with fine jewelry, guilt free.

Read on to discover the best ring styles fit to offer and receive this Mother's Day. For personalized guidance in selecting a ring, book a complimentary appointment with our Diamond Experts.

What Jewelry Should You Give Your Mom For Mother’s Day?

Any type of jewelry would make a fantastic gift for mom this Mother’s Day. Some of the most popular kinds of fine jewelry for Mother’s Day gifts are rings, earrings, bracelets, or necklaces. When choosing what kind of jewelry to give her, consider the jewelry she already owns and wears often.

Is A Ring A Good Mother’s Day Gift?

Rings are an incredibly popular gift idea for Mother’s Day. Rings are versatile, thoughtful, and easy for a mom to wear with anything. Plus, some rings can be personalized to make a more meaningful gift. To personalize a Mother’s Day ring, choose a symbolic design, her favorite diamond shape, or a ring that stacks well with her wedding ring.

Can You Gift Your Mom A Ring?

You can absolutely give your mom a ring for Mother’s Day. While certain rings are associated with romance, such as engagement or wedding rings, several rings are perfect for giving to your mother. Some children choose to give two-stone or three-stone diamond rings to represent each child she has, or a matching ring, such as a mother-daughter ring.

What Makes A Good Mother’s Day Ring?

A thoughtful or meaningful ring design makes a wonderful Mother’s Day gift. If you’re her partner, consider a ring that symbolizes your love or that pairs well with her current wedding or engagement ring.

You can work with VRAI Diamond Experts for personalized guidance in selecting a meaningful Mother’s Day ring. They can help you understand what each diamond shape or setting represents, as well as what rings would suit her style.

If you’d like to create a custom Mother’s Day ring, book an appointment with our Diamond Experts to discuss your vision.

Are Matching Mother-Daughter Rings A Good Gift Idea?

Matching mother-daughter rings, or mother-child rings, make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift. This is a thoughtful gift idea, no matter your gender. Most moms would love to have a matching piece of jewelry with their child to beautifully symbolize their bond.

How Do You Choose Matching Rings For Mother’s Day?

The easiest way to choose a matching ring for Mother’s Day is to meet with a VRAI Diamond Expert. They will help you find the perfect matching ring set that fits both you and your mom.

For a mother-daughter ring or mother-child ring, consider choosing a ring design that represents your relationship. This could be a ring with two stones for each of you or a design that symbolizes unity and coming together. The rings featured below do just that.

Why Should You Choose Lab-Grown Mother’s Day Rings?

Choosing a lab-grown diamond for your Mother’s Day ring is the best way to honor your mom and your love. VRAI created diamonds are sustainably produced to ensure that there’s no negative human or environmental toll.

When you choose a VRAI created diamond over mined diamonds, you’re saving 143 pounds of carbon dioxide and 2,011 ounces of air pollution per carat. Mom will appreciate a gift that aligns with her values and also gives back.

How to Create Custom Mother’s Day Rings

For certain ring styles, our Diamond Experts can help you create a custom Mother’s day ring when you book an appointment. Our appointments are complimentary and available online or at one of our VRAI showrooms. This is a fantastic way to design a completely one-of-a-kind custom ring that she’ll cherish forever.

18 Best Mother’s Day Rings

Explore the following Mother’s Day rings to find the best gift for mom this year.

Timeless Mother’s Day Rings

Classic Mother’s Day rings are ideal gifts for those building their collection or looking for easy, effortless everyday pieces to incorporate into their look. Mother’s Day rings with 1 stone are often timeless rings.

The modern and elegant Knife-Edge Bezel Ring is a staple design that suits any collection. The Signet Ring is an enduring design with a contemporary yet vintage feel. And the Perennial Ring, while more unique, is inspired by nature featuring a timeless floral design that remains forever in bloom.

Mother’s Day Three-Stone Rings

Three-stone rings are a wonderful gift for Mother’s Day or to celebrate becoming a parent. A Mother’s Day ring with three stones can be highly symbolic.

The three diamonds in the setting can represent your growing family, or the past, present, and future you are creating together. And with an array of diamond shapes and customization options, you can create a gift that is as unique as the person receiving it.

Mother’s Day Infinity Bands

Infinity Bands feature a shining series of individually handset pavé diamonds that decorate the entire band in a modern u-cut setting. Perfect for wearing solo or for stacking rings, this gift is versatile and effortless.

Choose from platinum or solid yellow, white, or rose gold, as well as rounded melee or Baguette-shaped VRAI created diamonds for a look that is unique to her style.

Two Stone Mother's Day Rings

Mother’s Day rings with two stones make a wonderful gift from a child or partner. Two stone rings represent the union of two things coming together, so this could beautifully symbolize your relationship.

The Toi et Moi is a romantic diamond forward ring that would make an extra special gift from a partner. A simple yet classic design such as the Petal ring or the Mixed Cuff ring are easy rings for mom to stack. These also make perfect matching mother-daughter rings.

Gold Mother’s Day Rings

A 14k solid gold ring for Mother’s Day is a classic and versatile choice. The colored gold that’s best for Mom will be the one that suits her style. Consider the jewelry she already owns to get an idea of her preferred gold color.

Overall, white gold rings are best for neutral and cool skin tones and those who prefer a clean, modern look. Yellow gold rings are known for their classic look, best for neutral or warmer skin tones. Rose gold rings are a more unique choice, perfect for any skin tone and those who prefer a more vintage or romantic feel.

Unique Mother’s Day Rings

For the mother or mother figure who already has a well-curated diamond jewelry collection or who prefers something that stands out, consider these unique Mother’s Day rings.

The Unity ring is a stunning gift that represents her ability to collaborate and create unity. The Tetrad Ring is as stylish as it is symbolic; the four diamonds aligned within its setting can represent each member of a growing family. Diamond-forward designs, such as the Five Stone Halo Band, make dazzling and unique Mother’s day rings as well.

Explore More Mother’s Day Jewelry Ideas

Now that you’ve discovered rings perfect for gifting this Mother’s Day, explore all of VRAI’s sustainable fine jewelry designs. From earrings to necklaces, each look is perfect for mixing, matching, stacking, or layering. And with diamonds grown in our zero-emission foundry, you can dare to indulge, guilt-free.