The 15 Best 1 Carat Pear Shaped Rings: How to Choose For You

Alicia Briggs | April 04, 2023

A 1 carat Pear shaped ring is a striking and unique choice that compliments a range of styles. This versatile diamond shape has a natural vintage look, yet its soft curves and dramatic pointed tip appeal to both classic and modern tastes. Use this article to discover the top 15 Pear cut engagement rings featuring a VRAI created diamond to help you choose the ring that suits you best.

VRAI Diamond Experts can offer complimentary guidance in selecting an engagement ring that’s uniquely tailored to you when you book an appointment.

What Does A Pear Ring Symbolize?

A Pear cut engagement ring is unique, whimsical, and dramatic. This ring selection shows that you’re someone who likes to deviate from tradition and prefers to stand out. Pear cut diamonds are also considered romantic and sentimental as their tear-drop shape represents tears of joy.

Are Pear Shaped Rings Timeless?

Pear shaped rings are a timeless and elegant choice. This historic diamond shape may have a distinct look, but it pairs well with any setting to create an enduring ring design that’s always admired.

Are Pear Shaped Diamond Rings Popular?

Pear shaped diamond rings have an elegant, vintage look that has undeniable appeal. A Pear cut diamond ring is popular for its elongated shape and stunning brilliance, comparable to a Round Brilliant cut diamond.

Due to their nontraditional shape, Pear cut diamonds are less commonly chosen for engagement rings. Yet they are continuously sought after and beloved by many, including major celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor and Ariana Grande.

Why Should You Choose A 1 Carat Pear Diamond For An Engagement Ring?

If you want a bolder engagement ring that’s a little more adventurous than more classic shapes, consider a Pear cut diamond. When it comes to carat weight, a 1 carat diamond makes an excellent choice, as it’s the most popular carat weight for an engagement ring.

Our Diamond Experts love recommending 1 carat Pear cut diamond rings because their size and brilliance stand out considerably for this carat weight. Since Pear cut diamonds appear larger than they are, a 1 carat Pear cut diamond is an excellent way to get a bigger diamond for less. This makes them an ideal choice for those who may not have the budget for higher carat weights.

Is A Pear Shaped Diamond Ring More Expensive?

Pear cut diamonds are less expensive than Round Brilliant cut diamonds but comparable in price to other fancy-shaped diamonds of the same quality.

For Pear shaped diamond rings, the total price depends on the diamond, setting, band, and metal color. These factors will determine which engagement rings are more expensive than others.

How Much Is A 1 Carat Pear Cut Diamond Ring Worth?

The worth of a 1 carat Pear cut diamond ring depends on several factors including the diamond 4Cs. Diamonds with a higher diamond grade are worth more than diamonds with a lower grade.

Certain engagement ring settings, metal colors, and bands (plain vs. pavé) will increase or decrease the price of a ring. Each of these components determines the worth of a 1 carat Pear cut diamond ring.

VRAI 1 carat Pear shaped diamond ring prices range between $1,900- $3,600 at the time of publication.

What Is Carat Weight Is Best For Pear Engagement Rings?

Diamond carat weight is a personal choice - it depends on your preferences, style, and budget. The most popular carat weight for an engagement ring, including Pear cut rings, is between 1-2 carats.

A 1 carat Pear shaped engagement ring is ideal for those who desire an eye-catching ring that’s still easy to wear anywhere and with anything.

What Size Is A 1 Carat Pear Shaped Diamond Ring?

The size of a 1 carat Pear shaped diamond ring will vary based on the diamond and the ring setting. You can view the measurements of any VRAI created Pear cut diamond online, on our diamond table, to understand its size.

Certain ring settings will also change the size of your ring. Halo settings will make your ring appear larger, as do settings that feature multiple diamonds, like Three-Stone rings. Additionally, settings that feature bigger or multiple bands, like The Double Band, will increase the overall ring size.

When you select a VRAI created diamond and setting, you can view how that 1 carat Pear ring will look on a virtual size 6 hand. This way you can confidently buy an engagement ring online with a good idea of how it will look on your finger.

What Should You Look For In A Pear Shaped Engagement Ring?

The most important thing to consider when choosing a Pear shaped engagement ring is the diamond 4Cs. Prioritize higher diamond grades for cut and clarity to ensure your Pear cut diamond has optimal brilliance, even color, and symmetry. Excellent symmetry is essential to ensure that the pointed tip lines up in the middle. All VRAI created Pear cut diamonds have Excellent symmetry.

Keep in mind that Pear cut diamonds have a bowtie effect due to their faceting pattern. This can create a slightly darker shadow resembling a bowtie across the center. A high-quality cut will minimize the appearance of a bowtie.

Our Diamond Experts can guide you through our extensive inventory to select a Pear cut engagement ring that fits your standards, preferences, and budget.

Is Color or Clarity More Important In A Pear Shaped Ring?

Both color and clarity matter, but clarity is often considered more important for Pear cut diamonds. A higher diamond clarity grade will ensure optimal brilliance and help minimize the bow-tie effect.

When it comes to color, your metal choice will determine if you need to prioritize a higher color grade. Opt for a higher color grade if you prefer a platinum or white gold band to ensure your Pear cut diamond doesn’t have a slightly yellow tint.

Which Way Do You Wear A Pear Shaped Ring?

Pear shaped rings are a unique and versatile choice that can be worn in several different ways. There is no “right” way to wear a Pear cut diamond ring - it simply comes down to preference.

Pear cut diamond rings are traditionally worn vertically, with the tip pointing up, away from the hand. You can also wear your ring with the peak pointing down, however. Certain settings highlight this beautifully, such as The Signature V. Alternatively, others choose to wear Pear shaped rings horizontally, as featured in The Signature East-West.

What Setting Is Best For A Pear Shaped Engagement Ring?

The best setting for a pear-shaped engagement ring depends on personal preference and lifestyle. While Pear cut diamonds suit a range of settings beautifully, certain ring settings will best highlight the beauty of a Pear.

A 1 carat Pear Halo ring is consistently sought after since it perfectly highlights this shape and adds shine. It’s one of our best-selling Pear shaped engagement rings, as is the Toi et Moi and The Signature. Our Diamond Experts can help you choose the best setting for your engagement ring.

15 Top 1 Carat Pear Shaped Ring Styles

Use the following ring styles to help you choose the perfect setting for your 1 carat Pear shaped engagement ring.

1 Carat Pear Shaped Diamond Ring With Halo

One of the most coveted settings for a Pear shaped diamond ring is a Halo setting, which features a center diamond encircled by pavé set diamonds. This setting is ideal if you want to add even more brilliance and size to your Pear cut diamond ring. Halo settings often create an Art Deco look, which is perfect for those with vintage taste.

1 Carat Solitaire Pear Shaped Diamond Ring

Solitaire settings are the most popular settings for an engagement ring. Solitaire settings range in appearance, as any setting that features a single diamond is considered a Solitaire. Those with classic tastes or contemporary style may gravitate towards 1 carat Pear Solitaire diamond rings. However, when you combine this versatile shape and setting, it’s easy to find a ring design for any taste and style.

1 Carat Pear Shaped Diamond Ring Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is the most popular and classic metal choice for an engagement ring. Yellow gold Pear cut diamond rings are elegant, warm, and ageless. They are an excellent choice for those who gravitate toward more traditional jewelry but yellow gold also works well when paired with vintage-inspired settings, like The Duet.

1 Carat Pear Shaped Diamond Ring In White Gold

White gold bands add a sleek and bright look to Pear cut diamond rings, further highlighting their brilliance. No matter the setting, white gold Pear shaped diamond rings have a distinct, sophisticated appearance. If you prefer a more contemporary design, pair your white gold band with a more modern setting like The Signature Bezel.

1 Carat Pear Shaped Diamond Ring In Rose Gold

For those who want to highlight the romantic and whimsical look of a Pear cut diamond, consider a 14k rose gold engagement ring. Diamond-forward designs, like the ones featured below, will play up the vintage elegance of this historic shape when combined with rose gold.

Why Are Lab-Grown Pear Cut Diamond Rings A Better Choice?

When you choose a VRAI created Pear cut diamond ring, you’re choosing an engagement ring that you can treasure for years to come, guilt-free.

Our lab-grown diamonds are grown in our zero-emission foundry, with no human or environmental toll. All VRAI created diamonds have a guaranteed point of origin and come with a Lifetime Warranty to protect your investment. The same cannot be said for mined diamonds, or other lab-grown diamond companies.

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