Valentine’s Day Necklaces: Is a Necklace a Good Gift?

Alicia Briggs | December 28, 2023

Valentine’s Day only happens once a year, but if you choose the right jewelry gift, it can be worn and cherished for years to come. Valentine’s Day is when we show our loved ones how special they are. A necklace that symbolizes love and affection is the perfect gift to give your loved ones this Valentine’s.

Read on to discover how to choose and buy the best Valentine’s Day necklace featuring VRAI created diamonds.

Is a Necklace a Good Valentine’s Day Gift?

A necklace is a great Valentine’s Day gift. Necklaces are thoughtful, intimate, beautiful, and highly symbolic. Diamond necklaces are also incredibly versatile. Necklaces come in a variety of timeless styles that can be worn as everyday jewelry or statement pieces for years to come.

What Necklace Symbolizes Love?

A diamond necklace symbolizes love, faithfulness, and affection. A diamond pendant, especially one with a Heart diamond, is the ultimate symbol of love. Pendant necklaces are worn near the heart to represent giving your heart to another.

How to Choose a Valentine’s Day Necklace

The best necklace to give as a Valentine’s Day gift depends on your relationship with your loved one and their style. Use the following tips to help you choose a Valentine’s Day necklace.


Consider what types of necklaces your loved one already owns. Are they a jewelry minimalist with an equally minimalist style? Then a sleek and simple necklace suitable for daily wear may be best for them.

Do they love bold, diamond-forward designs with an heirloom feel? Then chances are, you can go for brilliant statement pieces instead of subtle and sleek ones.

Their style, and existing necklace collection, will help you narrow down what type of necklace they would love. Their taste will also determine the best diamond shape for them.


The necklace length is an important factor when choosing a necklace for someone. If possible, measure the necklace length of their existing jewelry. If there’s one common length, look for necklaces of the same measurement.

Metal Color

Most people prefer one or two metal colors. Most fine jewelry is made from white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or sterling silver. Consider the metal color they tend to wear to narrow down their preference.


Certain necklaces hold different meanings and are better suited for specific relationships. Think about what you want the necklace to say so that your gift conveys the appropriate meaning.

If you’re choosing a necklace for your child, you may want to pick a thoughtful yet cute necklace for Valentine’s, like VRAI’s Blossom Necklace. If you’re looking for a Valentine's Day necklace for your wife, a diamond necklace that’s romantic and elegant will be better suited.

For a first Valentine’s Day, especially if you haven’t said I love you yet, you may want to give a beautiful but understated necklace, such as a playful Petite V Necklace.

Best Valentine’s Day Necklaces for Her

For inspiration on choosing women’s Valentine’s Day necklaces, consider these top styles:

1. Special Occasions

If this Valentine’s Day marks a special milestone in your relationship, a breathtaking and timeless diamond Tennis Necklace will mark this holiday like no other.

For a slightly more subtle design, consider the Arc Necklace. This design is available in three or five diamonds. The additional diamonds can perfectly represent a relationship milestone: three diamonds for the birth of a first child, five diamonds for five years, and so on.

2. Most Romantic

Solid gold is timeless and durable, just like your love. Explore a variety of gold Valentine’s Day necklaces for her, especially rose gold, for a truly romantic gift.

A diamond Halo Pendant is a classic way to symbolically give her your heart, while the Signature Pear Drop Halo Necklace combines two different shapes to represent two becoming one.

3. Budget-Friendly

If you’re on a budget, or buying a jewelry gift for a younger child, explore sterling silver Valentine’s Day necklaces for her. Sterling silver is durable and beautiful, but more affordable than gold. The silver Petite Solitaire Necklace or the silver V Solitaire Necklace are timeless and affordable Valentine’s Day necklaces.

4. First Valentine’s Day

If you’re shopping for a Valentine’s Day necklace for your girlfriend, but it’s the first Valentine’s or a new relationship, you may want to avoid giving a necklace gift that’s deeply romantic or extravagant. Opt for a necklace that’s thoughtful, versatile, and simple.

A Solitaire Pendant, Orion Necklace, or Tiny Station Necklace are all understated yet elegant designs.

Best Valentine’s Day Necklaces for Him

For men’s Valentine’s Day necklaces, consider the following top styles for him:

1. Special Occasions

If you’re shopping for a truly unforgettable Valentine’s Day necklace, the gold Strength Necklace is a unique piece that represents the enduring strength of your love.

Alternatively, the V Arc Necklace is an angular and contemporary take on our classic design. Choose between three or five diamonds to symbolize the special moments or milestones in your relationship.

2. Most Romantic

For a romantic Valentine’s Day gift for him, create a custom necklace by engraving a special message on our Solitaire Bar Pendant. For an alternative design, consider the highly symbolic Intentions Medallion, or the V Duo Lariat Necklace with two VRAI created diamonds for the two of you.

3. Budget-Friendly

For affordable Valentine’s Day jewelry for him, opt for a minimalist sterling silver necklace. A silver Bezel Solitaire Necklace will shine as bright as your love. If you want to celebrate their unique beauty, consider gifting the meaningful Inner Light Medallion in a silver setting.

4. First Valentine’s Day

For a first Valentine’s Day together, look for an understated, classic design that’s suitable for daily wear. A silver Bezel Station Necklace features several smaller diamonds and is easy to layer. Alternatively, a Baguette Necklace is a modern yet versatile gift, perfect to commemorate a new relationship.

Tips for Buying a Diamond Valentine’s Day Necklace

Use the following tips to help you buy a stunning, quality diamond necklace for Valentine’s Day.

Have an Idea of What You’re Looking For

If you want to buy a Valentine’s Day necklace, consider what diamond shape, metal color, and necklace style your loved one will like beforehand. Many Valentine’s Day necklaces are customizable, so you can easily personalize the necklace details to create a design you know they’ll love.

Choose a Trusted Retailer

The best way to navigate shopping for a Valentine’s Day necklace is to choose a trusted retailer. Not only will this guarantee that you’re getting a quality design, but trusted retailers can even help you choose the best necklace gift for your loved one, no matter the budget.

Our VRAI Diamond Experts can help you every step of the way when you book a virtual appointment with them. VRAI also offers full transparency on our diamond pricing and production process. This means you can verify that the price you’re paying reflects the true value, not middlemen markups.

Look for Diamond Certification and Quality

When buying a diamond necklace, always verify the quality. Reputable diamond retailers will offer diamond certification for any necklace with a 1-carat diamond and above. This means that they should be able to verify the quality of their diamonds. For a necklace to last as long as your love, ensure that it contains a real, valuable diamond.

Confirm the Delivery Date

If you’re a last-minute shopper, confirm that the necklace you’re buying will arrive before Valentine’s Day. This will ensure a smooth holiday without any last-minute hiccups. If you shop in advance, this also makes it possible to return or exchange the necklace if need be.

Shop Valentine’s Day Diamond Necklaces

Valentine’s Day is meant to be a day of love. Choose a necklace featuring lab-grown diamonds to show your love and appreciation for both people and the planet. VRAI created diamonds are produced in our zero-emission diamond foundry - the first certified carbon-neutral diamond producer.

Unlike mined diamonds, you know exactly where all VRAI created diamonds come from. Explore our exquisite collection of fine jewelry to find your dream Valentine’s Day diamond necklace.

Valentine’s Day Gifts FAQs

Find the answers below to frequently asked questions about Valentine’s Day gifts.

What Can I Give to My Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day?

Chocolate, jewelry, flowers, or a night out are just a few options to consider for your girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. Many people appreciate gifts, other people love experiences, and some people prefer not to celebrate Valentine’s Day at all.

Since everyone is unique, think about what type of gift your girlfriend would truly appreciate.

What Do Girls Like Most on Valentine’s Day?

Most people just want to feel loved and appreciated on Valentine’s Day and thankfully, it doesn’t require something big to do that. Consider what thoughtful or romantic gesture would make her feel appreciated on Valentine’s Day.

If you know their love language, or they’ve expressed gratitude for certain gestures or gifts before, use that to help you plan.

What Is the Most Gifted Thing on Valentine’s Day?

Candy is the most gifted thing on Valentine’s Day, followed closely by greeting cards and flowers.

Do Girls Buy Gifts for Valentine’s?

Yes, girls commonly buy gifts for their partners on Valentine’s Day. It’s ultimately up to you to decide how you would like to celebrate Valentine’s Day and what the gift expectations are.

Is Valentine’s Day a Good Time to Buy Jewelry?

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to buy jewelry. Unlike chocolate or flowers, fine jewelry will last a lifetime and holds more meaning. Choosing a personalized, quality piece of Valentine’s Day jewelry is the ideal way to let your special someone know you care.