Are Bezel Engagement Ring Settings Right for You? Top Pros and Cons

Alicia Briggs | January 02, 2024

While prong settings are often associated with engagement rings, Bezel settings follow just behind in popularity. Bezel engagement ring settings are timeless and classic, yet they provide a sleek and distinct alternative to traditional prong settings. If you’re considering a Bezel setting for your engagement ring, read on to learn its rich history and what to know before buying.

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What Is a Bezel Setting on a Ring?

A Bezel setting on an engagement ring has a slim solid gold or platinum band that encircles the center diamond. Classic Bezel settings fully outline the diamond’s sides, but some jewelers now offer partial Bezel settings that only wrap around half.

Bezel Engagement Ring Setting: Meaning & History

Bezel settings are one of the oldest jewelry settings. Variations of the Bezel setting were found in Ancient Egypt and Rome when humans started wearing jewelry. This historic setting gets its official name from the French, however, as Bezel used to mean ring.

To make a Bezel setting, you have to carefully hammer the metal rim onto the diamond and around its edges. Despite its simple appearance, it takes a skilled craftsman to form an even, quality Bezel setting.

Due to its ancient origins, you’ll commonly find antique jewelry with Bezel settings. However, Bezel settings are anything but old-fashioned. This sleek setting has a decidedly modern appearance. This makes it a popular choice for shoppers who prefer a distinct and contemporary engagement ring.

Should You Choose a Bezel Set Engagement Ring?

You should choose a Bezel engagement ring if you need a particularly secure setting, or if you’re searching for an alternative to prong settings. A Bezel setting is the most durable engagement ring setting. It’s perfect for people with active lifestyles or who work with their hands.

Bezel Setting Pros and Cons

Before buying a Bezel engagement ring, consider the advantages and disadvantages of Bezel settings:


  • Spotlights Shape: Bezel settings highlight the silhouette of the center diamond.
  • Enhances Size: One advantage of a Bezel setting is that it makes diamonds look bigger.
  • Extra Security: Additional security is one of the benefits of a low-set Bezel setting.
  • Sleek, Modern Look: Bezel settings stand apart.
  • Hides Inclusions: Bezel settings will cover inclusions on a diamond's side or bottom.
  • Easy to Clean: Fewer details and crevices make Bezel settings easy to clean.


  • Less Light Entry: Bezel settings cover the sides and back of the diamond.
  • Less Customizable: Bezel settings have a specific style with few customizable options.
  • Can Cost More: Bezel settings often cost slightly more than prong settings.
  • More Coverage: While coverage offers more security, it also hides more of the diamond. Bezel settings aren’t ideal for diamonds that carry their carat weight in their pavilion.

Bezel vs Prong: Is a Bezel Setting Better?

A Bezel setting isn’t necessarily better than a prong setting, but it’s also not worse. Bezel and Prong settings are the two most popular engagement ring settings for good reason.

Both Bezel and Prong settings are durable, secure, versatile, and timeless. The two main differences between Bezel and Prong settings are appearance and coverage. Since prong settings don’t encircle the diamond, they allow more light entry than Bezel settings. Bezel settings, however, enhance the size of a diamond.

While prong settings are very secure, they have significantly less coverage than a Bezel setting. However, the additional security of a Bezel setting impacts the ring style, whereas prong settings are more hidden.

How Much Does a Bezel Setting Cost?

A VRAI 14k solid rose gold Bezel setting costs $1,150 without the diamond. Plain yellow and white gold Bezel settings cost $1,150 while plain Platinum Bezel settings cost $1,350.

Bezel settings are typically slightly more expensive than solitaire prong settings since they require additional metal and skill. Bezel settings are not more expensive than more detailed settings, such as Halo settings.

How to Choose a Bezel Engagement Ring Setting

Consider the following to select your ideal Bezel engagement ring:

Preferred Style

Bezel settings are sleek and modern, but this versatile setting can suit most styles. When choosing the details for a Bezel engagement ring, consider your preferred style.

You can add a warm, classic look to a Bezel setting with a yellow or rose gold band and pavé diamonds. If you prefer vintage-inspired designs, choose a historic fancy-shaped diamond for the center. For Art Deco lovers, a Bezel setting is perfect when paired with platinum or white gold and a Step cut diamond.

Bezel settings don’t offer many options for personalization, but the metal color and diamond shape will dramatically change the style of this setting.

Diamond Shape and Quality

Bezel settings fully encircle the center diamond, so the diamond shape will change the setting's design. Bezel settings also enhance the diamond’s silhouette i.e. the rectangular outline of an Emerald is spotlighted in a Bezel setting.

Choose the diamond shape you love and let it shine in a Bezel setting. Round Brilliant, Oval, or Pear diamonds look classic and elegant while the linear lines of an Emerald, Radiant, or Cushion stun in Bezel settings. For more unique bezel settings, opt for a Radiant, Princess, or Trillion cut diamond. These shapes distinctly stand out in a Bezel setting.

Bezel settings cover more of the center diamond. For a bright and brilliant engagement ring, prioritize a well-cut center diamond with a high diamond grade.

Metal Color

Bezel engagement ring settings are either gold or platinum. Since Bezel settings fully encircle the center diamond, the metal color will influence how white the diamond appears.

Platinum and white gold create a bright, modern, and lustrous look. If the center diamond has a lower color grade, however, it may look slightly yellow with these metals. Choose a diamond with an H color grade or above.

Yellow gold or rose gold adds a warm glow, but this can make colorless diamonds look slightly yellow. A VRAI diamond expert can help you select the best metal color for your preferred ring style and diamond color grade.

Popular Bezel Engagement Rings

White gold or yellow gold are particularly popular metal choices for Bezel set engagement rings. The most popular diamond shapes for Bezel settings are Oval, Emerald, Pear, and Round Brilliant cut diamonds.

Due to the versatile, minimalist appearance of a Bezel setting, it’s very popular to pair a bezel-set engagement ring with a wedding band. Diamond-forward wedding rings will complement the understated elegance of a Bezel, while simple, plain wedding rings will match perfectly.

For unique Bezel set engagement rings, book an appointment with a VRAI diamond expert. They will walk you through our white glove process to create a custom-designed engagement ring.

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Bezel Engagement Ring Setting FAQs

Read on for more answers to frequently asked questions about Bezel engagement ring settings.

Does a Bezel Setting Make a Diamond Look Smaller?

Bezel settings do not make a well-cut diamond look smaller. Bezel settings enhance the silhouette of a diamond which makes it appear larger. However, the extra coverage of a Bezel setting can make poorly cut diamonds with deep pavilions look smaller.

Do Bezel Set Diamonds Sparkle More?

Bezel settings won’t necessarily make a diamond sparkle more, but they will highlight the beauty and brilliance of a well-cut diamond.

Are Bezel Settings Timeless?

Bezel settings are timeless. This historic, enduring setting has remained in style for decades.

Are Bezel Settings Popular?

Yes, Bezel settings are one of the most popular engagement ring settings.

Is Bezel the Most Secure Setting?

Bezel settings are considered the most secure engagement ring setting. Bezel settings fully encircle the diamond, so no edges or points are exposed.

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Speak with our diamond experts and enjoy:

  • Personalized guidance to select your ring
  • In-depth diamond 4C education
  • Exclusive in-store fittings or virtual try-ons
  • Custom design options