Bridal Earrings: 5 Top Styles For Every Bride

Kimberly Zerkel | November 25, 2022

When it’s time to begin building your bridal jewelry set, bridal earrings are often the most sought after design. Bridal earrings add the perfect amount of shine and personal style to any wedding-day look. But which look is right for you? These top 5 styles of bridal earrings are here to act as a guide for all future brides-to-be. Explore these well-loved looks and find the pair that’s perfect for your special day and every day after!

What Are Popular Bridal Earrings Styles?

No one bride is the same, so not all bridal earring styles should be, either! Whether marrying in a chateau or having an afternoon wedding in a park, there are different designs to pair with your unique look and special occasion. Which pair matches the look and feel of your big day?

These popular bridal earring styles can offer you guidance. But don’t forget — your wedding day is an opportunity to celebrate both your love and personality. So choose a bridal jewelry look that’s true to you.

1.Bridal Drop Earrings

Drop earrings are one of the most popular styles for a bridal jewelry set. That’s because the subtle drama and high sophistication of a drop earring is perfect for enhancing your wedding day look. These earrings add instant elegance on your special day, but can also be worn on nights out or for special occasions forever after.

2.Gold Bridal Earrings

Your wedding day is a day to shine in every way possible. So why not add a little gold to your bridal look? Whether solid yellow, rose, or white gold, these metal-accented styles add the perfect amount of contrast and color to your bridal jewelry set. Choose your favorite metal color for looks that you can incorporate into your everyday style after.

3.Vintage-Inspired Bridal Earrings

Something old, something new — why not choose bridal jewelry that’s a combination of both? When you choose vintage-inspired bridal earrings featuring lab-grown diamonds, you can be assured that you’ve created a timeless and heirloom-like look but with diamonds free from the human and environmental toll of mining. From more traditional drop and hoop styles to Halo Studs (an Art Deco favorite), you can add historic flair to your big day.

4.Modern Bridal Earrings

For the bride looking to incorporate clean lines and contemporary appeal into their style, there are modern bridal earrings that meet the mark. From fashion forward draped styles to ear climbers with an array of diamond shapes, these designs have an original look that is thoroughly modern. But don’t be fooled — these contemporary styles won’t come and go like other trends, but will transform into future heirlooms.

5.Statement Bridal Earrings

Your wedding day is a day to stand out and look your best — so for those who aren’t shy, why not shine bright with statement bridal earrings? These diamond-forward designs might look made for the runway or red carpet, but they’ll be perfect for walking down the aisle as well. From eye-catching hoops to stunning climbers and drop earrings, let these designs leave your guests talking.

Should You Wear Bridal Jewelry Earrings?

There is no rule on what jewelry you should or should now wear on your wedding day — the only rule is to be true to your personal style. Many brides choose bridal earrings, however, because they work effortlessly with nearly any wedding dress or attire. While sleeves and necklines might not pair with certain necklaces or bracelets, earrings are versatile enough to match with almost any look. If you do not regularly wear earrings, choose another fine jewelry design that feels comfortable to you. If you do wear earrings, consider your wedding day the day to celebrate with bridal earrings.

Which Bridal Necklace And Earring Set Should You Choose?

For those wanting a matching bridal necklace and earring set, there are multiple styles to choose from. For a more classic or timeless look, select Solitaire Necklaces and Solitaire Studs, Bezel Solitaire Necklaces and Bezel Solitaire Studs, or Halo Necklaces and Halo Studs.

For a modern and effortless set, choose Petite Solitaire Necklaces and Petite Solitaire Studs, Pavé Studs and Pavé Necklaces, or Duo Studs and a Duo Lariat Necklace. For spring or summer occasions, consider Perennial Studs and the Perennial Necklace.

Can You Wear Bridal Earrings After The Wedding?

Of course! When you choose bridal earrings that are true to your unique style, they should work in tandem with your look every day after! If you’ve chosen studs or more subtle designs, you might consider incorporating them into your daily routine. For more statement-making styles, your bridal earrings can be transformed into occasion-ready pieces that hold a special memory and meaning.

Shop Bridal Earrings With Our Diamond Experts

Experience white-glove bridal jewelry shopping by booking an appointment with our diamond experts. Explore bridal earrings styles and shop for looks for the entire wedding party, including mother-of-the-bride and bridesmaids. They’ll offer you personalized guidance to make this once-in-a-lifetime seamless and stress-free.