Bridal Ring Sets: How to Find the Best Set For You By Color

Alicia Briggs | January 04, 2023

Few pieces of jewelry are as important as your engagement and wedding ring. These rings are meant to last a lifetime and are worn daily. As such, it’s important to choose a ring that you truly love, as well as rings that pair well together. Bridal ring sets are a wonderful way to ensure both your engagement ring and wedding band can be beautifully worn together.

Read on to discover how to find the best bridal ring set and some of our most popular ring sets for each metal color. Or book an appointment with our diamond experts for more personalized guidance.

What Is A Bridal Set Ring?

A bridal ring set traditionally refers to a bride’s matching engagement and wedding ring. Bridal sets are worn by the bride on her wedding day and onward.

Today, bridal ring sets can also refer to the different rings brides may wear as part of their bridal jewelry, but this isn’t as common.

What Is A Bridal Set Vs Engagement Ring?

A bridal set is when both your engagement ring and wedding ring are worn together. A bridal set refers to both rings whereas the engagement ring refers only to the engagement ring.

Can You Wear A Bridal Set As An Engagement Ring?

Traditionally, engagement rings are given after your partner proposes and wedding rings aren’t exchanged until the wedding day. Since a bridal set refers to both rings, a bridal set is typically not worn during the engagement period.

However, some couples may choose to give both rings during their proposal. It’s entirely up to you if you’d like to wear a bridal set as an engagement ring or wait until the wedding day.

Which Ring Is The Engagement Ring In A Bridal Set?

The engagement ring is the ring that is given first, during the initial proposal. Engagement rings tend to be more brilliant and feature a large center diamond. Wedding bands are more subtle and may feature several smaller diamonds, such as a pavé setting, or no diamonds at all.

How Do You Wear a Bridal Ring Set?

For guidance on how to wear a bridal ring set, consider the following information below.

How Do You Stack An Engagement Ring With A Wedding Band?

The most common way to wear a bridal ring set is by putting the wedding band on first and then stacking your engagement ring after. Wedding rings are traditionally worn closer to the heart, but it’s up to you how you would like to stack your rings.

What Finger Do You Wear A Bridal Ring Set On?

Both your wedding band and your engagement ring are worn together on the left ring finger, traditionally. To ensure your rings stack beautifully together, measure the ring size of your chosen finger beforehand.

How To Choose Bridal Set Rings

There are several different ways to choose a bridal ring set, but the most important thing to consider is your personal style and taste. Afterall, this is your bridal set, so you’ll want to choose something you truly love wearing.

When choosing a bridal set, first consider how you would like to pair the rings. You can create a matching set or pair different designs together. You can mix and match metal colors, styles, settings, or diamond shapes. However, if you’re choosing contrasting designs, prioritize shapes that can easily be worn together.

Our VRAI Diamond Experts can help you put together a beautiful bridal ring set based on your preferences and budget when you book an appointment.

How Do You Match An Engagement Ring With A Wedding Band?

There are a few different ways to match your engagement ring with your wedding band. One easy way to pair the two is by choosing the same metal color for each ring.

Another way to match your bridal set is by featuring the same diamond shape. You can also match the ring setting or style.

Why You Should Choose Lab-Grown Diamond Bridal Rings

When you select a VRAI created lab-grown diamondfor your bridal set, you’re choosing a diamond that truly reflects your values and love. Unlike mined diamonds, VRAI created diamonds have a guaranteed point of origin and quality.

All of our women’s wedding bands and engagement rings feature one-of-a-kind diamonds sustainably created by VRAI in our zero-emission foundry.

The Most Popular Bridal Ring Sets For Each Metal Color

Choosing one metal color is one of the easiest ways to match bridal ring sets. Below you’ll find the top bridal ring sets for each color to help inspire your own bridal set.

White Gold Bridal Ring Sets

White gold bridal rings are a beautiful, bright option for those who love a modern look. Our 18k solid white gold ring sets will highlight the diamond’s brilliance, creating a contemporary and clean appearance.

If you’d like a matching white gold bridal ring set, consider the Signature V. The Signature V is a modern twist on a classic design and can be worn with the V facing whichever way you prefer. You can choose a plain or pave band for either of your rings and then select a diamond shape that best reflects your style.

Yellow Gold Bridal Ring Sets

Yellow gold is one of the most classic colors for a bridal set. Wedding rings and engagement rings in 18k yellow gold are often our best-sellers, considered a traditional choice. This colored gold has a lovely hue that adds warmth and depth to your bridal rings.

One of our most popular wedding and engagement rings is the brilliant and sophisticated Devotion ring. This design can be perfectly paired to create a matching, diamond-forward yellow gold bridal ring set. For those with more traditional tastes, choose Round Brilliant diamonds for both of your rings. For a subtle contrast, choose a Baguette diamond for both bands or select a different shape for your engagement ring’s center stone.

Rose Gold Bridal Ring Sets

Rose gold is a beautiful metal choice for those who love a vintage-inspired look. Rose gold is romantic and symbolizes love, so it’s a meaningful color for a wedding ring bridal set. Rose gold can also beautifully pair with yellow or white gold if you prefer to mix colors to create a unique look.

For a matching rose gold set, consider the distinct Curator ring. This thoughtfully-created design will beautifully highlight your center diamond with perfectly symmetrical proportions. Choose a pave setting for either ring and a historic diamond shape, like an Emeraldor Pear cut, to create a more heirloom feel.

Platinum Bridal Ring Sets

Few colors say luxury and indulgence like platinum. A platinum bridal ring set is perfect for those who prefer a clean, bright look that still demands attention. Platinum is known for its durability and its lustrous appearance.

A refined and classic platinum bridal ring set is the elegant Knife Edge. This subtle, minimalist set is sure to stun, no matter the diamond shape you choose. You can select a sleek plain band or choose a pave band for maximum brilliance.

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