Celebrating International Women’s Day

VRAI | March 08, 2022

Every year, VRAI celebrates International Women’s Day by both honoring the memory of the courageous heroes who paved the way for women around the world and inviting everyone, both women and allies, to take a stance today.

We uplift the individuals who dare to make their own rules and fully embrace who they are at their core. Because only when we collectively dare to take a leap from the bounds of convention can we shine our true light and inspire change.

This year, we have asked the many women behind the scenes at VRAI to share what they dare to do or to be. We have also asked the same of our Instagram followers. Do you dare to advocate, inspire, or empower others? Do you dare to be sustainably minded, empathetic, or dedicated to justice and equality?

We encourage you to express what you dare to do and dare to be this year, and to honor and celebrate the women in your life today and every day.

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