Ciara Wilson jewelry
Ciara Wilson jewelry

Ciara And Russell Wilson: Their Romance, Fragrances, and Valentine’s Day Jewelry Edit

Kimberly Zerkel | January 24, 2023

When it comes to romance, there are certain couples who lead the way and set the bar high. Ciara and Russell Wilson are one such couple. Which is why VRAI has partnered with them for an unapologetically romantic Valentine’s Day edit highlighting R&C Fragrances and their curated list of fine jewelry designs featuring VRAI created diamonds.

Who better than Ciara and Russell Wilson to partner with VRAI for a Valentine’s Day jewelry edit? The couple is not only committed to celebrating their love, devotion, and romance — but to creating a long-lasting impact on our planet.

Read on to learn more about their love, their style, their fragrances — and their selection of perfect Valentine’s Day jewelry gifts.

Ciara and Russell Wilson: An Extraordinary Couple

Ciara and Russell Wilson already captivated the world’s attention before captivating one another. Ciara is a Grammy-award winning singer and entertainer, while Russell Wilson is the quarterback for Seattle Seahawks. The two were known the world over for their talent, personalities, and success. They have also been undeniably best-dressed figures on the fashion scene for years. But since 2015, they are also known for their extraordinary love and sense of unapologetic romance.

Not only have they created an incredible love story and a beautiful family together — they are also hard-working and conscientious entrepreneurs. Ciara and Russell Wilson’s fashion brand, The House of LR&C, is committed to sustainable fashion. And their line of R&C Fragrances are tailor-made for other extraordinary couples such as themselves.

Russell Wilson And Ciara’s Jewelry Edit

The fine jewelry highlighted in their Valentine’s Day edit features VRAI created lab-grown diamonds, made from converted greenhouse gas in our zero-emission foundry. The couple has purposefully chosen designs that will work for multiple styles and that will pair perfectly with their signature R & C Fragrances. When given together, these curated gifts are timeless, not trendy, and can be cherished throughout the year — perfect for any sustainably-minded couple.

Read on to learn more about their curated looks and must-have fragrances.

Russell Wilson And Ciara’s R&C Fragrances

Like nearly every aspect of this couple’s life together, their line of R & C Fragrances are a reflection of their love. The “him and hers” fragrances can be sold separately but are intended to be sold together — which is why each set is a “duo.” Original Duo, Harmony Duo, and Intense Duo are irresistible fragrances crafted by Russell and Ciara that come in two entwined, magnetic bottles. For their Valentine’s Day jewelry edit with VRAI, they have curated a series of fine jewelry gifts to pair with each scent.

Original Duo

The original Fragrance Duo features RUSSELL for Him and CIARA for Her. RUSSEL pairs bergamot, black tea and lavender together with juicy pear, waterlily, patchouli, musk, and vetiver. CIARA combines red berries, freesia, and pink peppercorn with white flowers, peony, musk, and sandalwood. These two signature scents are curated along VRAI designs such as the Halo Pendant, the Tennis Necklace and Tennis Bracelet, Pavé Hoops, and Solitaire Studs. Russell and Ciara chose these looks to go with their original Fragrance Duo because both the scents and styles are considered iconic.

Harmony Duo

The Harmony Duo features Harmony R and Harmony C, and are meant to be worn as balanced and subtle scents. Harmony R is a combination of lavender, geranium, vetiver, and cedar, while Harmony C highlights Italian bergamot, Sichuan pepper, and amber. Harmony Duo fragrances are paired with designs featuring VRAI created diamonds such as the Mixed Cuff Ring, Knife-Edge Bezel Drop Huggie Hoops, the Arc Necklace, Petite Solitaire Bracelets, and the Linked Tennis Bracelet. The couple feels that these effortless, everyday pieces pair beautifully with the soft and gentle notes of Harmony Duo.

Intense Duo

The Intense Duo is a combination of Intense R and Intense C. Intense C blends amber and tonka bean with musk and floral notes, while Intense R features patchouli, juniper, lavender, and red sage. These scents are meant to be bolder, deeper, and more sensual. Therefore, Russell and CIara have paired them with VRAI styles such as the Orion Ring, the Knife-Edge Baguette Necklace, the Round Ear Climbers, Unity Ring, and Strength Necklace — some of VRAI’s boldest and most dramatic looks. They feel that coupled together, these fragrances and designs are sexy and unique standouts.

Shop Valentine’s Day Gifts Curated By Russell Wilson And Ciara

Ready to love out loud this Valentine’s Day with unforgettable gifts? Shop the Valentine’s Day edit curated by Russell Wilson and Ciara and choose the Duo and designs that best represent your relationship. These fine jewelry gifts and fragrances from this extraordinary couple are sure to spell extraordinary romance — for Valentine’s Day and every day of the year!