Colorless Diamonds Guide: Is Colorless Better & What to Look For

Alicia Briggs | July 19, 2023

Diamond color is one of the key factors that determines the beauty and value of a diamond. When choosing a diamond, many shoppers seek out colorless diamonds, as it’s considered the best diamond color grade. However, colorless diamonds aren’t always a necessary choice when it comes to buying a bright and beautiful VRAI created diamond.

Use this guide to colorless diamonds to understand what colorless diamonds are and when you should opt for this coveted color grade.

What Is a Colorless Diamond?

Colorless diamonds are diamonds with a D, E, or F color grade. D color diamonds are the highest diamond color grade. They have no visible color, even when inspected under magnification. E and F color diamonds show the faintest hint of color under magnification. All colorless diamonds appear completely colorless to the naked eye.

How Are Colorless Diamonds Graded?

Gemologists grade colorless diamonds by comparing the diamond to other diamonds using the diamond color scale. This is the industry-accepted standard of measurement set by the Gemological Institute of America. The colorless diamond scale includes D, E, and F color grades.

Most diamonds have a slight yellow tint, so gemologists give higher color grades based on the absence of color. They examine the diamond face-up and table-down using specific tools and controlled lighting to best view differences in color. Diamonds with no visible color or the faintest trace of color are given a colorless diamond grade.

Colorless Diamond Chart

Colorless vs. Near-Colorless Diamonds: What’s the Difference?

Colorless diamonds are considered the best color grade, followed by near Colorless. Near colorless diamonds are diamonds with a G, H, I, or J color grade. Near colorless diamonds will also appear colorless to the naked eye face-up but they will show more color under magnification.

The visible difference between colorless and near colorless diamonds is only noticeable when they are viewed from the side with a white backdrop.

The other primary difference between colorless and near colorless diamonds is the cost. Colorless diamonds typically cost more, sometimes considerably so. Colorless diamonds are also much harder to find. Due to these two factors, near colorless diamonds are more commonly chosen.

Are Colorless Diamonds Considered More Valuable?

Colorless diamonds are considered more valuable than diamonds with a lower color grade due to their rarity and demand. D color grade diamonds are the most valuable diamond color.

Do Colorless Diamonds Cost More?

Colorless diamonds can cost more than diamonds with a lower color grade. Since Colorless diamonds are rarer, they tend to be more expensive. Diamond color impacts the total cost of a diamond, but it’s not the only factor.

The overall diamond grade, particularly carat weight, as well as diamond shape, will greatly affect the diamond price.

When Should You Choose Colorless Diamonds?

Colorless diamonds should be prioritized for certain diamond shapes, carat weights, ring settings, and budgets. Diamond shapes that have larger tables or an elongated shape look best at colorless diamond grades, such as Oval cut or Emerald cut diamonds. Colorless diamonds should also be prioritized for higher carat weights, as a bigger diamond will show more color.

If you’re choosing a diamond for a ring, opt for a colorless diamond for white gold or platinum bands. Colorless diamonds will look best in these settings as they will still appear clear against a white band. Diamonds with lower color grades can show hints of yellow in contrast.

If you’re someone who loves diamonds and seeks the rarest and highest quality diamonds, consider choosing a colorless diamond. These valuable diamonds are an investment that you’ll cherish for life.

That being said, colorless diamonds do cost more. If you don’t have a larger budget, you may prefer near colorless diamonds. Since the difference between these two color categories is minimal, near colorless diamonds will still look beautiful at higher carat weights or set in platinum bands.

Colorless Diamond Rings

VRAI colorless diamonds are available for engagement rings, diamond wedding rings, or fashion rings. Opt for a colorless diamond ring if you love the shine and luster of a clear diamond paired with a sleek platinum or white gold setting.

If you’re considering pavé set diamonds or a Halo setting, verify that the color grade matches. Choose side stones that are only one to two color grades apart so they don’t look yellow against the center diamond. Explore our full inventory of colorless diamond rings online or with personalized guidance from a VRAI diamond expert.

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two engagement rings next to a ring sizer and package

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Colorless Diamond Earrings

Colorless diamonds are a wonderful choice for diamond-forward earring designs. If you prefer a white gold setting, colorless diamonds will create optimal brilliance with no yellow tint.

You may also consider choosing colorless diamond earrings for elongated or fancy-shaped diamonds.

Why Should You Choose Lab-Grown Colorless Diamonds?

Choose lab-grown colorless diamonds if you want a beautiful, brilliant, high-quality diamond that reflects your taste and your values. VRAI created diamonds are certified carbon neutral and grown in our zero-emission foundry. Unlike mined diamonds, VRAI created diamonds have no human or environmental toll.

VRAI created colorless diamonds are available at a range of price points. We make it possible to buy a colorless lab diamond for less. Since we grow our lab-created diamonds in-house, with no middlemen markups, we can offer diamond prices that reflect the true value of the diamond.

Explore VRAI Created Colorless Diamonds

Discover all VRAI created colorless diamonds online. Use our full inventory of ready-to-ship diamonds to easily compare each colorless diamond to find the right fit for your preferences and budget. If you don't find a diamond you're looking for, don't worry, we can cut a lab diamond into any shape and size you want!

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virtual appointment with diamond expert meeting with potential customers over a call on a computer

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Speak with our diamond experts and enjoy:

  • Personalized guidance to select your ring
  • In-depth diamond 4C education
  • Exclusive in-store fittings or virtual try-ons
  • Custom design options