Cushion Cut Diamonds: Ask A Diamond Expert

Kimberly Zerkel | December 23, 2022

Kimberly Zerkel | December 23, 2022

A Cushion cut diamond is a timelessly elegant diamond shape featured in engagement ring settings. Its pillow-like form and modified brilliant facets make it a well-loved choice.

VRAI’s diamond expert and GIA graduate gemologist Queena Chang is well-versed in the many details that set this distinctive shape apart. Read on to discover their insights on Cushion cut diamonds — and discover why this VRAI created diamond shape might be right for you.

What Is A Cushion Cut Diamond?

“Cushions are one of the most classic shapes, with modern cushions owing their soft pillowy shape to the Old Mine Cut,” says Queena Chang, GIA graduate gemologist. “These diamonds tend to be a soft square shape with bowed edges and rounded corners, or can be modified to be an elongated soft rectangular shape. They tend to face up smaller than Rounds and Ovals, so I generally recommend looking at higher carat weight diamonds, generally 2.00ct+.”

The cut was originally developed in the early 19th century and has since become a popular choice for engagement rings and other jewelry. The Cushion cut diamond is known for its ability to create a softer, more vintage look, and it is often chosen for its romantic and classic appearance. It is also prized for its ability to create a beautiful, shining effect when it catches the light.

Cushion Shape Diamonds And The 4Cs

The 4Cs of diamonds, which stand for cut, clarity, color, and carat weight, are used to grade and evaluate the quality of diamonds.

“Since the Cushion tends to be smaller, I generally try to emphasize on the carat weight and color, and put less focus on the clarity as the brilliance of the diamond will work in your favor,” explains GIA graduate gemologist Queena. “While a lot of my clients love a 1.50-2.00ct Round size, I tend to find that with Cushions clients tend to prefer a 1.75-2.50ct+ size to get the same coverage that they are looking for.”

1 Carat Vs 2 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond Rings

When it comes to cushion cut diamond rings, the carat weight of the diamond is an important factor to consider. The size of the diamond can impact the overall appearance and impact of the ring, with larger diamonds often appearing more dramatic and impressive. However, the cost of a 2 carat Cushion cut diamond ring will generally be higher than that of a 1 carat ring, as larger diamonds are more rare and therefore more valuable. Ultimately, the choice between a 1 carat and a 2 carat Cushion cut diamond ring will depend on personal preference, budget, and the desired look of the ring.

2 Carat Vs 3 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond Rings

A 3 carat Cushion cut diamond ring will appear significantly larger on the finger compared to a 2 carat. A 3 carat diamond will appear roughly 50% larger than a 2 carat diamond. As a result, a 3 carat Cushion cut diamond ring will have a bold and striking presence on the finger, making it a statement piece that is sure to attract attention.

What Are The Best Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Settings?

“Due to the more limited dimensions of Cushion shapes, I like to recommend Solitaires and Halo engagement ring settings to let the diamond speak for itself. I also love to pair Cushions with a nice pavé band, such as the Floating Solitaire Cushion ring with Pavé, as it will not overwhelm the center diamond,” says Queena.

The best setting for a cushion cut diamond engagement ring will depend on personal preference, style, and budget, and it is important to choose a setting that complements the shape and size of the diamond and suits the wearer's lifestyle.

Solitaire Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

A solitaire Cushion cut diamond engagement ring is a classic and timeless choice that features a single diamond on a simple band. This type of engagement ring is popular for its simplicity and elegance, and it allows the diamond to be the center of attention.

The Knife-Edge
The Hover
The Classic

Multi-Stone Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Multi-stone cushion cut diamond engagement rings feature multiple diamonds arranged in a decorative manner. These types of engagement rings offer a more elaborate and impressive look than a single stone ring.

The Three Stone
The Five Stone Heirloom
The Graduated Band

Unique Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Cushion cut diamond engagement rings can be made unique by choosing an unusual setting or adding unique design elements to the band of the ring. These choices allow the wearer to create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that reflects their personal style.

The Floating Split Band
The Signature V
The Double Band

Why Are Halo Cushion Cut Diamond Rings Popular?

Halo Cushion cut diamond rings are popular for a number of reasons. One reason is that the halo setting, which surrounds the center diamond with a ring of smaller diamonds, helps to enhance the overall brilliance of the ring. In addition, halo settings can add a touch of glamor and drama to the ring.

How To Buy Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

If you are interested in purchasing a Cushion cut engagement ring, you have the option to do so on your own through the VRAI website or with the assistance of a VRAI diamond expert. To purchase online, simply browse the selection of Cushion cut engagement rings and filter your search by features such as diamond shape, setting, and price. Once you have found the perfect ring, you can complete your purchase directly on the website. If you prefer to have some guidance or have questions about the rings, you can also book a virtual or in-store appointment with a VRAI diamond expert. During the appointment, the expert will be able to provide you with recommendations and answer any questions you may have about the rings. No matter how you choose to purchase your Cushion cut engagement ring, VRAI is there to help you find the perfect one.

How To Buy Loose Cushion Cut Diamonds

Purchasing loose Cushion cut VRAI created diamonds is a straightforward process. First, you will need to browse the selection of loose diamonds on our diamond table using the filters to narrow down your choices based on your preferences and budget. You can select the Cushion cut option to view only Cushion cut diamonds. Once you have found a diamond that you are interested in, you can view more details and photos of the diamond by clicking on the product page. Click “Purchase without a setting” and proceed to checkout.

Shop Cushion Cut Diamonds With Our Diamond Experts

Enjoy personalized guidance and $100 towards your engagement ring by speaking with VRAI’s diamond experts. They’ll help you in selecting the Cushion cut diamond of your dreams as well as the perfect setting to highlight this unique shape.

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