Diamond Certification & The VRAI Difference

VRAI | May 04, 2021

One of the many advantages of purchasing our sustainably grown diamonds is our dedication to customer confidence. Working directly with our own foundry, we’re able to ensure the impeccable craftsmanship and provenance of each one of our stones, and guarantee its grades for years to come.

While inconsistencies can be common between typical grading laboratories, our diamonds are graded by GIA Certified Gemologists with a unique data and technical advantage specific to lab grown diamonds. Unlike other diamond reports, our foundry guarantees the grade of your diamond with a full producer warranty. The result is the best in diamond tradition and modernization—true assurance of your diamond’s exceptional quality.

Our VRAI created diamonds

From the moment the diamonds are grown to the moment they reach our customers, they never leave our hands. Sustainably grown in America’s beautiful Pacific West without the environmental toll of mining, our diamonds are then cut and polished internationally to the most exacting standards by master craftsmen in our workshops. A Diamond Certificate accompanies our engagement rings featuring diamonds 1/2ct and above and jewelry designs featuring diamonds 1ct and up, outlining and guaranteeing the details of that specific stone.

Diamond certification

All diamonds go through a grading process that considers the 4Cs—cut, color, carat and clarity—no matter their origin. The 4Cs contribute to a diamond’s overall value and serve as the standard across all jewelers and grading agencies. Whether mined or sustainably created, higher grade diamonds carry a higher value because purity is difficult to obtain.

Certificate Number - The certificate number is exclusive to your diamond and will correspond to the diamond’s unique inscription number

GIA Diamond Grading Scale - This is the standard scale used to determine a diamond’s 4Cs

GIA Gemologist Grading Report - Reflects all of your diamond’s distinct characteristics including the shape, origin and inscription number of the diamond, as well as the diamond proportions, 4C grading results and any additional grading

Shape - Identifies the shape of your diamond

Country of Origin - Confirms your sustainably created diamond was grown in the United States

Date - Date the Diamond Certificate was issued

Inscription - Your diamond’s unique identification number, guaranteeing its Diamond Foundry authenticity

Diamond Proportions - Identifies the depth, crown height, crown angle, pavilion height, pavilion angle, table diameter, girdle and measurements of your diamond

Carat Weight - Identifies the weight of your diamond to the hundredth place

Color Grade - Identifies the color of your diamond by the GIA Color Scale (D-Z) and references its absence of color.

Clarity Grade - Identifies the clarity of your diamond by the GIA Clarity Scale (Flawless-I) and references the visual purity of a diamond.

Cut Grade - Identifies the cut of your diamond by the GIA Cut Scale (Excellent-Poor) and references the arrangement of a diamond’s facets.

Polish - Identifies the placement of the facet shapes and outside finish of your diamond

Symmetry - Identifies how precisely the various facets of your diamond align and intersect

Fluorescence - Identifies any glow in your diamond emitted under UV lighting (Very Strong-None)

Gemologist Certification - Identifies the in-house GIA Certified Gemologist responsible for grading your diamond

Certification - Guarantees your diamond’s authenticity and grading with an exclusive foundry warranty

VRAI Diamond Certification
VRAI Diamond Certification

Lifetime warranty

While other diamond reports, including those from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), do not contain such guarantees and or carry disclaimers, our Diamond Certificate offers a GIA Gemologist Grading Report, and guarantees the grade of your diamond, backed by a Full Lifetime Warranty.

In the unlikely case that your diamond turns out not to meet or exceed a grade stated on its certificate, our foundry will accept the return of the diamond and provide you with a refund of the full purchase price or replace the diamond with a new diamond that meets or exceeds the graded characteristics.

Learn more about our diamond warranty

Modernizing the diamond industry

By utilizing technology to aid in the grading process, our diamond foundry has been able to measure and store more than one billion data points about each carat of diamond grown. Progressing the same widely-used industry standards, our foundry has created a comprehensive data advantage for judging the quality of a diamond crystal. With the help of advanced equipment and scientific techniques, our foundry is in a unique position to assess the quality of every diamond they create and provide to us.