Diamond Cluster Rings: What Are They and How to Wear Them

Alicia Briggs | November 23, 2022

Choosing the perfect diamond ring for you is never an easy decision. There are numerous factors to consider such as cut, color, setting, and occasion. If you’re interested in a style that’s versatile, unique, and elegant, however, you may want to consider diamond cluster rings. Lab-grown diamond cluster rings boast a wide range of shapes and styles with plenty of shine.

Whether you’re looking for a diamond ring for everyday use, as a statement piece, or to symbolize a lifelong commitment, a diamond cluster ring may be the ideal choice for you. Read on to learn what cluster rings are, how to wear them, and the most popular yet timeless styles featuring VRAI created diamonds to choose from.

What Is A Cluster Ring?

Diamond cluster rings consist of an assortment of diamonds that form together to create a cluster. Traditionally, cluster rings feature several smaller diamonds closely set together to look like one larger diamond. This style is particularly popular when it comes to cluster engagement rings. However, cluster rings can form a variety of shapes such as a flower, or a square.

What’s wonderful about cluster rings is how customizable and unique they can be. These intricate, distinctive rings can include a variety of different diamond cuts and sizes, depending on your preference. You can work with a VRAI diamond expert to create a custom design and combine different diamond shapes for a truly personal design to match any style.

Cluster Rings vs Solitaire Rings

The difference between cluster rings and solitaire rings primarily comes down to how many diamonds each ring has. Solitaire rings consist of just one diamond while cluster rings include several, typically smaller, diamonds.

Solitaire settings are traditionally associated with diamond engagement rings, as they beautifully highlight the brilliance of a single eye-catching diamond.

On the other hand, cluster diamond rings are fine jewelry, perfect for everyday wear. While the diamonds in cluster rings are not as large, they can often shine brighter due to the amount of and variety of diamonds featured.

If you’re trying to decide between a cluster diamond ring or a solitaire diamond ring, it simply comes down to your style and what the ring is for. Solitaire diamonds are generally worn as engagement rings while cluster diamond rings are commonly worn in everyday settings.

If you’d like to explore a cluster diamond ring as an engagement ring, Three stone, Five stone, or Toi et Moi settings may be a lovely choice for you.

Why Do People Buy Cluster Diamond Rings?

Cluster diamond rings are popular for a variety of reasons. If you’re interested in a unique diamond ring, cluster diamonds are a wonderful choice. Due to the array of diamond shapes, sizes, and designs, cluster rings can easily be customized to fit your personal style. This makes cluster rings a popular choice for many.

Since cluster rings consist of several diamonds, they’re also popular for those who want to include diamonds that hold sentimental value such as family heirlooms. Cluster rings are a popular choice for special occasions or thoughtful gifts as they can be designed to mimic certain shapes. You can work with a VRAI diamond expert to create a truly special cluster ring for your loved one or a custom design to suit your style.

Another benefit to choosing a cluster diamond ring is the range of price points. Depending on the size and number of diamonds you choose, it’s possible to find cluster diamond rings to fit most budgets. Since cluster diamonds are often smaller they can be more affordable. Cluster rings can make high-quality, stunning diamond rings an accessible option for many.

How to Wear Cluster Diamonds

Cluster diamond rings can be worn as engagement rings, everyday jewelry, or reserved for special occasions — it just depends on the ring. Cluster rings range from classic, elegant pieces to unique, statement rings. Their multi-faceted designs make it possible to wear cluster rings in any setting.

Today, cluster diamonds aren’t simply limited to rings. You can find cluster diamonds on earrings and bracelets, but rings are still the most popular way to wear them.

How to Stack a Cluster Ring

When it comes to ring stacking, cluster rings can add a new dimension and style. How to stack your cluster ring will depend on its shape and color as well as that of the rings you’re already wearing.

If your cluster ring consists of several different shapes, you’ll want to stack it with bands that complement or contrast the design. Avoid layering diamond shapes that will rub against each other in order to preserve your diamonds.

In general, it’s best to choose a point of focus when stacking your rings. This may look like matching the metal colors together or sticking with the same diamond shape. Your cluster rings may already feature different colors, shapes, or textures, so it’s important to pick a theme to ensure your rings create a cohesive design when stacked together.

What Are Popular Diamond Cluster Ring Styles?

There are various diamond cluster ring styles to choose from which makes it easy to find the right design for you. To start, most diamond cluster rings will be categorized as vintage or modern.

Vintage cluster diamond rings will most commonly include round diamonds, which are easier to group. Classic cluster rings may feature one larger diamond with smaller diamonds around it, like a halo.

Today, however, modern cluster rings tend to take on a larger range of shapes and styles. Modern cluster rings may have an asymmetrical design and mix different cuts, which has become increasingly popular.

Ultimately, the style of your cluster ring will depend on the diamonds you choose, the band, the setting, and the design. Yellow gold cluster rings are particularly popular. Cluster diamond engagement rings have risen in popularity, as well as unisex cluster rings. You can read more about each style below.

Cluster Diamond Engagement Rings

When it comes to engagement rings, Cluster diamond engagement rings provide a non-traditional and beautiful alternative to the classic solitaire engagement ring. Cluster rings can be designed to perfectly match your loved ones' look and symbolize your love.

Make a cluster engagement ring your own by selecting your favorite metal color, diamond shape, and pavé details online, or book an appointment with a VRAI diamond expert to help or create a custom design that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

14k Yellow Gold Cluster Rings

Yellow gold cluster rings are a timeless choice that will perfectly complement several diamond designs. The Perennial Ring is a classic women’s cluster ring that features five VRAI created diamonds clustered together to resemble a floral bloom. If you’re looking for a more modern yellow gold cluster ring, the Trellis Ring is a beautiful option. It elegantly combines six diamonds sustainably created by VRAI to form two remarkable blooms on each end of the ring.

Lastly, the Orion Ring from our Constellation Collection features three diamonds with three different shapes. This playful and beautiful yellow gold ring is curved to represent a celestial object.

Unisex/ Men’s Diamond Cluster Rings

Unisex diamond cluster rings can be worn by all as a lasting statement piece. Unisex cluster rings are particularly striking, such as our Unity Ring. It simply shines thanks to over twenty diamonds sustainably created by VRAI. Set in 14-karat yellow gold with five different cuts, this stylish cluster ring will quickly become your new staple accessory, alongside other unisex designs.

Why You Should Choose a Lab-Grown Diamond Cluster Ring

A cluster ring is only as beautiful as the diamonds it’s made of. When it comes to high-quality, brilliant diamonds, there’s nothing quite like lab-grown diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are produced in a laboratory setting, which means there’s no negative environmental or human impact like there is with mined diamonds.

The only difference between mined diamonds and lab-grown diamonds is where they come from. The physical quality is identical. Not all lab-grown diamonds are created sustainably, however. Lab-grown diamonds are often produced in foundries that require fossil fuels and negatively impact the environment.

All VRAI created diamonds are sustainably made in our zero-emission foundry. By choosing VRAI created diamonds, you’re ensuring that your diamond comes from a sustainable, verified source. With mined diamonds, there’s no such guarantee.

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