Elongated Cushion Cut Diamonds: A Shopping and Styling Guide

Angelica Frey | April 13, 2023

A modern favorite, the Elongated Cushion cut diamond is known for its soft edges, gentle curves, radiant shine and elongated, flattering shape. The curved corners of a VRAI created Elongated Cushion diamond, alongside its large, brilliant-cut facets, make this shape both modern and elegant, and its fire makes it unique among all other diamond shapes. Our experts can show you how to choose the best engagement ring setting featuring this diamond shape.

What are the characteristics of an Elongated Cushion Cut Diamond?

The Elongated Cushion Cut is the elongated version of theCushion cut diamond, which is one of the oldest diamond shapes recorded in history. They are reminiscent of the Old Mine cut, which is known for its small table, high crown, large facets, and deep pavilion. Whether square or elongated, Modern day cushion brilliant cut diamonds come with curved sides and either rounded or pointed corners. GIA reports that typically, this cut will have four or eight mains, which are kite-shaped facets between the girdle and the culet. With its larger facets, Cushion-cut diamonds have less scintillation, but a whole lot of fire. In total, a Cushion Cut diamond will have 77 facets.

What is the difference between an Elongated Cushion Cut and a Standard Cushion Cut Diamond?

The main difference lies in the fact that, while the Cushion cut has a rounded, square-ish shape, almost pillow-like, the Elongated Cushion cut diamond has a more rectangular shape. With that being said, there is no unifying standard for Cushion cut diamonds, so, while some might be more pillow-like in appearance, others are more straight and narrow. In addition, the type of faceting varies on a case-by-case basis as well: the smaller the facets, the higher the scintillation (the black-and-white glimmer); the larger the facets, the more prominent the fire (the rainbow-like flashes of light).

How and Why do I choose an Elongated Cushion Cut Diamond?

With its large, yet triangular and kite-shaped facets, Cushion cut diamonds hide inclusions while also emphasizing the diamond’s own natural color. We recommend choosing H color or higher unless a distinctively warmer hue is something you actually want for your center diamonds. As for why and how one should choose an Elongated cushion, VRAI’s diamond experts have a few opinions on the matter. “I have clients that love the shoulders of elongated cushions as well as the faceting pattern that tend to not have bowtie effects,” says Queena Chang, VRAI’s Chief Diamond Expert and a GIA Graduate Gemologist. “The elongated cushion also elongates the feature and has more spread than the square cushion.”

What Is the Most Important of the 4Cs for an Elongated Cushion Cut Diamond?

Cut and carat weight are the most important Cs among the 4Cs with regards to Cushion cut diamonds, both regular and elongated: with 77 brilliant cut facets, a Cushion is one of the most-faceted engagement ring diamond shapes, and its cut should be excellent to fully highlight the “crushed ice” effect and its extraordinary fire. In addition, Carat weight is also important. Cushion diamonds, whether square or elongated, are cut deep and so, they can “hide” their carat weight in their pavilion, facing up smaller. In addition, the Cushion’s table is larger than the one of the Round Brilliant, which makes inclusions more visible.

Does an Elongated Cushion Cut Diamond have a Large Surface Area?

Cushion-cut diamonds can be deeper in cut-depth, and given how much of their weight is in the pavilion, these stones may look smaller than their carat weight would suggest. However, Elongated Cushion Cut diamonds will look larger due to increased surface area and finger coverage. Still, elongated cushions do have a deeper pavilion compared to Ovals and Pears, but are going to be a little more shallow compared to regular cushions.

Popular Elongated Cushion Cut Engagement Ring Styles

If you like the fire of an old mine cut and the elegance and finger-lengthening effect of an Oval diamond, the Elongated Cushion can effortlessly adapt to both modern and vintage-inspired settings. The bright fire of an Elongated Cushion Cut will fully make up for the smaller size due to the deep cut of this diamond shape.

Classic Elongated Cushion Engagement Rings

Classic Elongated Cushion Engagement Rings

When it comes to classic engagement rings, solitaires are the way to go. The Signature Six Prong engagement ring setting naturally follows the curves of a diamond shape, so if you want your Elongated Cushion to appear more curved than rectangular, this is the style for you.

Vintage Inspired Elongated Cushion Cut Rings

Vintage Inspired Elongated Cushion Cut Rings

Vintage-inspired cuts naturally suit the Elongated Cushion Cut diamond due to its own vintage-inspired shape and faceting. The Three Stone with 0.25 ct Trillion Side Stones will create an elegantly tapered look with considerable finger-width coverage.

Modern Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Modern Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Given the innate vintage feel of an Elongated Cushion diamond, a modern and sleek setting will create beautiful avant-garde-like contrast. The Floating Solitaire engagement ring setting will subtly let light in, allowing for the Cushion Cut’s distinctive fire to burn the brightest.

Shop Cut for You™ VRAI Created Diamonds With Our Experts

Our Elongated Cushion Cut diamonds are specifically cut and polished to suit you, as part of our Cut for You™ process. A VRAI diamond expert will be able to educate you on this diamond shape and point you towards the best ring setting.