Guide To Men’s Engagement Rings

VRAI | May 26, 2022

VRAI | May 26, 2022

In this guide to men’s engagement rings, explore the settings and various details that create the perfect engagement ring featuring lab created diamonds just for him.

More and more men are opting to wear engagement rings along with their wedding bands. From those with traditional taste to others with more avant-garde style, there are plenty of lab-grown diamond looks to choose from to celebrate your true love and true values.

Do Men Wear Engagement Rings?

Of course they do!

Over the last decade, as traditions have evolved and couples define engagement rules on their own terms, men’s engagement rings have grown in popularity. Whether a man is proposed to first, a couple chooses matching engagement rings to exchange with one another, or he selects his own ring after proposing, each couple should decide what’s best for them.

Most “traditional” engagement rings, sometimes referred to as women’s engagement rings, are available in sizes 3 through 11 and can be worn by women, men, or gender noncomforming individuals within that size range. For those wanting Solitaires, Toi et Moi rings, or Three Stone settings in a larger ring size, the custom-design process is an option.

The most popular men’s engagement rings are similar in style to wedding rings, however.

Which Finger Do Men’s Engagement Rings Go On?

Traditionally, in the United States, any engagement ring or wedding band is worn on the left ring finger. Some men — including the likes of Prince Charles — wear their rings on their pinky instead. Whatever finger an individual chooses, the most important thing is to measure your ring size beforehand.

How Much Are Men’s Engagement Rings?

The price of men’s engagement rings depends on both the budget set by the couple and the style of ring chosen. Plain metal bands, such as a Round or Flat band, are the most affordable.

Diamond-accented bands like the Alternating Shapes Band, or an engagement ring like the Classic Solitaire, can be three to four times more expensive. Certain styles, like a Signet Ring or Brushed Baguette band, are priced in between.

A couple should set their engagement ring budget first and find the perfect ring within their price range.

How Do I Choose The Best Men’s Engagement Ring

The best men’s engagement ring is the one that’s right for you and your partner. Decide on a budget together and then consider your personal style when exploring styles. Do you have classic taste in clothes and men's jewelry? An effortlessly elegant gold or platinum band might be right for you. Is your look thoughtfully curated and sophisticated? Consider the allure of a diamond-accented ring. You may also book an appointment with diamond experts to receive personalized guidance while selecting your ring.

What Are Different Styles Of Men’s Engagement Rings?

The most popular men’s engagement rings are generally similar to wedding bands. While some go for the clean and minimalist look of an all-metal band, more and more opting for diamond-accented or unique settings. Explore the options below to discover the men’s engagement ring that’s right for you.

Men’s Diamond Engagement Rings

Men’s diamond engagement rings continue to gain momentum as more individuals want a diamond-accented band to match their future wedding ring. Whether they highlight a single stone or feature diamonds all around, there’s a men’s diamond engagement ring to suit any style.

The Alternating Shapes Band
The Baguette Brushed Band
The Devotion Band

Men’s Platinum Engagement Rings

Platinum is known for its durability, strength, and elegance. And because it is rarer than gold, platinum is often more expensive. It also rarely causes allergic reactions, making it an ideal engagement ring metal for those with extra skin sensitivities. The sleek and strong look of a platinum band makes it a popular choice for men’s engagement rings.

The Flat
The Eternity Band
The Brushed Band

Men’s Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

Yellow gold is the color most associated with gold itself, which gives men’s yellow gold engagement rings classic, romantic appeal. Perhaps that’s why this particular hue is a constant best-seller. From traditional bands to more fashion-forward designs, there are sophisticated men’s yellow gold engagement rings to fit his taste.

Pavé Signet Ring
The Baguette Infinity Band
The Brushed Flat Band

Men’s Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Regal and vintage-inspired, men’s rose gold engagement rings produce a look of whimsy and romance. Beyond the beauty of its color, rose gold is also wonderfully versatile. For the individuals with a mixture of platinum, yellow, and white gold jewelry, rose gold pairs easily alongside. Choose from a variety of settings for a men’s rose gold engagement ring that is both modern and timeless.

Tetrad Ring
The Round
The Brushed Baguette Band

Men’s White Gold Engagement Rings

Solid white gold is known for its clean and bright appearance. Many also choose it for its similarity to platinum, but at a more accessible price point. Whether traditional or more contemporary in style, white gold adds modernity to any engagement ring setting. Discover the elegance of these men’s white gold engagement rings and find the one that’s right for you.

The Devotion Band
The Infinity Band
The Round

Unique Men’s Engagement Rings

For the bold individual with dramatic style, select an engagement ring that lets them put their love on full display. These unique men’s engagement rings can be worn on the ring finger but also make excellent pinky rings, only adding to their allure. Empower his sense of self-expression with these eye-catching designs.

Contract Ring
Half Pavé Band
Compass Ring

Speak With Our Diamond Experts

Take the guesswork out of finding the perfect men’s engagement ring for you by speaking with our diamond experts. They’ll offer you personalized guidance through our collections, provide in-depth diamond education, and explain our Lifetime Care Package so that you can choose your engagement ring and wedding bands with confidence.

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