Heart Shaped Diamonds: Your Buying Guide

Alicia Briggs | April 13, 2023

Few diamond shapes are as romantic as a Heart shaped diamond. Heart shaped diamonds have a rich history and make a highly symbolic engagement or wedding ring choice. Discover what makes a Heart cut diamond special and how to buy a VRAI created diamond perfect for you, below. Our VRAI Diamond Experts can help you find a Heart shaped diamond that fits your style and budget when you book an appointment.

What Is A Heart Shaped Diamond?

A Heart cut diamond gets its name from its signature heart shape. Heart shaped diamonds are cut for maximum brilliance, similar to a Round Brilliant cut diamond.

Heart shaped diamonds are thought to date back to the mid-1400s, beloved by royals throughout history. A Heart shaped diamond was famously exchanged as a gesture of friendship between Mary Queen of Scots and Queen Elizabeth I in 1562. This is considered the first record of love and affection being associated with Heart diamonds. Heart cut diamonds have stood the test of time, despite being somewhat hard to find.

What Does a Heart Shaped Diamond Symbolize?

Heart shaped diamonds are universally known as symbols of love and romance. Heart shaped diamonds are a highly romantic choice for an engagement ring as they add additional meaning to your ring.

Is A Heart Cut Diamond Rare?

Heart cut diamonds are rare. This is due to inconsistent demand and a complex shape that’s challenging to produce. Only a master diamond cutter can ensure that the proportions of this shape are symmetrical and exact to create the desired appearance.

VRAI Master Craftspeople use our innovative professional diamond planning software to ensure that every VRAI created Heart shaped diamond has an optimal diamond cut and proportions.

How Popular Are Heart-Shaped Diamonds?

While Heart cut diamonds have a long history, they are still a relatively rare choice. Since this intricate diamond shape is not consistently sought after, you won’t commonly see Heart diamonds worn. However, this only adds to the uniqueness of the shape, which is appreciated by those who choose a Heart cut diamond.

How Many Facets Does A Heart Shaped Diamond Have?

Heart shaped diamonds have 57 brilliant facets. Their faceting structure is similar to a Round Brilliant cut diamond. This, paired with their unique shape, creates a bright, distinctive appearance that’s truly stunning.

Do Heart Cut Diamonds Appear Bigger Than Other Diamond Shapes?

Heart cut diamonds appear similar in size to Round Brilliant cut diamonds of the same carat weight. While Heart shaped diamonds tend to look true to size, their detailed silhouette is more distinguished at higher carat weights.

What To Look For Before Buying A Heart Shaped Diamond

Due to the complexity of a Heart shaped diamond, there are several things to look for before buying.

A high-quality cut ensures that your Heart cut diamond has scintillating shine, brilliance, and ideal symmetry. Very Good to Excellent Symmetry guarantees that the point and cleft of the diamond line up perfectly. All VRAI created Heart shaped diamonds have an Excellent cut.

The right length-to-width ratio is also important when it comes to Heart diamonds. This is what determines if the shape of the heart is desirable - not too wide or too thin. Heart diamonds look best when closest to a 1:1 length-to-width ratio.

Lastly, prioritize carat weight. The shape of a Heart cut diamond is harder to distinguish at lower carat weights. Our diamond experts can help you select the ideal Heart shaped diamond for your preferences and taste.

What Is The Best Size For A Heart Shaped Diamond?

The best size for a Heart shaped diamond depends on personal preference, but we recommend choosing a Heart shaped diamond that’s .5 carats and above. Heart shaped diamonds have a distinctive shape that is best highlighted at higher carat weights.

Are Heart Shaped Diamonds More Expensive?

The price of a Heart cut diamond depends on the diamond 4Cs and the retailer. A 1 carat VRAI created Heart shaped diamond with an Excellent Cut starts at $1,400, at the time of publication. The price will go up from there depending on the ring setting and design you choose.

Why Should You Choose A Heart Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring?

A Heart shaped diamond is a romantic and unique choice for an engagement ring. With striking brilliance and complexity, Heart shaped engagement rings are beautiful. However, it’s a very specific diamond shape. As such, we recommend choosing a Heart shaped diamond for an engagement ring only if your partner has expressed interest in this shape before.

What Does A Heart Cut Diamond Ring Mean?

Heart shaped diamond rings are universal symbols of love and commitment. A Heart cut diamond ring means that your partner is giving you their heart and by accepting, you’ve given them yours.

Is 1 Carat or 2 Carats Better For A Heart Shaped Diamond Ring?

A 1 carat Heart shaped diamond ring and a 2 carat Heart shaped diamond ring are both excellent choices. You can easily appreciate the full details of a Heart cut diamond at these carat weights.

When deciding between a 1 and 2 carat diamond, consider your style and budget. 2 carat diamond rings are best for those who prefer bigger diamonds that stand out and have a higher budget. 1 carat diamonds are better for those who prefer a more subtle ring or have a lower budget.

What Are The Best Settings For Heart Shaped Diamond Rings?

Heart shaped diamond rings are best highlighted by a Solitaire setting. Solitaire settings, including Halo settings, will enhance the complex silhouette and brilliance of this shape without overwhelming it.

Consider any of the following Solitaire settings to choose a Heart shaped diamond ring that best reflects you and this diamond shape.

Floating Solitaire Heart Shaped Ring

1. The Floating Solitaire

This timeless setting will lift and highlight your Heart cut diamond while the hidden halo enhances its brilliance. This setting is ideal for any style, including those who prefer a more classic ring.

The Signature Heart Ring

2. The Signature

The Signature is one of our most classic and enduring Solitaire settings. This setting sits low on your finger, perfectly drawing in light so that the brilliance and shape of your Heart cut diamond are best highlighted.

The Pave Dome Heart Ring

3. The Pave Dome

This elegant setting will complement the curves of a Heart cut diamond, adding shine that’s sure to stand out. The Pave Dome is available for both engagement and wedding rings, so you can perfectly match your Heart diamond rings.

Classic Hidden Halo Heart Ring

4. The Classic Hidden Halo

The Classic Hidden Halo creates a luminary effect thanks to an array of pavé set diamonds. Sleek, linear, and elegant, this setting pairs beautifully with a soft and romantic Heart cut diamond.

Signature Bezel Heart Engagement Ring

5. The Signature Bezel

Few settings magnify the heart shape quite like The Signature Bezel. This clean, modern setting securely hugs and outlines the curves of a Heart cut. For a more classic look, choose a gold band for your Heart diamond ring.

How To Buy Cut fo You Heart Shaped VRAI Created Diamonds

Book an appointment with our diamond experts to buy a VRAI created Heart cut diamond. Our Heart shaped diamonds are specifically cut and polished to suit you, as part of our Cut for You process. You can also choose from any of the existing Heart cut diamonds in our inventory if you prefer.

To buy a Cut for You VRAI created diamond, first select a rough diamond, grown in our zero-emission foundry. Our Master Diamond Cutters will then create an optimal cut plan using our professional diamond planning software. This ensures that the lab-grown diamond you’ve selected is optimal for creating a Heart cut diamond that aligns with your preferences. All VRAI created Heart shaped diamonds have an Excellent cut grade with VS+ grades.

As they prepare your diamond, you’ll receive a weekly email update so you’re always informed. Once your diamond is cut and polished to your liking, you can either buy it as a loose diamond or have it set into jewelry. Your final design will then be shipped to you.

How Do You Buy A Heart Diamond Ring?

You can easily buy a Heart shaped diamond ring online. If you’d like complimentary, personalized guidance in designing your engagement ring, book an appointment with a VRAI diamond expert.

To buy a VRAI created Heart cut diamond ring online, first select your engagement ring setting, metal color, and band style. Then choose a Heart shaped diamond, if available. Once your diamond ring is finished, it will be shipped to you.

Why Should You Choose A Lab-Grown Heart Shaped Diamond Ring?

When you choose a lab-grown Heart shaped diamond ring, you’re choosing a one-of-a-kind diamond that’s cut and polished specifically for you. VRAI Cut for You Heart shaped diamonds grown in our zero-emission foundry are created by Master craftspeople who are paid fair wages. That means you’re getting a beautiful diamond with no human or environmental toll, unlike mined diamonds.

Since we produce our lab-grown diamond rings with no middlemen markups, we can offer higher-quality diamonds at higher carat weights for less. Plus, your investment is always protected at VRAI with our Full Lifetime Warranty.

Speak With Our Diamond Experts About Heart Shaped Diamonds

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