His And Hers Wedding Bands: Finding The Perfect Pair

Kimberly Zerkel | September 1, 2022

Kimberly Zerkel | September 1, 2022

Wedding bands can be a way to express your personal style .When you choose “his and hers”wedding bands — another name for matching bands for any couple — you’re also expressing who you are as a couple.

There are many options that go beyond the traditional matching set. With different diamond shapes, widths, metal colors, and settings, the his and her wedding ring sets of today truly stand apart from those you’ve seen in the past.

Are you a classic or contemporary couple? Do you love lab-grown diamond accents or vintage-inspired style? Discover his and hers wedding bands featuring VRAI created diamonds that tell the world who you are together, then find the set that’s right for you and your future betrothed.

What Are His And Hers Wedding Bands?

His and hers wedding bands are most often matching bands that a couple exchanges during their wedding ceremony. The term “his and hers” was coined by the jewelry industry to describe these rings, but VRAI designs wedding bands for each and every couple. “Hers” or “his” or “theirs”... Define your love on your own terms!

His and hers wedding bands will often be similar in style or metal color. If they feature diamonds, they’ll often spotlight the same diamond shapes. These are more guidelines than rules, however. Because this is such a personal purchase, each couple should find the combination of rings that works best for them.

Do His And Hers Wedding Bands Always Match?

No, his and hers wedding bands do not always match. But often, even if they are different in style, they match in metal color. For example, if a bride has chosen a platinum Eternity Band as her wedding ring, the groom might choose a platinum Round Band to compliment it.

His and hers wedding bands can also match in style. A setting like the Flat Band comes in multiple widths, meaning the bride can select a thinner ring to sit flush with her engagement ring setting, while the groom can select a thicker style to wear solo. Couples can match their bands by diamond shape as well. If one has chosen a Baguette Bar Band, the other might choose the Brushed Baguette Band as a perfect pair.

Remember, mismatched his and hers wedding bands are not against the rules! Consider what style you personally want to wear and what works best for you as a couple when making this important purchase.

What Are Different Styles of His And Hers Wedding Bands?

When most think of his and hers wedding rings, they picture two solid gold bands with no embellishments. While this traditional style remains popular, there are many new styles to choose from. Consider the following different styles to find the matching pair that’s right for you.

Platinum Or Gold His And Hers Wedding Bands

Platinum and solid gold bands are timeless designs that are beloved by couples with more classic style. But that doesn’t mean that they have to be traditional. Choosing a modern Flat or Brushed Band, or a dramatic Signature V or Chevron is a way of adding flair to your matching set.

The Flat Band
The Chevron Band

The Brushed Round Band

Diamond His And Hers Wedding Bands

Perhaps one of the most sought after looks in his and hers wedding bands today is diamond accents. Delicate Infinity Bands, daring Eternity Bands, and sophisticated Devotion Bands are all examples of brilliant settings tailor-made for the diamond-loving couple.

The Eternity Band
The Devotion Band
The Infinity Band

Vintage-Inspired His And Hers Wedding Bands

Every wedding needs “something old, something new…” With vintage-inspired his and hers wedding bands, you can have both at once! Settings like the Tetrad Ring, Five Stone Band, and Baguette Bar Band harken back to romantic styles from the past. But with diamonds sustainably grown in our zero-emission foundry, they’re true to the future as well.

The Five Stone Band
The Baguette Bar Band
The Tetrad Ring

Unique His And Hers Wedding Bands

For couples looking for a non-traditional set of rings to exchange, there are unique styles that pair with their thoughtfully-curated look. The Alternating Shapes Band is ideal for those wanting a playful mix of diamond shapes. The Single Shared Prong Band has a diamond-studded silhouette that stands apart. And the Brushed Baguette Band adds the perfect amount of sleek style to a thoroughly modern ring.

The Alternating Shapes Band
The Brushed Baguette Band
The Single Shared Prong Band

How To Buy His And Hers Wedding Bands

One of the best ways to buy his and hers wedding bands is to book an appointment with our diamond experts, either virtually or in-store. They’ll be able to offer you personalized guidance through our wedding ring collection, help you find the perfect fit, and ensure that the wedding bands align perfectly with your engagement ring.

You may also browse couples rings online. When you’ve found the style that’s perfect for both you, be sure to measure your ring size to ensure a perfect fit from the start. If you do decide to make this purchase on your own without a diamond expert, have no fear! Our wedding bands come with a lifetime care package that includes lifetime warranty and resizing up to one full ring size.

How To Create His And Hers Wedding Bands

Book a virtual or in-store appointment with our diamond experts to begin the custom ring design process. Tell them your ideas for custom his and hers wedding bands and they’ll help you understand which designs are possible.

Whether it’s featuring a unique diamond shape or adding pavé details to a design, most custom his and hers wedding bands are a twist on existing designs. Speak with the experts first to see if your dream design can be brought to life, and then allow them to guide you through the white-glove design process.

Speak With Our Diamond Experts

Exploring his and hers wedding bands online is a wonderful way to discover the styles meant for you. But take the next step towards saying “I do,” by speaking with our diamond experts. You’ll receive $50 towards your wedding band after your personalized consultation, and a matching set of rings that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

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