How To Clean A Diamond Ring

VRAI | January 25, 2022

An engagement ring is often considered one of the most precious pieces of jewelry that you’ll ever own, along with your wedding band or a family heirloom. Therefore, most people want to wear their ring every single day.

Engagement rings and wedding bands should be crafted using only the highest quality materials so that they can be worn on a daily basis and last a lifetime. But daily wear means that both your ring’s band and diamond will accumulate layers of oil and dirt. A bacteria-covered engagement ring may cause potential discoloration of the metal should it go uncleaned.

The best way to enjoy your engagement ring featuring VRAI created diamonds today while preserving it for a lifetime is a regular cleaning. Read on to discover the best tips for keeping your lab-grown diamond engagement ring clean and shining bright.

How Often Should You Clean A Diamond Ring?

You should give your diamond engagement ring a light cleaning once a week. This is especially recommended to those who work regularly with their hands. For example, if you regularly cook or garden, dirt and oil will regularly build up on your ring.

But makeup, lotion, hairspray, and bacteria from your computer and smartphone can also make their way onto your setting. So a cleaning every week or every other week is not out of the question, even for those not performing regular manual tasks.

Every VRAI engagement ring purchase comes with a Lifetime Care Package that includes complimentary annual cleaning. Begin the process by emailing, or by corresponding with the VRAI diamond expert who helped you make the purchase.

Prongs holding in stones, both big and small, should be checked a minimum of once annually to ensure everything is safe and secure. It is also recommended to re-polish your engagement ring once every 3-5 years. Be sure to have all prongs checked and stones tightened after each polishing.

How Do You Clean A Diamond Ring To Make It Sparkle?

A weekly cleaning of your engagement ring, plus an annual professional clean is sufficient to make your diamond ring “sparkle.” The sparkle, of course, relates to a diamond’s fire and brilliance.

Beware of information that says the contrary. Bloggers and influencers have, in the past, advised their followers to use baking soda, toothpaste, or even ketchup to bring out a diamond’s shine.

Make no mistake — many of these “methods” are far too abrasive and would likely cause more harm than good. Stick to gentle methods for home cleaning and contact a professional should your diamond continue to appear dull.

How Do You Clean A Ring At Home?

The best way to clean your ring at home is with a light wash. You can also use a medium wash on a necessary basis.

Light wash Ingredients: 1 tsp of dishwashing soap, 1 cup of warm water, bowl or shallow dish Steps: Mix dish soap into a cup of warm water until fully dissolved. Dip your jewelry in the solution and use a soft cloth (or soft bristle toothbrush) to gently scrub clean. Rinse with clean water and let dry on a clean, soft cloth.

Please be careful to not use any soap that contains beads or exfoliants. And also be careful to not rinse your ring over an open drain in a sink, should it slip out of your hands and fall.

Medium wash

Ingredients: 3 drops of lemon essential oil, ½ cup of witch hazel or white vinegar, small bowl or shallow dish Steps: Mix the essential oil drops with witch hazel or vinegar in a small bowl. Add jewelry and soak for approximately 5 minutes. If needed, wipe with a soft cloth to loosen the dirt. Rinse with water and dry on a clean, soft cloth.

How Do You Clean a Yellow or Rose Gold Ring?

Clean your solid yellow or rose gold ring on a weekly basis with the light wash described above. If you have gone several weeks or months without cleaning your ring, you can also use the medium wash method.

How Do You Clean A Platinum Diamond Ring?

A weekly light wash, or the occasional medium wash if necessary, is all that is needed to clean a platinum diamond ring. Avoid using any abrasive scrubs or bleaches to clean platinum as they will likely damage the setting.

If you are wanting a more thorough cleaning, send your platinum diamond ring to professionals.

How Do You Get Your Ring Professionally Cleaned

One professional method is to clean a ring with an ultrasonic machine. This machine works by sending sound waves through a cleaning solution to remove serious dirt and grime.

It is not recommended to use an ultrasonic cleaner at home. Professionals can check to make sure that all prongs have been tightened and that all diamonds are secure, particularly in a pavé or Halo setting, before cleaning. Without this, the ultrasonic vibrations might knock unsecured diamonds loose.

How Do You Clean A White Gold Diamond Ring?

The light wash as described above is perfect for weekly maintenance of your white gold diamond ring. However, white gold should be replated every 1 to 2 years, or when necessary. The rhodium in the white gold will start to react to regular friction or to your body’s chemistry. After time, the yellow in the gold will start to appear. White gold replating, or re-dipping, is part of VRAI’s Lifetime Care Package.

What Is The Best Engagement Ring Cleaner?

The best engagement ring cleaner is a mild dish soap diluted in water. You may also use shampoo or body wash diluted in water, but be sure to use one without added moisturizer. If you’re unsure, go for one that is transparent, not creamy or opaque.

Never use household cleaning products such as bleach, chlorine, or acetone. And never use a powdered cleaner. These could permanently damage and discolor your engagement ring.

How Do You Care For A Diamond Ring?

Caring for a diamond ring goes beyond just keeping it clean. Securing diamonds through retightening of prongs is important, as is polishing. But one of the most important steps you can take to protect this precious investment is to remove it at specific times when it might be damaged or lost.

When Should I Remove My Engagement Ring?

There are several occasions when you should remove your engagement ring. And there are two questions you should ask yourself when deciding. Will you be in contact with an abrasive substance? And if your ring slipped off, would it be difficult to retrieve it? If the answer to both is yes, remove your engagement ring. Read on for specific examples and other engagement ring “dos” and “don’ts.

Engagement Ring Dos and Don’ts

Here is a quick list of frequently asked questions on the do's and don'ts of wearing your engagement ring.

Can I Sleep With My Engagement Ring On?

Yes, you can sleep with your engagement ring on, but it is inadvisable.You might scratch yourself or your partner or your fingers might swell during sleep, causing discomfort.

Can I Shower With My Engagement Ring on?

No, you should remove your ring before showering. Depending on your soap, shampoo, and conditioner of preference, there might be exfoliating beads or moisturizers that would damage or dirty your ring. If your drain is not covered, you also risk the ring slipping off your finger and falling down the drain. Even if your drain is covered, you risk the ring slipping off and becoming scratched, or knocking a small diamond loose.

Can I Use Hand Sanitizer While Wearing My Ring?

No, you should remove your ring when applying hand sanitizer. The high alcohol concentration in sanitizer can dull both the metal setting and the diamond. Remove your ring and wait for your hands to fully dry before putting it back on.

Can I Wash My Hands While Wearing My Ring?

Yes, but on two conditions. One, that you use a mild soap without added moisturizers or exfoliant beads that can damage the ring. And two, that you do not wash in a sink with an open drain where you could lose the ring if it slipped off.

Can I Exercise While Wearing My Ring?

Yes, you can wear your ring while exercising. Sweating won’t impact your jewelry but it does expose it to your body’s natural oils. So be sure to clean it weekly to fight the oil build up. Consider removing your ring if you are handling heavy equipment, like dumbbells, or practicing yoga, pilates, or any other exercise that will put pressure on your hands.

Can I Swim While Wearing My Ring?

No, you should remove your ring while you swim. Harsh chemicals can break down the molecular structure of gold so make sure to take off your jewelry before entering the pool or hot tub.

If you are swimming in a lake or the ocean, you should also remove your ring. This is a prime example of a place where it would be extremely difficult to retrieve the ring should it fall off.

Where Should I Store My Ring?

You should store your ring in its ring box or on a small dish. Be careful to not pile lots of other pieces of jewelry on top of it, as this might scratch it. And, like with your smartphone or keys, it’s always good to store your ring in the same place to easily retrieve it later.

Try to store your ring away from intense heat, ideally at a comfortable room temperature.

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