Princess Cut Engagement Rings and Wedding Band: Find Your Perfect Pair

Angelica Frey | May 17, 2023

Angelica Frey | May 17, 2023

A Princess cut diamond is a modern, yet timeless cut whose square shape and intricate faceting creates unique brilliance and fire. Matching a wedding ring with a princess cut engagement ring takes into account both the versatility of this diamond shape and the need to let it take the spotlight.

Whether you have a Princess cut solitaire, a three-stone ring, or one of the more metalwork-centric styles, this guide can help you choose the perfect wedding band. Book an appointment with our experts for a more detailed presentation of the styles and settings.

What is a Princess Cut Engagement Ring?

A Princess Cut engagement ring is an engagement ring featuring a Princess Cut diamond as the center stone. The Princess Cut is one of the newest diamond shapes. The name “Princess” was first used in the 1960s, but the cut reached its current look in 1980. When viewed from above, the Princess shape is a square. When viewed from the side, it is similar to that of an inverted pyramid with four beveled sides. In addition, from above, the facets appear to have an X shaped pattern.

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How Do I Pair a Princess Cut Engagement Ring with a Wedding Band?

Princess cuts work well with lots of wedding bands. Their brilliance, clean geometry, and square shape make it the ideal complement to a variety of wedding bands. Grace Taylor, VRAI’s Chief of Sales and Customer Experience, suggests pairing them with bands accented with round diamonds, as they match the brilliance. In addition, you can also choose to set your Princess cut diamond in a Kite setting, where the prongs and corners are arranged in the North, South, East, and West position.

Wedding Rings for Solitaire Princess Cut Engagement Rings: Top 3 Styles

There is no better way to highlight a Solitaire featuring a Princess cut diamond than with a subtly ornate wedding band. An Alternating Shapes band with its combination of step-cut Baguette and Round diamonds, will add some detailing and texture to your wedding set. A Devotion band, known for having a channel-set band with either Round or Baguette diamonds, combines structure and ornamentation.

The Alternating Shapes
The Signature
The Devotion

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Three-Stone Princess Cut Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands: Top 3 Styles

A three-stone Princess Cut engagement ring with Trillion side stones has enough finger coverage to be able to pair well with an Eternity band without it being outshined. If you like the Eternity band style but want something sleeker, however, Infinity band or a half pavé band will work just as well.

The Eternity Band
The Signature

The Three Stone Princess

The Infinity Band

Top 3 Best Wedding Bands for Bold Princess cut Engagement Rings

When your Princess cut ring has a setting with an emphasis on metalwork, such as our Curator, our Five-Stone Heirloom engagement ring, or even our Graduated Ring, you will want a substantial wedding band, regardless of how sleek or ornate it is. In the case of plain bands, plain does not mean demure, as the luster of 18k gold and platinum will complement the intricate brilliance of the center diamond and the sophisticated metalwork of a bold setting. An Inlay band combines a domed band with the brilliance of one 0.1 carat diamond. A Curator band balances symmetry and substance. On the other hand, an Eternity Band with Princess cut diamonds exponentially elevates your Princess cut engagement ring.

The Inlay Band
The Curator
The Eternity Princess

Mixing Metals

Whether or not you want to mix metals with your Princess cut engagement ring and matching wedding band is completely up to you. While using the same metals conjures a very harmonious look, the truth is that combining different colors of gold creates a timeless, yet unexpected pairing. Yellow gold and white gold and yellow gold and rose gold are all great pairings.

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