How to Style Platinum Engagement Rings: Top Tips for Choosing & Buying Platinum

Alicia Briggs | November 22, 2023

Few metal choices are as luminous and radiant as platinum. A platinum engagement ring spotlights a brilliant, white lab-grown diamond unlike any other. But, is platinum the right choice for you? If you’re considering buying a platinum ring, then you’ve come to the right place.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about platinum, including how to choose and style the best platinum engagement ring with VRAI created diamonds.

Is Platinum a Good Choice for an Engagement Ring?

Platinum is an excellent choice for an engagement ring. Platinum is consistently chosen for its decadent yet sleek appearance, undeniable luster, and timelessness. This versatile metal pairs well with any setting and diamond shape.

Platinum Engagement Rings Pros and Cons

Consider the pros and cons of platinum engagement rings before buying.


Below are the primary benefits of choosing a platinum engagement ring.

Luxurious Sheen

The bright white luster of platinum is undeniable and incomparable.


Platinum is the most precious metal for engagement rings. It’s also the purest.


Platinum is a dense metal that is highly durable. It’s resistant to wear and damage over time.


Platinum is hypoallergenic and ideal for sensitive skin. Even if you’re allergic to most jewelry, platinum shouldn’t irritate your skin.


Due to platinum's durability, it’s an incredibly secure choice for a ring setting. If your engagement ring has pavé set diamonds or delicate detailing, platinum is an excellent choice.


There are a few disadvantages of Platinum engagement rings to consider.

More Expensive

Platinum is the most expensive metal choice for an engagement ring.

Shows Diamond Color

You need to prioritize higher color grades for platinum rings. Due to platinum’s bright white appearance, if your center diamond has any hints of color, it may look yellowish in comparison to this ultra-white metal.

Requires Regular Cleaning

Platinum can easily appear dull when worn daily. Regular polishing and cleaning are necessary to maintain its shine.

Not Ideal for Warmer Skin Tones

Platinum looks best on cooler skin tones. It may not be the most flattering choice for warmer complexions.

Why You Should Buy a Platinum Engagement Ring

There are four primary reasons to choose platinum when buying an engagement ring.

You should buy a platinum engagement ring if:

  • You have sensitive skin
  • You need the most durable ring
  • You love the look of platinum
  • Your center diamond has a D-H color grade

How to Style a Platinum Engagement Ring

Consider the following tips when selecting your ring style and details.

Choose Colorless or Near Colorless Diamonds

Platinum looks best with colorless or near colorless diamonds. Lower color grade diamonds can appear slightly yellow next to platinum’s bright white color.

Showcase Shine With Diamonds

Platinum’s lustrous sheen is what makes this metal so popular. Choose a pavé set band or multi-diamond design to enhance the brilliance and beauty of your platinum ring.

Select Matching Color Grades

If you’re choosing multiple diamonds, make sure that they all have similar color grades. A platinum band will make any color discrepancies visible. If the color grades don’t match, your ring won’t have a cohesive color and shine.

Create Contrast With Gold

Platinum and gold jewelry contrast beautifully. Wear your platinum ring with yellow or rose gold jewelry for a bright and vibrant look. If you can’t decide between gold and platinum for your ring, you can combine both metals with our popular Two-Tone setting.

Get Your Ring Sized

To maintain platinum’s lustrous shine, make sure your ring is properly sized. Wearing the correct ring size prevents your ring from sliding around, causing unnecessary wear and friction.

Prioritize Shapes That Hide Color

If you’re on a tighter budget, save on the total cost by choosing diamond shapes that hide color well, such as Round Brilliant cut diamonds.

What Not to Do With Platinum Rings

When wearing platinum rings, avoid stacking your platinum band with a gold band. Platinum is stronger than gold, so it can scratch your gold jewelry if the two metals rub against each other.

While platinum looks beautiful when paired with yellow or rose gold, if you’re stacking rings with two different metals, make sure there is a buffer between them.

Best Platinum Engagement Ring Settings

Platinum is a truly versatile metal choice. Any engagement ring setting will stun with a platinum band. If you love how the ring setting looks, then it’s the best setting for you.

For inspiration, consider the following top settings and styles for platinum engagement rings.

Solitaire Platinum Engagement Rings

There’s a reason Solitaire engagement rings are the most popular ring setting. Solitaire settings are incredibly versatile, timeless, and can be suited to any style. That’s why they pair so well with a platinum band.

two engagement rings next to a ring sizer and package
two engagement rings next to a ring sizer and package

Get your complimentary ring sizer!

Measure your ring size for the perfect fit right from the start.

Modern Platinum Engagement Rings

Platinum has a sleek, clean look that wearers with modern tastes love. Contemporary, modern settings with refined silhouettes, and linear diamond shapes, are enhanced by platinum.

Vintage Platinum Engagement Rings

Vintage-inspired engagement ring settings with delicate detailing, pavé set bands, and fancy-shaped diamonds shine with a historic and timeless platinum band. Platinum adds extra brilliance and an ethereal glow to these heirloom-inspired designs.

Platinum Engagement Rings FAQs

If you still have questions about platinum engagement rings, consider the following, or book a complimentary appointment with a VRAI diamond expert.

Are Platinum Engagement Rings Worth It?

If you love how platinum engagement rings look, and you’re not on a tight budget, then platinum engagement rings are worth buying. Platinum engagement rings are luxurious, elegant, durable, and valuable.

Are Platinum Engagement Rings Popular?

Platinum is one of the most popular and enduring metal choices for an engagement ring.

Should an Engagement Ring Be Gold or Platinum?

Platinum and yellow gold are the top two choices for engagement rings, followed by white gold and then rose gold. Your engagement ring should be whichever metal you prefer - whether that’s platinum or gold. Platinum is stronger than gold, but gold and platinum are both durable metals.

If you have a D-H color diamond, and you prefer a white band, then Platinum or white gold is perfect for your engagement ring. Platinum is more expensive, however, so if you’re on a tighter budget, white gold will be more affordable. But, white gold requires more maintenance than platinum. If your budget allows, opt for platinum.

If you prefer the look of yellow or rose gold, or if you have a center diamond with a lower color grade, then platinum is probably not the better choice for you.

Lastly, if your skin is sensitive, then a hypoallergenic platinum engagement ring may be better than gold.

Are Platinum Engagement Rings More Expensive?

Platinum is the purest, most precious metal commonly used for engagement rings. Therefore, platinum engagement rings are more expensive. Platinum isn’t significantly more expensive than other metals, however.

For example, The Signature ring with a plain platinum band starts at $1,250. The same ring with an 18k yellow or white gold band starts at $1,050.

Can I Wear a Platinum Ring Every Day?

You can wear a platinum ring every day. However, it’s best to remove your platinum ring before doing strenuous work, before exercising, or before any situation that could cause the ring to get wet or lost.

Does a Platinum Ring Turn Yellow?

Your platinum ring should never turn yellow. If your platinum ring appears dull, looks scratched, or is slightly changing color, it’s called platinum patina. This happens to platinum rings that are worn often and not properly cleaned or polished.

Some people prefer the worn look of platinum patina, but you can easily remove it by cleaning or polishing your ring. You can also get your platinum ring professionally cleaned. All VRAI platinum engagement rings come with a professional annual cleaning.

Can I Shower With My Platinum Ring?

We don’t recommend showering with a platinum diamond ring, or any fine jewelry. Water can cause your engagement ring to develop a film that impacts its luster and brilliance.

Accidents do happen, however, so don’t panic if you shower with your platinum ring on. Simply clean your diamond ring, and properly dry it after your shower.

Discover Platinum Engagement Rings with Lab-Grown Diamonds

Shop all timeless yet modern platinum engagement rings featuring lab-created diamonds. Through expert craftsmanship and creativity, our sophisticated platinum settings perfectly highlight the beauty and brilliance of your center diamond.

Our lab-grown diamonds are grown in the world’s first zero-emission foundry. We make it possible to buy a quality, certified diamond platinum ring that you can cherish for life, without sacrificing your values.

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virtual appointment with diamond expert meeting with potential customers over a call on a computer

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Speak with our diamond experts and enjoy:

  • Personalized guidance to select your ring
  • In-depth diamond 4C education
  • Exclusive in-store fittings or virtual try-ons
  • Custom design options