Our Guide to Holiday Jewelry For Everyone On Your List

VRAI | October 26, 2021

VRAI | October 26, 2021

Our guide to holiday jewelry for everyone on your list showcases the perfect presents for all in your chosen family. Whether they are a close friend, colleague, or loved one, show them your appreciation with gifts of gratitude featuring VRAI created diamonds. This curated list highlights the designs that pair best with an individual’s personality or favorite activities. It also gives you hints on what to give someone just starting their fine jewelry collection, or what to offer the person who has it all. Explore the full guide and get ready to spread joy to all this holiday season.

Jewelry gifts for someone starting their collection

Offer someone special their first diamonds and set the standard for their collection to feature diamonds from our zero-emission foundry, free from human and environmental toll. These selections will be cherished for years to come.

Solitaire Pendant
Solitaire Pendant

Refined to the core, our collection of Solitaire Pendants are timeless staples. Personalize with your favorite diamond shape and 14k recycled solid yellow, white, or rose gold.

Solitaire Studs
Solitaire Studs

Designed to create an elegant silhouette, VRAI Solitaire Studs are a modern interpretation of a timeless style. Select your prefered diamond shape, carat weight, and metal color to complete the look.

Diamond Bezel Rings
Diamond Bezel Rings

Our Diamond Bezel Ring is the perfect balance of structure and clarity.The knife-edge bezel setting in 14k yellow or white gold highlights one of four diamond shapes to perfection.

Jewelry gifts for people who have everything

For the fine jewelry connoisseurs in your life — and we hope there are many! — here are the stunning pieces to add to their robust collection. Although timeless, each selection slightly differs from the norm and can be worn in tandem with other fine jewelry.

Unity Ear Arc

Unifying seven exquisitely cut VRAI created diamond shapes into a statement-making ear arc with 14k solid gold, our Unity Ear Arc is a signal to the world of your capacity to collaborate. We love this look worn solo or paired with your favorite stud.

Iconic Shapes Necklaces

Featuring daring diamond shapes, the Iconic Shapes collection brings you the most curated selection of VRAI created diamonds. For the individual who already owns pendants with more classical diamond shapes, these necklaces let them discover cuts and facets off the beaten path.

The Contract Ring

Our Contract Ring’s 14k yellow gold band with an inscription and two half-moon VRAI created diamonds underlines the importance behind life’s greatest moments. This alluring design will delight and surprise the person who loves solo or stacking rings.

Jewelry gifts for new parents

Traditionally offered to women who have just given birth, jewelry gifts for new parents are often described as push presents or push gifts. But these selections are here to celebrate every parent who has recently welcomed a child into their life this holiday season.

Solitaire Drop Ear Jackets

This design is crafted to complement our VRAI Solitaire Studs, but will fit nicely with any other stud that features a 0.88mm diameter (or smaller) earring post. A subtle yet statement-making addition, the VRAI Solitaire Drop Ear Jacket is a wonderful addition to your jewelry collection as you add to your family.

Bezel Essentials

Lightweight and effortless, our Bezel essentials are perfect for everyday wear. Consider wearing these necklaces and bracelets on their own or stacking them with your favorites.

Tetrad Rings

Celebrate each light of your life with our Tetrad ring. The four diamonds sustainably created in our zero-emission foundry are perfectly aligned in their recycled solid gold setting.

Jewelry gifts for artists

Whether for a child currently enrolled in art school or for a significant other with an artistic flair, these curated gifts are tailor-made for those with an eye for aesthetics. Each stunning and inspired design is sure to fit their style and spark their creativity.

Mixed Cuff Ring

Embodying the unrivaled beauty and brilliance in dichotomy, our Mixed Cuff Ring pairs two unique sustainably created diamond shapes together in perfect harmony. With five different diamond combinations, your favorite artist can choose a personalized look to reflect their style.

Inner Spirit Medallion

Spark their innate courage and power with our Inner Spirit Medallion necklace, where 14k gold rays emanate from a sustainably created baguette diamond. This necklace is symbolic of the beauty of self-expression.

Ear Arcs

This striking design features a stack of baguette shaped VRAI created diamonds that captivate attention as they follow the natural curve of your ear. Symmetrical lines and sleek edges are softened in arc form, resulting in an unforgettable look.

Sentimental jewelry gifts

The memories and emotions associated with your special bond are commemorated in these fine jewelry selections. For the person on your list who prefers all that is thoughtful and personal, these items are the perfect way to show your love.

The Inner Fire Medallion

Passion and a capacity for greatness are embodied in our Inner Fire Medallion Necklace, where 14K gold rays emanate from a sustainably created trillion diamond. Offer this to the loved one who radiates their passion and light.

Eternity Bands

Honor your eternal union with a wedding band designed to shine for a lifetime. The Eternity Band is also a perfect addition to anyone’s ring collection and can be worn as a symbol of all forms of love and devotion.

Connected Earrings

A VRAI created, lozenge cut diamond acts as a shining beacon while the 14k gold chain hoop reminds you to stay grounded and connected with those who uplift you. A wonderful gift to celebrate your bond with someone whether they are near or far.

Jewelry gifts for athletes

From those out playing on the field or court to those who simply love to stay active, adding VRAI created diamonds to their look is never out of the question. Here are the light, effortlessly elegant pieces that will have them shining after every win.

The Strength Necklace

The Strength Necklace is designed to empower. Suspended above the heart with 14K solid gold, this necklace produces a look and feel of power and protection as your athlete faces whatever challenges that come their way.

Iconic Shapes Studs

The inventive prong positioning of our Iconic Shapes studs brings the distinctive details of each shape into the forefront. Crafted with minimal gold, the result is both light and spectacularly brilliant.

Diamond Bezel Station Bracelets

Perfect shine, all the time. The Diamond Bezel Station Bracelet features three diamonds in your favorite shapes resting atop a 14k solid gold chain in this lightweight and effortless design that they can wear all day,

Jewelry gifts for travelers

There are those on your list who love to get away from it all, even if that means traveling to the town next door. Here is the fine jewelry that is light enough to easily pack and store and versatile enough to adapt to every situation.

The Compass Ring

With a compass inscription as their guide, our VRAI created lozenge cut diamond set in 14k gold moves them toward their aspirations. The Compass Ring is a wonderfully symbolic gift for your favorite world traveler.

Diamond Bezel Station Necklaces

The Diamond Bezel Station Necklace is light-weight, easy to pack when you’re on the go, and ideal for adding to your every look. With its 14k solid gold chain and array of VRAI created diamonds, it adds the right amount of shine as you proceed on your journey.

Lapel pin

Perfectly polished, our Lapel pin is the ideal finishing touch to a sophisticated look wherever you may find yourself. The 14k yellow or white gold pin features two trillion-shaped VRAI created diamonds highlighted in a subtle gold rim and adds effortless elegance on the go.

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