Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry: Your Buying Guide

Kimberly Zerkel | August 29, 2022

Kimberly Zerkel | August 29, 2022

When you choose lab-grown diamond jewelry instead of “natural” or mined diamonds, you are telling the world that your values matter as much to you as your style. From necklaces to earrings to bracelets to rings, you can indulge in every design featuring a VRAI created diamond, knowing it was made without human or environmental toll.

By converting greenhouse gas into diamonds created in our zero-emission foundry, we are championing both sustainability and innovation. And by designing fine jewelry based on quality and timeless style, there are looks for any and everyone that are sure to be loved for a lifetime.

What Does Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry Mean?

Lab-grown diamond jewelry features diamonds that are man-made above ground in a laboratory setting. Lab-grown diamonds are anatomically identical to mined diamonds; the only difference between the two is point of origin.

Lab-created diamonds share an identical growing process to mined diamonds, but are free from human and environmental toll. They form first as carbon atoms under high temperature and immense pressure, then bond together to grow a crystalline lattice structure. When fully formed, they are cut and polished to reveal maximum brilliance. Like mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds come in a variety of color and clarity grades. But their origin and impact are guaranteed.

What Are Different Styles Of Lab Diamond Jewelry?

Sustainable lab diamond jewelry is often designed to be timeless, not trendy, and last for a lifetime. That being said, there are many different styles to choose from. From classic and traditional to modern and bold, there’s a VRAI design for everyone. Read on to discover the different styles of lab diamond jewelry you can incorporate into your look.

Classic Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry

Classic or traditional lab-grown diamond jewelry is designed to be cherished for a lifetime and passed down to future generations. That’s because these looks never go out of style and bridge the gap between age groups, trends, and more. Solitaire studs and necklaces, tennis bracelets, and stackable platinum or solid gold bands are all examples of classic lab-grown diamond jewelry.

Solitaire Necklace
Tennis Bracelet
Baguette Bar Band

Modern Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry

Lab-grown diamonds are already undeniably modern and innovative. When paired with a more modern design, these styles become future classics. Modern or contemporary jewelry usually features clean, straight lines, combinations of multiple diamond shapes, or intriguing details that set them apart. Ear climbers, mixed shape bracelets, or medallions are all examples of modern lab-grown diamond jewelry.

Mixed Shape Bracelet
Ear Climber
Intentions Medallion

Vintage-Inspired Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry

There are certain styles of fine jewelry that immediately harken back to a specific era. From heirloom-like pieces to Art Deco classics, vintage-inspired lab-grown diamond jewelry recreates historic silhouettes with a slightly modern twist. Bezel solitaire jewelry, Tetrad or Five Stone rings, or diamond solitaire halo pendants are wonderful examples of vintage-inspired lab-grown diamond jewelry.

Bezel Solitaire Studs
Five Stone Band
Halo Pendant

Unique Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry

Whether you’re a diamond lover looking to expand your collection or only choose curated, avant-garde styles, there are unique lab-grown diamond jewelry designs meant just for you. Unique styles usually indicate a non-traditional design, a dramatic setting, or a cluster of diamond shapes that aren’t regularly seen together. All-diamond chokers, bypass or mixed cuff rings, or drop earrings are just some of the unique lab-grown diamond jewelry looks you can search for.

Illuminate Choker
Mixed Drop Earrings
Trellis Ring

Lab-Created Diamond Jewelry: What You Need To Know

When it comes to lab-created diamond jewelry, it’s perfectly normal to have questions. For those who have only traditionally bought mined diamonds, they may want to know if the quality of their lab-grown is the same (and it is!). For those who want to make sure that their lab-grown diamonds are being sustainably created, they want to know what sets VRAI apart (keep reading!).

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about lab-grown diamond jewelry.

Is There Custom Lab-Made Diamond Jewelry?

Yes, you can bring your own designs to life through a custom lab-made diamond jewelry process. Book an appointment with VRAI’s diamond experts and discuss your custom design ideas with them. They can confirm whether your inspiration can be transformed into a bespoke VRAI piece.

Most custom lab-made diamond jewelry is inspired by existing designs. Whether you’re looking to introduce a different diamond shape or combining metal colors or styles for a completely new look, speak with the diamond experts who can offer you personalized guidance.

Do Jewelry Stores Sell Lab-Created Diamond Jewelry?

A growing number of jewelry stores and brands are now offering lab-created diamonds to appeal to a growing number of sustainably-minded consumers. But not all lab-created diamond jewelry is the same. Even though jewelry brands will offer lab-grown diamonds free from the human toll of mining, their environmental impact can be just as harmful as a traditional mine.

Consumers must pay attention to how lab-grown diamonds are made. If fossil fuels are being used to create a lab diamond, they cannot be labeled as sustainable or environmentally-friendly. Lab-grown VRAI created diamonds take this into account, which is why VRAI created diamonds are grown in a hydropowered, zero-emission foundry.

What Sets VRAI Created Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry Apart?

Fine jewelry with VRAI created diamonds is the only jewelry featuring truly sustainable diamonds with guaranteed origin. That’s because VRAI’s lab-grown diamonds go a step further than other lab-created diamond jewelry brands.

VRAI created diamonds are made from converted greenhouse gas and are sustainably created in a zero-emission foundry in the American Pacific Northwest. These diamonds are polished by international craftspeople to exacting standards, then set in fine jewelry designs featuring recycled gold (never plated, filled, or vermeil).

Shop Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry Styles

“VRAI creates rule-breaking jewelry designs that are an expression of personal values and originality,” says Mona Akhavi, President of VRAI. So it’s time to find the lab-grown diamond jewelry styles that are true to your values and personal style today. Explore all designs for a look that’s true to you and true to the future.

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