The 10 Most Romantic Valentine's Day Proposal Ideas

Alicia Briggs | December 27, 2023

There’s no better way to say ‘I love you,’ than with an engagement ring on Valentine’s Day. If you’re wondering how to propose on February 14th, read on to discover the best Valentine’s Day proposal ideas.

We’ve also included expert advice on buying the perfect engagement ring featuring VRAI created diamonds to complete your proposal.

Is It Good to Get Engaged on Valentine’s Day?

Yes, Valentine’s Day is a great day to get engaged — it’s the day of love after all! If you want to propose on Valentine’s Day, you’re in good company. It’s the most romantic and popular day of the year for proposals.

Valentine’s Day may not be the best day to propose for you if you want a completely unexpected proposal, or your loved one isn’t a big fan of the holiday.

How Can I Propose on Valentine’s Day?

There are endless options for how to propose on Valentine’s Day, from simple to extravagant. The best way to propose on Valentine's Day ultimately depends on your relationship. Consider what your partner will love and find meaningful.

For example, if they aren’t a fan of crowds or public attention, an intimate engagement will be better than a public display of affection. If they are creative and bold, think outside the box for unforgettable proposal ideas.

The 14 Most Romantic Valentine's Day Proposal Ideas

Here are fourteen Valentine’s Day proposal ideas to help you plan the perfect holiday proposal:

1.Propose at Sunrise

Most Valentine’s Day marriage proposals take place in the evening. Proposing at sunrise offers a more unique and romantic alternative for early risers. Wake your sweetheart up at dawn with a ring, take them on a sunrise hike, or go big with a sunrise hot air balloon experience.

As long as it’s you, them, and the sunrise, your proposal will be a spectacular way to start the day and your next chapter.

2.Propose With a Surprise Trip to the Jewelers

If your loved one prefers to pick out their ring but still loves surprises, propose by taking them to the jeweler. Schedule a lunch date or a spontaneous shopping trip, then lead them to the jewelers instead to pop the question.

You can pick out your engagement ring together and celebrate in a truly romantic setting. Many jewelers also offer the option to rent out the showroom for a private, intimate shopping experience and proposal.

3.Propose by Recreating Your First Date

One of the most romantic ways to propose on Valentine's Day is by recreating your first date and ending the date with a proposal. If fully recreating your date isn’t possible, use the details as inspiration to plan a Valentine’s engagement that still pays homage to that special day.

4.Propose With a Special Flower Delivery

For the ultimate “Be My Valentine” proposal, schedule a special flower delivery complete with a ring. For a romantic public proposal, send several flower deliveries (perhaps fourteen for February 14th) to your loved one's office. Bring the last flower delivery yourself and get down on one knee.

For a private proposal with flowers, send them to their home. When they return, be there to greet them with a ring, surrounded by their favorite floral arrangements.

5.Propose With a Spa Day

If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day engagement ideas that center around an activity, why not book a couples spa day to spend some quality time together? Enjoy a relaxing and leisurely day of pampering, then say “I do” from the comfort of your bathrobes.

6.Propose at a Meaningful Location

If you’re trying to think of thoughtful Valentine's proposal ideas, draw inspiration from your relationship. Think of places or activities that are particularly meaningful for you two.

Maybe you said “I love you” for the first time while walking along the river. Maybe you met while browsing the shelves of a local bookstore, or had your first kiss while sharing tiramisu at that little cafe across town.

Paying homage to the places that have created cherished, milestone moments in your relationship journey may just make the best proposal for Valentine’s Day.

7.Propose With Chocolate

For a classic Valentine’s proposal for your girlfriend, boyfriend, or special someone, you can never go wrong with chocolate. You can use chocolate to spell out “Marry Me,” place the engagement ring inside a box of chocolates, or get creative and leave a chocolate trail that leads to you. The options are endless (and tasty!) when you propose with chocolate.

8.Propose With a Treasure Hunt

If your loved one appreciates creativity and romance, one of the best Valentine’s proposals is a treasure hunt. To honor your relationship and your partner, choose clues that lead to places you both love or special moments that you’ve shared.

To make a surprise treasure hunt, you can enlist the help of friends and family. Have them send your loved one on a treasure hunt that ends with you.

9.Propose Over a Special Meal

If you’re both foodies, then getting engaged over a special meal should be a top proposal idea for Valentine’s Day. You can share a fine dining experience, hire a private chef, take a cooking class or food tour, or simply enjoy an intimate home-cooked meal.

10.Propose on a Romantic Getaway

For Valentine's Day marriage proposal ideas that are bold, romantic, and luxurious, few things compare to a getaway. If you two love to travel, plan a vacation your loved one will adore and propose in a unique setting.

By the fire at the lodge after a day of skiing, on a boat in the Caribbean at sunset, or while on a hike in the mountains are just a few romantic proposal locales. When you’re on vacation, even a lowkey dinner is made special and proposal-worthy.

11.Propose From Above

For adventure lovers and thrill seekers, a bird's eye view may be the best place to propose. Book a hot air balloon, a helicopter ride, or even a Ferris wheel ride. This way you can propose with a spectacular view.

12.Propose With a Crossword

For game lovers, create your own Valentine’s Day crosswords and use clues that lead to a proposal. You can also order Valentine’s Day jigsaw puzzles that spell out the proposal.

Alternatively, if you’re both Scrabble lovers, you can surprise them by spelling out marry me while playing together.

13.Propose With a Song

Some people prefer to say it with a song. You can serenade your partner, or hire a band to serenade them for you. It’s also now possible to record a custom song for your proposal. Play it while you’re driving together for a romantic and unexpected Valentine’s Day proposal.

14.Propose With a Staycation

If getting out of town isn’t an option, a staycation may be the perfect setting for your proposal. Ordering room service and staying in together feels more romantic in a hotel room than in your apartment.

If there’s a special Airbnb or local hotel you’ve always loved, book a room for the night and propose at the perfect moment.

How to Plan a Valentine’s Day Proposal

Once you know how you want to propose on Valentine’s Day, make a plan so that the proposal runs smoothly.

Have the Perfect Engagement Ring

Before you propose, you’ll need to choose an engagement ring for your loved one. An engagement ring is a gift that’s meant to last a lifetime. It’s also a piece of jewelry that most people choose to wear regularly. The engagement ring setting that you choose should be high quality and a design that your partner will love to wear.

Consider their style, taste, and any engagement ring preferences they may have mentioned prior. If you’re not sure what they would like, consult their friends and family. You can also book a complimentary appointment with a VRAI diamond expert for professional guidance.

Know Your Loved One’s Proposal Preferences

Many proposal ideas can be done in private or in public. It’s important to know what your loved one would prefer before going ahead with the proposal.

After proposing, some people prefer to celebrate with loved ones. If that’s the case, you may want to arrange for your family and close friends to be nearby so that they can meet you afterward.

Other people prefer to have a romantic night with their partner afterward. In that case, you may want to propose near your home or somewhere that will allow for privacy and intimacy post-proposal.

Make a Plan

A plan is essential to ensure that the proposal runs smoothly - especially if it’s a surprise. Make sure that the logistics have all been thought through. You should know how you’re getting your loved one to the location and that the timing for the proposal works.

Factor in whether or not they are coming from work and if there’s a possibility that they might be running late. If they have to work the next day, or they need to get up early, you may want to consider this when planning the time. Having a plan will help you adapt the logistics of the proposal to their schedule.

Popular Valentine’s Day Engagement Rings

Explore VRAI’s best-selling engagement rings to inspire your ring selection. While all VRAI engagement rings are timeless and made to last, certain settings hold particularly romantic symbolism. These rings are especially suited for Valentine’s Day proposals.

A Three Stone engagement ring symbolizes the past, present, and future. This ring will honor the special moments you’ve shared and the future you’re about to embark on.

Alternatively, a vintage-inspired Halo setting reflects history and tradition, blending the past with the present. Another highly symbolic engagement ring is the Toi et Moi. This engagement ring means “you and me,” with two stones coming together to beautifully represent your upcoming union.

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Valentine’s Day Proposal FAQs

Read on for answers to frequently asked questions about Valentine’s Day proposals.

What Is the Most Romantic Day to Propose?

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day to propose, which makes it a popular day to say ‘I do.’

Which Knee Do You Propose On?

It’s traditional to propose with your left knee on the ground and your right knee up. This way, you can easily place the ring on their left hand with your right hand.

What to Say While Proposing?

What you say while proposing should be personal, thoughtful, and most importantly, it should feel natural. While we suggest having a rough idea of what you want to say beforehand, let it come from the heart and keep it short.

Tell them what they mean to you, why you want to marry them, and what about your future together excites you. Don’t forget to officially ask them to marry you at the end of your proposal speech.

How Many Couples Are Likely to Get Engaged on Valentine’s Day?

An estimated 6 million couples got engaged on Valentine’s Day in 2023.

Is Valentine’s Day the #1 Day for Proposals?

Valentine’s Day is officially the most popular day for proposals in 2023. It has consistently ranked as one of the most popular proposal days every year.

Overall, most proposals worldwide take place between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day.