The 10 Most Romantic Valentine's Day Proposal Ideas

Alicia Briggs | December 19, 2022

Alicia Briggs | December 19, 2022

On Valentine’s Day, we give our loved ones Valentine’s Day jewelry, chocolate, or flowers to show just how much we care. There’s no better way to say ‘I love you,’ however, than with an engagement ring. If you’re considering proposing this February 14th, read on to discover the best Valentine’s Day proposal ideas. Below you’ll find thoughtful ways to get engaged as well as expert advice on finding the perfect engagement ring for you.

Is Valentine’s Day A Popular Day for Proposals?

Valentine’s Day consistently ranks as one of the most popular days for proposals, if not the most popular day. Overall, the most common time of year to get engaged is between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day.

If you want to propose for Valentine’s Day, you’re in good company. Valentine’s Day is arguably the most romantic day of the year, which makes it an ideal day to say ‘I do.’

What’s The Best Way To Propose On Valentine's Day?

The best way to propose on Valentine's Day ultimately depends on you and your relationship. When trying to decide on how to propose, consider what your partner will love and find meaningful.

For example, if they aren’t a fan of crowds or public attention, an intimate engagement will be better than a public display of affection. If they are creative and bold, think outside the box for something memorable and grand that they’ll adore.

Valentine’s Day is a romantic and popular day to get engaged — it’s the day of love after all! However, If you’re planning on getting engaged on Valentine’s Day, make sure your loved one is also a fan of the holiday before proposing.

The 10 Best Valentine's Day Proposal Ideas

Here are ten ideas — with engagement rings to match! — to help you get inspired.

1.Propose At Sunrise

Most Valentine’s Day marriage proposals take place in the evening. If you want to do something truly unique and romantic, why not propose over sunrise? This can be as simple or as extravagant as you’d like. Wake your sweetheart up at dawn with a ring, take them on a sunrise hike, or go big and book a sunrise hot air balloon experience.

Whatever you choose, as long as it’s you, them, and the sunrise, your proposal will be a spectacular way to start the day. Consider The Duet engagement ring for this proposal, as it symbolizes the beauty of two things coming together.

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2.Propose With A Surprise Trip to the Jewelers

This is the perfect proposal for Valentine’s Day if your loved one prefers to pick out their ring but still loves surprises. Schedule a lunch date or a spontaneous shopping trip and take them to the jewelers instead to pop the question. You can then pick out your engagement ring together (like this Five Stone Heirloom) and celebrate in a truly romantic setting.

Book an appointment at one of our VRAI showrooms (or virtually from anywhere in the world!) and our Diamond Experts will personally assist you in choosing an engagement ring.

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3.Propose By Recreating Your First Date

One of the most romantic ways to propose on Valentine's Day is by recreating your first date. If fully recreating your date isn’t possible, use details from that day to plan your Valentine’s engagement.

A meaningful engagement ring setting for such a personalized proposal is the Toi et Moi. Toi et Moi means “you and me,” and this two-stone ring beautifully symbolizes that.

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4.Propose With A Special Flower Delivery

For the ultimate “Be My Valentine” proposal, schedule a flower delivery complete with a ring. For a romantic and public proposal, send several flower deliveries to your loved one's office. For the last delivery, bring the flowers yourself and get down on one knee.

A vintage-inspired Halo setting would make a lovely choice for this unique twist on a classic gesture. Halo engagement rings are an ode to tradition while still making a statement.

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5.Propose With A Spa Day

If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day engagement ideas that center around an activity, why not book a couples spa day to spend some quality time together? Enjoy a relaxing and leisurely day of pampering, then say “I do” from the comfort of your bathrobes.

This Knife Edge engagement ring is a truly stunning, modern take on a classic solitaire style. Minimalist, refined, and elegant, it’s fit for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

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6.Propose At A Meaningful Location

If you’re trying to think of Valentine's proposal ideas, why not draw inspiration from your relationship? Think of places or activities that are particularly meaningful for you two. Maybe you said I love you for the first time while walking along the river or you both love to visit a certain bookstore. The things that you two cherish may just make the best proposal for Valentine’s Day.

The Signature Bezel ring pulls inspiration from the past while looking toward the future, just like this Valentine’s engagement idea.

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7.Propose With Chocolate

You can never go wrong with chocolate for a classic Valentine’s proposal for your girlfriend, boyfriend, or special someone. Use chocolate to spell out “Marry Me,” place the engagement ring inside a box of chocolates, or get creative and leave a chocolate trail that leads to you.

For a classic proposal, consider the Classic engagement ring, one of our best-selling engagement rings.

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8.Propose With A Treasure Hunt

If your loved one appreciates creativity and romance, one of the best Valentine’s proposals is a treasure hunt. This is a wonderful way to honor your relationship by choosing clues that retrace special moments you’ve shared. You can enlist the help of friends and family to create a treasure hunt that ends with you.

A Three Stone engagement ring symbolizes the past, present, and future. This is a wonderful selection for a proposal that honors the special moments you’ve shared and the future you’re about to embark on.

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9.Propose Over a Special Meal

If you’re a foodie and considering proposal ideas for Valentine’s Day, what better way to get engaged than over a special meal? Whether you love to go out and share a fine dining experience or enjoy an intimate home-cooked meal, this is a memorable and romantic setting for a proposal.

A Signature Solitaire ring is one of the most popular styles of engagement rings. It’s a classic silhouette with a single VRAI created diamond that says, “I have found the one.”

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10.Propose On A Romantic Getaway

When it comes to Valentine's Day marriage proposal ideas that are bold, romantic, and luxurious, few things compare to a getaway. Plan a vacation your loved one will adore and propose in a unique setting. You could also surprise them with a staycation by booking a romantic room at a hotel in town and propose at the perfect moment.

For those who like to be bold and make a statement, consider a timeless, eye-catching Cathedral engagement ring.

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How To Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring For You

Before you plan the best marriage proposal on Valentine’s Day, you’ll need to create an engagement ring fit for your loved one. Consider the following before buying an engagement ring:

Determine Your Budget

It’s important to understand your budget so you can choose an engagement ring that is stunning but doesn’t put you into debt. Know your price range before you start shopping for engagement rings.

Know Your Loved One’s Preferences

An engagement ring is a gift meant to last a lifetime, so you want to make sure it’s something your special someone will truly love. Consider their style, taste, and any discussions you may have had regarding engagement rings prior. Consult their friends, family, and current jewelry collection to get an idea of what they like.

Schedule A Consultation With A VRAI Diamond Expert

Once you know your budget and preferences, speak with our VRAI Diamond Experts to find a stunning engagement ring that you’ll both cherish.

If you want to create something truly one-of-a-kind, our Diamond Experts can help you design a custom engagement ring when you book an appointment.

Top Selling Valentine’s Day Engagement Rings

Explore our best-selling engagement rings sustainably created by VRAI to discover the perfect ring for your loved one.

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Book An Appointment With A VRAI Diamond Expert

For complimentary assistance in choosing a VRAI created diamond engagement ring, schedule a consultation with our Diamond Experts. Their personalized expertise will help you find exactly what you’re looking for when making this once-in-a-lifetime decision.

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