Mother-Daughter Necklaces: A Shopping and Styling Guide

Angelica Frey | March 29, 2023

Matching necklaces for mothers and daughters are a timeless tradition that symbolizes the bond between a mother and her child, and are a great gift for Mother’s Day. From matching styles to matching metals, necklaces featuring VRAI created diamonds can accommodate any style. Mother-Daughter necklaces come in many versatile styles featuring diamonds created by VRAI that make the perfect gift for all mothers and mother figures. And while we mention daughters, this guide can be used with regards to sons or children of any other gender.

Mother-Daughter necklaces are part of the larger tradition of Mother’s Day jewelry, which is jewelry gifted to mothers and mother figures in celebration of Mother’s Day. Our jewelry design is an expression of love for mother figures and the planet: each design combines recycled solid gold and diamonds from our zero-emission foundry, free from human and environmental toll.

What are The Most Popular Styles of Mother-Daughter Necklace Sets?

Everyone has unique tastes, so a wide variety of styles are popular to some degree. With that being said, there is something about a solitaire necklace coupled with a petite solitaire necklace and an arc necklace combined with a tennis-linked necklace that makes the perfect matching set. However, there are countless ways to create a mother-daughter necklace set with jewelry featuring VRAI created diamonds. Match them by diamond shape, metal, or overall style to give your mother something unique.

Top Styles for Mother-Daughter Necklaces

Solitaire necklaces, arc necklaces, bezel-set necklaces, pendants, and even medallions can be mixed and matched in countless ways to create the perfect mother-daughter necklace set. If you want to find a unifying theme and motif behind the necklace set, choose a similar stone setting, the same diamond shape, or even the same metal color.

Solitaire Mother-Daughter Necklaces

Solitaire necklaces feature an individual diamond in a four-prong setting. The setting also features an open back gallery inviting light in from all angles for maximum brilliance. This style perfectly complements Round diamonds, or and Ovals, Emeralds, and Marquises in an East-West setting. Consider getting the same diamond shape in two different carat weights, or two different diamond shapes that better reflect the style of both the mother and the daughter.

Pendant Mother-Daughter Necklaces

The pendant necklace is similar to the Solitaire, but the pendant has some added movement as it can move freely along the chain, and dance in the sunlight. This style emphasizes the slender shapes of elongated cuts: Oval, Pear, and Marquise diamonds complement the pendant. If you want to find a matching, more maximalist style for your mother figure, the Duo Pear Drop necklace combines the solitaire and the pendant setting into a unique style.

Arc Mother-Daughter Necklaces

Arc necklaces are multi-stone diamond necklaces featuring VRAI created diamonds and symbolize multiple people, moments, and memories to keep close to your own heart. It comes in both a three and a five-stone setting. If you want to gift it to multiple generations of women in your life, consider also adding the Linked Tennis Necklace, which features seven graduated diamonds.

Eclectic Mother Daughter Necklaces

Mother-Daughter necklaces are well suited for styles carrying a specific symbolic meaning. The Orion necklace features a cluster of Marquise, Baguette, and Round Brilliant VRAI created diamonds linked together in a minimal setting inspired by stargazing, where each “star” symbolizes a different child in the mother’s life. The North Star is for the constant, steady guide that always leads you home, wherever home may be. The Inner Light necklace is there to remind you that there’s a light within us that never goes out.

How to Match Metals with Mother-Daughter Necklaces

Mother and daughter can have different skin tones and/or different undertones, so, even if you’re going for the same style, it’s perfectly fine to choose two different metals. It also comes down to personal preference: yellow gold is a classic look, white gold is more modern and brings out the brightness of the diamonds, while the styles that also come in rose gold will have a vintage inspired look if that’s the metal of your choice

Shop for Mother-Daughter Necklaces

Now that you’ve discovered necklaces perfect for gifting this Mother’s Day, explore all of VRAI’s fine jewelry designs. From earrings to bracelets to rings, each look is perfect for mixing, matching, stacking, or layering.