A model wearing a 1 carat Round Brilliant Solitaire Necklace
A model wearing a 1 carat Round Brilliant Solitaire Necklace

1 Carat Diamond Necklaces: 6 Top Selections

Alicia Briggs | February 21, 2023

Few types of fine jewelry are as versatile as 1 carat diamond necklaces. Depending on the style, diamond necklaces are suitable for everyday wear or as a statement piece, with the ability to transform any look. 1 carat diamonds have stunning brilliance but can still be subtle enough for any occasion. Use this article to help you find a stunning 1 carat diamond necklace or book an appointment for personalized guidance from our Diamond Experts.

Can You Wear a Diamond Necklace Every day?

Absolutely, you can wear a diamond necklace as much as you’d like. Certain styles of diamond necklaces may be better suited for daily wear, but it’s ultimately up to you. Solitaire diamond necklaces, a solid gold chain with a single diamond, are the most common diamond necklace style for everyday wear.

What Are Popular Diamond Necklace Styles?

Some of the most popular styles of diamond necklaces are pendants and medallion necklaces, as well as solitaire diamond necklaces. These diamond necklace styles are versatile, and ideal for a variety of styles.

What Are Popular Diamond Shapes For Necklaces?

Most diamond shapes are a wonderful choice for a necklace. However, Round Brilliant cut diamonds are the most popular diamond shape, with a Princess cut diamond coming in as a close second. A 1 carat Pear shaped diamond necklace is an excellent choice for those who gravitate toward more vintage-inspired jewelry, as well as an Oval cut diamond.

What’s A Good Diamond Size For A Necklace?

The best diamond size for a necklace is entirely up to you. A 1 carat diamond will make a statement, while still being subtle enough for daily wear, while a higher carat weight will add more brilliance and size. If you’re interested in layering necklaces, consider .25 or .5 carat diamond necklaces.

How Many Carats Should A Diamond Pendant Be?

The number of carats you should have for your diamond pendant depends on you and your style. For those who prefer a more subtle diamond pendant necklace, or who are on a budget, opt for a diamond between .25-1 carat.

For those with maximalist style, consider a 2 or 3 carat diamond pendant. If you’re on a budget, choose a diamond that’s just shy of your preferred carat weight to lower the overall cost.

How Big Is A 1 Carat Diamond Necklace?

The size of a 1 carat diamond necklace will greatly range depending on the diamond shape and necklace design. Oval cut, Pear cut, Marquise cut, and Emerald cut diamonds will look bigger than most diamond shapes and will maximize their carat weight. A necklace design that features pavé set diamonds, multiple diamonds, or a Bezel Solitaire setting will also tend to appear larger.

How Much Should I Spend On A Diamond Necklace?

How much you should spend on a diamond necklace depends on the diamond shape, the diamond 4Cs (especially carat weight), and the design details. Necklaces that feature numerous diamonds of higher carat weights like the Illuminate Choker, will cost significantly more than a 1 carat solitaire diamond necklace.

When you book an appointment with our VRAI Diamond Experts, they can help you understand what you should pay for a diamond necklace, as well as the best design for your style.

How Much Is A 1 Carat Diamond Necklace?

1 carat diamond necklace prices will vary based on the carat weight and the necklace design. VRAI Created 1 carat necklaces start at $1,200 and go up from there, at the time of publication.

Why Should I Buy A Lab-Grown Diamond Necklace?

A lab-grown diamond necklace is a wonderful, sustainable alternative to a mined diamond necklace. Lab-grown diamonds and mined diamonds are identical in their chemical composition, but lab-grown diamonds have a guaranteed point of origin with no negative human or environmental impact.

VRAI created diamonds are sustainably created in our zero-emission foundries, and our necklaces feature recycled solid gold. This means your jewelry can reflect your values and your style.

Top 6 One Carat Diamond Necklaces

Certain styles of VRAI Created 1 carat diamond necklaces are chosen again and again, such as a solitaire necklace and a pendant necklace. These styles are popular because they can fit a wide range of styles and budgets.

Below, you’ll find the top selection of our 6 best-selling 1 carat VRAI created diamond necklaces.

Solitaire Necklace

1. Solitaire Necklace

A timeless Solitaire Necklace is arguably the most popular diamond necklace design and suits nearly every style. VRAI created 1 carat diamond Solitaire Necklaces feature a 14k solid gold chain, available in 16-18 inches, and a secure prong setting.

Choose your favorite diamond shape and watch it shine, thanks to an open back gallery that beautifully reflects the light.

Halo Pendant Necklace

2. Halo Pendant

If you’re looking for a 1 carat diamond pendant necklace with maximum brilliance, consider a Halo Pendant. This design features a center stone of your choice, encircled in smaller, handset diamonds.

The 14k solid gold chain is available in your preferred colored gold, but a yellow gold or rose gold chain will best highlight the vintage feel of this design.

Bezel Solitaire Necklace

3. Bezel Solitaire Necklace

A Bezel Solitaire Necklace is a sleek, modern design that’s both contemporary and elegant. With a secure 14k solid gold Bezel setting, this is an ideal design for those with active lifestyles who want a necklace still suitable for daily wear.

To further highlight this distinctive setting, consider linear, square-shaped diamonds like an Emerald cut or Princess cut diamond.

4. Arc Necklace

4. Arc Necklace

Arc Necklaces symbolize the special moments in life. This is a unique and celebratory design that includes three VRAI created diamonds, available in five diamond shapes. If you prefer a higher carat weight, this design is also available in 2 or 3.5 carats.

With a 14k solid gold chain, the stunning trio of diamonds in this design will surely catch the eye.

5. Halo Necklace

5. Halo Necklace

Similar to a Solitaire Necklace, Halo Necklaces add an extra layer of shine and a vintage look to a classic, elegant design. Halo Necklaces feature a 14k solid gold setting and matching chain with a circle of smaller diamonds that beautifully highlight the center stone.

Solitaire Princess Diamond Pendant

6. Solitaire Pendant

A Solitaire Pendant is a feminine, sophisticated design that looks stunning on its own or can be easily layered. Choose a diamond shape that best matches your style and watch the light reflect off it as you move. You can also layer your chain necklaces for a unique look.

Discover 1 Carat Diamond Necklaces

Explore our full collection of 1 carat diamond necklaces online or at one of our VRAI showrooms. Schedule a personalized consultation with our Diamond Experts to choose the necklace that best suits your style, preferences, or your loved one’s.