Our Action on Earth Day

VRAI | May 4, 2021

VRAI | May 4, 2021

When Earth Day arrives each year, it is a reminder that we must step forward and take action on behalf of our planet. But simple reminders will no longer do - the time to act is now. Preserving nature’s gifts cannot wait for tomorrow. Today is the day to rise and defend, nurture, and protect our only home.

Sustainable and transparent

At VRAI, we take pride in the sustainable practices and transparency that are at the heart of everything we do. From diamonds created sustainably in our own zero-emission foundry, to recyclable packaging, to no middlemen or markups involved, we celebrate the impeccable origins of our fine jewelry and the true values behind our work. This is why Earth Day is such an important day for us - it is a day to honor our year-long commitment and to inspire others with our continued investment in caring for the planet.

Every day is Earth Day

For everyone at VRAI, Earth Day is an important date in our calendars to commemorate. But the sustainable practices and initiatives that are discussed and celebrated every April 22nd are simply part of how we operate as a business every day of the year. Our jewelry and engagement rings feature diamonds sustainably created in our own zero-emission foundry, energized by the renewable power of the Columbia River in America’s beautiful Pacific Northwest. We create lab-grown diamonds that are atomically identical to mined diamonds, but without any human or environmental toll.

Driven by our desire to push the boundaries of a traditional industry, VRAI jewelry is a symbol of our values and a movement toward a more sustainable future. And beyond environmental protection, we are committed to human rights, fair and safe labor practices, and ethical business conduct.

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