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Our Guide to Eternity Bands

VRAI | March 02, 2022

In our guide to Eternity Bands, discover why this style featuring VRAI created diamonds continues to garner attention and become one of the most sought-after current looks. Whether as fine jewelry or as a wedding band, as a solo look or part of a stack, Eternity Bands and other lab-grown diamond rings are both modern and timelessly elegant. Learn more about this popular design and find the style that is right for you.

What Is An Eternity Band?

Eternity Bands have diamonds that go all the way around the band. They may be worn as fine jewelry or as a wedding band. Some fine jewelry designers only create eternity bands in a pavé style. But VRAI’s Eternity Band is a specific design with details that differentiate it from Infinity or Half Pavé bands, for example.

The Eternity Band features Round Brilliant VRAI created diamonds, weighing in at an average per stone of 0.05 ct for petite bands, 0.10 ct for medium bands, or 0.16 ct for large bands. Therefore, the sustainably created diamonds in Eternity Bands are larger in size than the melee diamonds featured in other styles, such as Infinity Bands. This gives the Eternity Bands a substantial look. These diamonds are set in a modern u-cut setting that highlights their brilliance, resulting in spectacular shine.

How To Wear A Diamond Eternity Band

Eternity Bands can be worn as a wedding ring, an accessory for a special occasion, or as part of your everyday look. A medium or large Eternity Band is perfect for wearing on its own, while the petite Eternity Band stacks nicely with engagement rings or other fine jewelry rings. Read on to discover the perfect ways to wear this daring, diamond-forward design.

How To Pair Your Eternity Band With An Engagement Ring

Many choose an Eternity Band as a wedding band and want to pair it with their engagement ring. Diamond experts often advise purchasing a petite Eternity band, as it stacks best with many engagement ring styles, such as a Signature Solitaire or Classic Solitaire ring.

Another pairing option is to select an engagement ring with a Round Brilliant center stone that matches the band’s smaller Round Brilliant VRAI created diamonds. Other rounded shapes, like Oval or Cushion, will also pair nicely.

Many choose the same metal color for both engagement rings and wedding bands. But a growing trend is to pair two contrasting colors, such as an 18k solid yellow gold engagement ring with a platinum band. For those who select a Two Tone engagement ring, they can choose to match their Eternity Band to the engagement ring’s yellow or rose gold band or platinum prongs. Take note that, because platinum and gold have different densities, special care should be taken when wearing them together. Keep an eye on the prongs of the engagement ring and edges of the wedding band to ensure that the two different materials don’t damage each other over time.

How To Stack Your Eternity Band With Other Rings

If you intend on stacking your Eternity Band with other fine jewelry rings, it’s still best to choose a petite band as it will line up more comfortably with other designs and avoid scratching. Consider stacking it with Flat or Round Bands, or Devotion, Infinity, or Half Pavé Bands for a mesmerizing stack.

Eternity Bands in any size, from petite to large, are wonderful when worn with other rings on other fingers. For a popular alternative to a classic stack, try wearing an Eternity Band on one finger and Mixed Cuff, Tetrad, or Signet rings on others.

How To Wear An Eternity Band By Itself

Medium and large Eternity Bands are the perfect statement pieces to be worn on their own. While a petite band can also be worn solo, the medium and large bands were designed to stand on their own. And while they can be worn as wedding bands, they make ideal anniversary or milestone birthday gifts.

An Eternity Band pairs well with other daringly sophisticated fine jewelry. Try pairing it with a Round Brilliant or Oval Solitaire necklace and matching Solitaire studs, or the Octavia Iconic Shapes necklace and studs. It would also create a harmonious — and stunning — look when paired with a Round Brilliant tennis bracelet.

What are other popular diamond accented rings?

Not every band featuring an array of diamonds is referred to as an Eternity Band. Read on to discover full or half pavé rings featuring diamonds sustainably created by VRAI.

Infinity Bands

Infinity Bands

Infinity Bands also have diamonds that go all the way around the band. But Infinity Bands, as opposed to Eternity Bands, feature smaller diamonds called melee diamonds, which are often found in pavé settings. This gives Infinity Bands a more delicate look.

Baguette Infinity Band

Baguette Infinity Band

A Baguette Infinity Band features an array of bar-set Baguette-shaped VRAI created diamonds instead of the rounded melee diamonds. This look is perfect for pairing with engagement rings featuring Emerald, Princess, Asscher, or Radiant-cut diamonds, or a Three-Stone engagement ring with tapered baguette side stones.

Devotion Band

Devotion Band

Devotion Bands also feature an entire ring of diamonds that are channel set, meaning the round or baguette-shaped diamonds are set in a row and secured between their gold or platinum band. This look compliments many engagement ring styles, but works especially well with the clean lines of a Signature Bezelor Cathedral setting. Devotion Bands are available in full or half diamond settings.

Speak With Our Diamond Experts

Discover the Eternity Band meant for you with help from our diamond experts. They will guide you through which style to pair with your engagement ring or other rings, and find the look and fit that works best for you.