Our Top Ten Must-Have Pieces of Summer Jewelry

Kimberly Zerkel | June 23, 2021

Kimberly Zerkel | June 23, 2021

Make the most of long days, warm nights, and spontaneous celebrations with summer jewelry featuring VRAI created diamonds that embodies the season’s light and charm. Here are the looks that work in tandem with whatever your plans are this season.

Baguette Ear Arc

Make an entrance with this season’s statement piece. A sleek stack of baguette shaped VRAI created diamonds captivate attention as they follow the natural curve of your ear; the clean lines and structured silhouette inject even the most paired-down summer look with drama and glamour.

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Mixed Shape Bracelet

The timeless and always-elegant tennis bracelet gains a sartorial edge when featuring mixed VRAI created diamond shapes in this alluring bracelet design. Ideal for wearing solo or in a stack to accessorize bare arms and sun-kissed skin.

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Arc Necklace

Turn heads with a design made celebrating special occasions. The Arc Necklace features an ensemble of VRAI created diamond shapes highlighted in a 14k solid gold setting and matching chain for spectacular shine. Wear it to your black-tie event, wedding celebration, or any gathering where you’re ready to garner lots of attention.

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Solitaire Studs

Not all celebrations start when the sun goes down. For elegance and shine that you can easily wear all day long — particularly for days at the beach or pool — our Solitaire Studs are lightweight and effortlessly sophisticated.

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Bezel Solitaire Studs

A modern-meets-vintage design that can be worn throughout the day before seamlessly translating into an eye-catching after-hours look. Our Bezel Solitaire Studs feature a 14k solid gold bezel setting that outlines the distinctive form of eight different VRAI created diamond shapes in customizable sizes.

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Mixed Cuff Ring

The subtle, minimalist design of the Mixed Cuff Ring is what makes adding one (or a stack) to your daily look so simple. Whether working alone at your desk or giving a presentation in front of colleagues, this combination of two distinct VRAI created diamond shapes adds the perfect amount of extra shine to your every movement.

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Currency Necklace

Walk into your next meeting — or lead from the head of the conference table — with a reminder of your self-worth and unique contributions. Our Currency Necklace is an outward symbol of your many talents, meant to leave you feeling empowered to make the next big move.

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Halo Necklaces

A “halo” of melee diamonds puts the brilliance of each VRAI created diamond on full display. Each Halo necklace is versatile enough to be worn on its own with an array of vacation attire, and light enough to layer for a stunning cascade effect.

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Bezel Solitaire Bracelets

Your favorite diamond shape takes center stage in a bezel setting that both contours and secures. The clean lines and minimalist design make this an easy, everyday piece that moves with you throughout the day, whether you stick to a scheduled itinerary or seek out spontaneous adventures.

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Connected Earrings

A bold design to add to your summer look, our Connected Earring can be worn alone or in a pair, day or night. This design featuring lozenge-shaped VRAI created diamonds and recycled solid gold chain is a reminder to stay grounded and connected to those you love, no matter how far away they might be.

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