Our Ultimate Gift Guide For New Parents

VRAI | August 5, 2021

VRAI | August 5, 2021

Gifts for new parents can often be described as push presents or push gifts, and are traditionally given to a woman who has just given birth. But our Ultimate Gift Guide for New Parents is here for celebrating each and every parent who has recently welcomed a child into their life. From symbolic markers to sentimental tokens, here are 10 gifts perfect for new parents featuring VRAI created diamonds.

The Signature V Ring

A solitaire VRAI created diamond nestled between the two sides of the dipped center symbolises a parent’s loving embrace.

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The Mixed Cuff Ring

The two featured VRAI created diamonds can be selected in a number of different shapes, representing your children’s unique personalities.

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The Three Stone Ring

The Three Stone setting comes in an array of customizable diamond shapes to represent each member of your expanding family.

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Tetrad Ring

Celebrate each light of your life with our Tetrad ring, featuring four diamonds sustainably created in our zero-emission foundry perfectly aligned in their recycled solid gold setting.

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Strength Necklace

Featuring a Lozenge diamond suspended above the heart in 14K solid gold, this necklace produces the look and feel of a parent’s power and protection.

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Iconic Half Moon Studs

Representing two halves making a whole, the Half Moon shapes are displayed in a minimal solid gold setting to let their brilliance shine from all angles.

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Solitaire Pear Drop Ear Jacket

Because of their distinctive form, Pear-shaped diamonds are often associated with tears of joy. These emotional markers are the perfect gift to pair with a parent’s favorite set of VRAI Solitaire Studs.

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Solitaire Trillion Studs

The clean lines of the Trillion are highlighted in studs that can be worn solo or as a pair all day long, adding shine to any and every ensemble.

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Infinity Band

The brilliance and fire of VRAI created diamonds is matched by the comfort and wearability of a band; for new parents with their hands full, the Infinity Band is ideal.

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Marquise Bezel Bracelet

Light and minimalist, our Bezel bracelets are perfect for wearing on their own now, and stacking later when baby is less likely to grab and play!

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Diamond Upgrade

For the new parent in your life with a VRAI engagement ring, our Diamond Upgrade Program is the ideal way to celebrate their new bundle of joy. Diamond Upgrade means that they are eligible to exchange their existing VRAI created diamond for one of a larger carat weight. Learn more on how to celebrate with this unique offering.


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