Oval Cut Diamonds: Ask A Diamond Expert

Alicia Briggs | December 07, 2022

Oval diamonds are one of the most popular diamond shapes globally and are consistently sought after. Oval cut diamonds are often compared to Round cut diamonds, equally desirable with comparable brilliance. Oval diamonds are famous for their modern yet elegant shape, which makes them a stunning choice for many.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know before buying Oval cut diamonds with the help of VRAI Diamond Expert, Queen Chang. A GIA Graduate Gemologist, Chang breaks down what makes Oval cut diamonds so popular, Oval diamond’s pros and cons, and why Ovals may be an ideal diamond shape for you.

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What Is An Oval Cut Diamond?

An Oval cut diamond is an oval-shaped diamond that has a beautiful, elongated appearance. “They have the soft curves that appeal to the eye, just like the Rounds, but are elongated to complement the finger and draw your eyes up the hand,” explains Queena Chang, a Graduate Gemologist and diamond expert.

Oval diamonds have been in fashion since the 1800s. The modern Oval cut diamond, a brilliant cut with 57-58 facets, was created in 1957 and is increasingly popular today.

Why Should You Choose Oval Diamonds?

There are several reasons why you should choose oval cut diamonds. Oval diamonds have a timeless yet modern appearance, thanks to their elegant, elongated shape. They provide a unique alternative to a Round Brilliant cut. Plus, the oval diamond shape will help any finger appear more slender, which makes them a very desirable cut.

Another wonderful reason to choose an Oval cut is that they appear larger than their carat weight. Oval Diamonds “are a more shallow cut compared to most other shapes, so they can face up larger for the same carat weight,” observes Chang.

Thanks to their round corners, Oval diamonds’ shape helps prevent chipping, making them easy to care for. Oval cuts will also hide any inclusions better than most shapes.

Are Oval Diamonds Popular?

“Oval cuts are consistently the second most popular shape of diamonds, right after the Round cut!” says Chang.

Overall, Oval cuts are the most popular shape of VRAI created diamonds. Globally, their popularity only continues to grow.

Are Oval Diamonds More Expensive?

The price of Oval cut diamonds will depend on the 4Cs. Carat weight and cut, in particular, play a significant role in Oval diamond pricing. However, compared to Round Brilliant diamonds, Oval cuts are generally less expensive. Why? Oval cuts typically use more of the rough diamond, which can help lower the total price.

Are Oval Diamonds A Popular Shape For Engagement Rings?

Oval diamonds are very popular shapes for engagement rings. Oval cut diamond engagement rings have consistently been chosen by some of the biggest celebrities, such as Princess Diana and Blake Lively.

With ideal brilliance and a very favorable shape that appears larger than it is, it’s not surprising that oval diamond engagement rings remain in fashion. If you want your Oval cut engagement ring to have maximum shine, we recommend prioritizing the diamond’s color, clarity, and cut quality.

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How Many Facets Are In An Oval Cut Diamond?

Most Oval cut diamonds have 57-58 facets. Their brilliant faceting style minimizes the appearance of any inclusions and creates a beautiful shine.

That being said, the cut quality is very important when it comes to the appearance of an oval diamond. Oval diamonds have a slight shadow at their center, known as the “bow-tie effect.” The visibility of the bow tie will vary, with cut and color playing a key role in its appearance.

How Many Millimeters Is A 1-carat Oval Diamond?

On average, a 1-carat oval cut diamond will be 7.7 millimeters, depending on its length-to-width ratio.

How Large Does An Oval Diamond Appear?

Oval diamonds typically appear larger than other diamond cuts, thanks to their elongated shape. Certain settings, such as a halo setting, will make an Oval diamond appear even larger, adding more brilliance.

How Large Do Oval Cut Diamonds Appear At Different Carat Weights?

How large an Oval cut diamond appears at different carat weights depends on several factors such as hand and ring size, as well as the diamond itself. “They can have various ratios affecting how long or how wide the diamond is,” Chang explains.

For each oval diamond sustainably created by VRAI, we provide a size chart on a sample ring size six hand. Once you select a VRAI created oval diamond, you can use the Oval diamond size chart on hand to see how large the diamond will appear. This makes it easy for you to compare the Oval’s appearance at different carat weights, such as how a 2-carat Oval diamond will look versus a 3-carat Oval diamond.

How Do Oval Diamonds Appear Compared To Other Shapes At Higher Carat Weights?

Oval cut diamonds appear larger at higher carat weights than certain shapes, including Round Brilliant diamonds. Oval diamonds will appear similar in size to Emerald, Marquise, and Pear cuts at the same carat weight.

How Does An Oval Diamond Compare To Other Shapes?

In comparison to other shapes, “Ovals tend to be one of the largest diamond shapes in terms of relation to carat weight, and still bring considerable brilliance to the eye,” notes Chang. “I have found that a lot of my clients are drawn to this shape because of its brilliance and how it covers the finger.”

Oval diamonds tend to show more of their color than other shapes, which should be taken into consideration when choosing the right color grade for you. If you’re choosing a white gold engagement ring setting, opt for an Oval cut diamond with a higher color grade; yellow or rose gold settings will often mask any hints of color, whereas platinum or white gold won’t.

Oval vs Round Diamonds

“Ovals and Rounds share a lot of similarities! They tend to have about 57-58 facets, are symmetrical in design, and have no hard lines or corners. The primary difference is that Ovals are elongated, so they tend to be longer and thinner, while the Rounds tend to have the same width circumference,” Chang explains.

“Both can complement the finger in different ways, so if you’re looking for more elongation, Ovals are worth a try. If you’re looking for a wider diamond for more finger coverage, Rounds may be worth looking into,” Chang continues.

While both diamonds provide peak shine and a beautiful shape, it’s worth noting that Ovals are typically less expensive than Round cut diamonds. This makes Ovals an excellent choice if you’re looking for something within a specific budget.

What Are The Best Oval Cut Diamond Settings?

The best settings for Oval cut diamonds will depend on your style and taste. However, you can find some of the most popular oval diamond settings below.

Classic Oval Settings

“The most popular settings I have personally seen are the Classic Hidden Halo and The Classic or Classic Two-Tone,” says Chang.

Best Multi-Stone Oval Settings

“The most popular Three Stone I have seen for the Oval is The Oval with 0.25ct Pear Sides,” notes Chang.

Top Oval Engagement Ring Settings

Overall, solitaires, halos, and three stone settings are the most sought-after engagement ring settings featuring an Oval cut VRAI created diamond. Book an appointment with a VRAI Diamond Expert to discover the best Oval cut engagement rings for you.

Explore Lab Grown Oval Diamonds with a VRAI Diamond Expert

Oval cut diamonds sustainably created by VRAI are all produced in our zero-emission foundry. When you select one of our lab-grown oval diamonds, you’re choosing a beautiful, quality diamond with a net-zero carbon footprint.

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