Pear Cut Diamonds: Ask A Diamond Expert

Alicia Briggs | December 19, 2022

Alicia Briggs | December 19, 2022

Few diamond shapes are as unique or historic as Pear cut diamonds. Pears have a shape true to their name, known for their striking yet romantic look and versatility. With coveted brilliance and an elongated silhouette, this shape always makes a statement.

In this article, we cover everything you need to know about Pear cut diamonds with expert advice from Queena Chang, GIA Graduate Gemologist and VRAI Diamond Expert. Read on to learn why Pear cut diamonds may just be the perfect cut for you.

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What Is A Pear Cut Diamond?

Pear cut diamonds beautifully combine the best of a Marquise cut diamond and a Round Brilliant cut diamond. They have an elongated shape with a soft rounded edge, sharp point, and ideal shine.

Pears are also referred to as Teardrop diamonds, thanks to their tearlike resemblance. Both terms are commonly used to reference the same diamond shape while VRAI refers to theirs as Pear cut diamonds exclusively.

Pear cut diamonds were created by Lodewyk Van Bercken, a diamond polisher, in the late 1400s. Van Bercken made it possible to create more complex brilliant cuts, and in turn, the timeless, dynamic Pear cut diamond.

Are Pear Diamonds Rare?

A Pear cut diamond is harder to find due to inconsistent demand. Unlike a Round cut diamond, the most popular diamond shape, Pear cut diamonds are a rarer choice among buyers. If you find a Pear cut that you love, don’t hesitate to buy the diamond as this unique shape can be harder to come across.

What Do Pear Cut Diamonds Symbolize?

Pear shape diamonds symbolize tears of joy, thanks to their teardrop shape. This makes Pear diamonds a wonderful, romantic shape for an engagement ring or other fine jewelry designs.

Why Should You Choose Pear Cut Diamonds?

There are several reasons to choose a Pear shaped diamond. “Pear diamonds are a fantastic choice if you would like a diamond that faces up large for its carat weight, just like Oval cut diamonds do,” says Graduate Gemologist, Queena Chang.

“A 1.50ct Pear will look similar in size to a 2ct Emerald cut diamond, but will cost less due to the smaller carat weight, making Pears a great choice for those wanting a larger diamond on a budget,” Chang continues.

Pear cut diamonds also have comparable brilliance to a Round Brilliant cut diamond, thanks to their faceting structure. This is a wonderful shape for those who want an elegant diamond with a unique twist on a classic look.

Are Pear Cut Diamonds Popular?

Pear diamonds “are popular due to their elongated shape and because they look more visually striking with their point,” Chang says. With a versatile shape that helps slenderize your fingers, it’s no surprise Pear shapes have been sought-after for centuries.

Are Pear Cut Diamonds More Expensive?

Pear diamonds are typically less expensive than Round Brilliant diamonds because more of the rough diamond can be used and there is less demand. The cost of a Pear cut diamond, however, will depend on the 4C’s.

Our VRAI Diamond Experts can help you find a stunning Pear cut diamond within your budget.

Are Pear Cut Diamonds A Popular Shape For Engagement Rings?

A Pear cut diamond is a unique shape for an engagement ring. Many major celebrities, dating back to Elizabeth Taylor, have chosen Pear cut diamond engagement rings, which have often determined when this elegant shape is considered popular.

If you’re considering a Pear cut diamond engagement ring, your personal taste and style count more than what’s currently popular. Pear shaped engagement rings will always be a distinctive and stunning choice, thanks to their dramatic, vintage-inspired look.

What to Consider Before Buying Pear Cut Diamonds

When choosing a Pear cut diamond, it’s important to take the diamond 4Cs into consideration. Prioritize diamond clarity and cut to create optimal shine. Excellent symmetry, found in all VRAI created Pear diamonds, is also important to ensure that the tip perfectly lines up with the middle.

The optimal diamond carat and color for a Pear cut will largely depend on your personal preference, budget, and the type of metal setting you choose.

“Similarly to Ovals and Marquise diamonds, Pears can have a bowtie effect, so I would recommend speaking with a Diamond Expert when picking out your Pear cut diamond,” Chang recommends.

How Many Facets Are In A Pear Cut Diamond?

Pear cut diamonds generally have 58 facets. Thanks to their brilliant faceting style, Pears tend to have maximum shine.

How Many Millimeters Is A 1-carat Pear Diamond?

A standard 1-carat Pear cut measures 5.5mm x 9.13mm x 3.37mm. However, the measurements of a Pear diamond can vary due to its unique proportions, carat weight, and cut.

How Large Does A Pear Cut Diamond Appear?

Thanks to their elongated shape, Pear cut diamonds tend to appear larger than their carat weight. Certain ring settings like a Halo ring can make pear diamonds appear even bigger.

How Large Do Pear Cut Diamonds Appear At Different Carat Weights?

How large a Pear diamond looks at different carat weights will depend on the diamond. When you select a VRAI created pear diamond, you can use the Pear cut diamond size chart on hand to see what it will look like at different carat weights.

Do Pear Cut Diamonds Look Bigger Than Other Diamond Shapes?

Pear diamonds often look larger than most diamond shapes of the same carat weight, including Round Brilliant diamonds. Pears can look close in size when compared to similar shapes, like Marquise and Oval Cuts.

How Does A Pear Shape Diamond Compare To Other Shapes?

“Pears have a brilliance that is comparable to Ovals and other brilliant cuts,” Chang explains. “They do have a fragile tip that can be prone to chipping, so it is always important to look for a setting that has a prong covering the tip.”

Pear Diamonds vs Oval Diamonds

“I personally like to call Pears "Ovals with an attitude.” They are similar to the Oval with a rounded end, but have come to a point for some asymmetry,” says Chang.

“For some clients, it's a bit too asymmetrical for their liking, but for others, they love that Pear cut diamonds have a bit of personality to them,” she continues. “This preference is definitely personal, and comes down to what each individual prefers in their elongated cuts.”

Pear Shaped Diamonds vs Marquise Shaped Diamonds

Pear cut diamonds are often compared to Marquise cut diamonds, thanks to their similar shape. Both shapes will elongate the finger and both have a vintage look.

The primary difference is that a Marquise diamond has 56 facets and two pointed ends while a Pear diamond has 58 facets and one pointed end. Which cut is better simply depends on your taste.

What Are The Best Pear Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Settings?

The best setting for a Pear cut engagement ring will greatly depend on your loved one's personal style. However, some engagement ring settings are more popular than others for Pear cut diamonds.

If you want to buy an engagement ring, the following settings are always in demand and will best highlight the beauty of a Pear shape diamond.

Pear Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring

A solitaire setting will perfectly highlight the curve and point of a pear diamond. “Some of the most popular settings for Pears are The Classic, which allows the unique shape to just speak for itself on a simple band,” says Chang.

The Classic
The Floating Split Band
The Signature Halo

Modern Pear Cut Engagement Rings

For a modern yet timeless look, consider a Hidden Halo or Two Tone setting. Alternatively, a Bezel engagement ring or an East-West Solitaire ring will beautifully highlight a Pear cut while bringing a more modern twist to it.

The Floating Solitaire
The Classic Two Tone
The Signature Bezel

Vintage-Inspired Pear Cut Engagement Rings

Pear diamonds already have a vintage elegance, which makes them an ideal cut for a Vintage-inspired engagement ring. “The Signature V is a perfect pairing with the Pear shape, as the V compliments the point of the Pear,” explains Chang.

“I have also found the Toi Moi Pear and Emerald Diamond to be another amazing combination, as the two shapes pair very well due to their contrasting faceting patterns and the balance of geometric to soft curves,” Chang continues.

The Toi et Moi
The Signature V
The Duet

What Are Popular Styles of Pear Cut Diamond Jewelry?

While Pear shaped diamonds look beautiful at the center of a ring, there are a variety of ways to wear this cut. Pear diamond necklaces and Pear shaped diamond earrings are particularly popular styles of pear cut fine jewelry.

Duo Drop Earrings
Halo Pendant
Perennial Studs

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