The Best Platinum Wedding Bands His and Hers: 18 Top Styles

Alicia Briggs | May 10, 2023

Platinum is a precious metal that is coveted the world over. Its strength and renowned luster makes it truly stand apart. That’s why many choose platinum wedding bands to commemorate their love. From elegantly traditional to sleek and modern, there are platinum wedding rings for every look and style. Discover eighteen top styles that are sought after again and again as well as popular platinum couple's rings and wedding ring sets.

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What Is A Platinum Wedding Band?

A platinum wedding band is any style of band featuring platinum instead of 18k solid or 14k solid gold. The band can be solid platinum or can feature diamond accents.

Nearly all of VRAI’s wedding rings, and the entire engagement ring collection, are available in platinum.

Is Platinum A Good Choice For Wedding Rings?

Yes! Platinum is the ultimate expression of indulgence and is also known for its durability. These two factors combined mean that platinum is an ideal metal for a wedding band. Because of its durability and strength, you can rest assured that this important symbol will last a lifetime. Its famed luster and luxuriousness add a special and unique touch to such a sentimental design.

What Are The Benefits of A Platinum Band?

There are several benefits to choosing a platinum band. Platinum is a bright, pure metal so it looks truly stunning when paired with diamond-forward designs. Platinum will help the brilliance of a diamond stand out against the band.

One of the unique qualities that platinum bands have is that they are harder to scratch, due to a durable white cast. Platinum is also the most precious precious metal and hypoallergenic. It’s a fantastic choice for those with skin sensitivities or allergens.

What Is The Disadvantage of Platinum?

One disadvantage of platinum is that it can develop a matte appearance over time. This is easy to polish out, however. With proper care, platinum will maintain its luster.

Platinum Vs. Solid Gold Wedding Bands

Choosing a platinum or solid gold wedding band should be based entirely on personal preference and budget. Both styles are known for their beauty, craftsmanship, and quality. Platinum is purer than 18k and 14k solid gold. However, they are all designed to last a lifetime and are appropriate for most individuals with skin sensitivities.

Those who choose yellow or rose gold bands over platinum do so based on their color preferences. These warmer hues are also better for pairing with diamonds a bit lower on the diamond color scale. Colorless or Near colorless diamonds are better highlighted in platinum or white gold settings.

Is Platinum Better Than White Gold?

Both platinum and white gold are excellent choices for a wedding band. But, when it comes to platinum vs white gold, platinum is considered more precious than white gold. Platinum is also more durable than white gold, meaning it will be slightly less prone to scratching or scuffing. Platinum and white gold have a similar appearance, but platinum will have more luster and shine. These factors make platinum more expensive than 18k white gold. This mmeans white gold is better for those with a more limited budget.

If you need further guidance in choosing between the two, speak with our diamond experts.

What Are Popular Platinum Wedding Rings For Her?

The most popular platinum wedding rings for women are usually diamond-accented, but the best platinum wedding ring for you will depend on your engagement ring style and setting. The head-turning styles below are made to pair flush with nearly all engagement ring settings.

Plain Platinum Wedding Bands For Women

Plain platinum wedding bands are a minimalist yet timeless choice, easy to pair with any engagement ring setting. Plain platinum bands are wonderful for those who prefer a sleek, clean wedding ring set or a simple band to balance out a diamond-forward platinum engagement ring.

Women’s Platinum Wedding Bands With Diamonds

Diamond accented platinum bands are the most popular choice for women’s wedding rings. Platinum’s bright luster enhances the shine of any diamond, especially the brilliant Eternity Band. This is a fantastic choice for those who want a wedding ring that stands out and stands apart.

Vintage Platinum Wedding Bands For Her

Platinum is often chosen by those who prefer a contemporary or classic wedding ring. But platinum also makes a striking choice for a vintage-inspired band. Platinum bands will help highlight diamond-accented designs, like the Five Stone Halo, for a sophisticated future heirloom.

What Are Popular Platinum Wedding Rings For Men?

Platinum is a popular metal choice for men’s wedding rings due to its durability. This makes it more resistant to scratching that comes from day-to-day wear. Below you’ll find some of the most popular men’s platinum wedding rings for any style.

Men’s Platinum Diamond Wedding Bands

Men’s platinum wedding bands with diamonds are perfect for the man who loves to express himself through style. These diamond-accented bands attract plenty of attention and can pair with a variety of styles. Whether you want a band with a dash of Art Deco elegance or one that creates statement-making brilliance, these platinum wedding bands will enhance your daily look.

Men’s Brushed Platinum Wedding Bands

Brushed wedding rings are particularly popular for men. It adds a matte-like finish to any band that creates a substantial, textured appearance. Brushed bands are perfect for those who don’t like the look of a shiny finish, or who prefer a unique yet subtle band. Add a diamond accent or pave set diamonds for a beautiful contrast between the subdued finish and the diamond’s brilliance.

Men’s Plain Platinum Wedding Bands

A classic and popular wedding band choice for men, plain platinum wedding bands are sophisticated and elegant. Thanks to platinum’s bright white luster, platinum wedding bands will still stand out, with or without diamonds. Thanks to the variety of band designs, a plain platinum wedding ring is anything but.

What Are Popular Wedding Bands For Couples?

The options are endless when it comes to matching platinum wedding bands. VRAI wedding rings are unisex and meant to be worn by all. Any of the options above make an excellent and popular choice for matching couple's rings. But you can also choose to match your wedding rings by their platinum band as well as by selecting the same diamond shape or design.

Most of our wedding bands are available in different widths, as well as various diamond shapes, so you can each pick the details that suit you best while still matching with your partner.

What Are The Best Platinum Wedding Ring Sets?

When buying an engagement ring, it’s important to note that certain wedding bands are designed specifically to match. While you can combine any number of rings and bands together to create a wedding ring set, certain VRAI ring settings perfectly pair with their matching engagement ring.

For those who love a vintage-inspired platinum wedding band set, consider The Curator and matching band or The Duet with The Chevron Band. The Signature V creates a modern yet timeless platinum wedding ring set, as does The Devotion. For those who prefer a classic and minimalist design, consider The Knife Edge set.

Book an appointment with a VRAI diamond expert for assistance in creating your own platinum wedding ring set.

Do Platinum Wedding Bands Cost More?

Platinum is considered the most expensive metal choice for a wedding band. Platinum is naturally white and rarer, denser, and purer than gold. This makes platinum more valuable and therefore costs more.

How Much Is A Platinum Wedding Ring?

Platinum wedding rings will range in price depending on the setting and whether or not it includes diamonds. VRAI created platinum wedding bands begin at $1,050 and go up to $3,200, at the time of publication. In comparison, our 14k rose gold wedding bands range from $650- $2,950 while our 18k yellow gold and white gold bands range from $850 - $3000, at the time of publication.

How Much Should I Pay For A Platinum Wedding Band?

How much you should pay for a Platinum wedding band will depend on the design, any diamonds featured, and the retailer. Certain diamond shapes are more valuable than others. VRAI Diamond Experts can help you understand the price you should pay for your desired platinum band when you book an appointment.

Do Platinum Rings Last?

Platinum rings are known for their durability and are made to last for years to come, even with daily wear. That being said, it’s essential to know how to clean your ring and store it properly to ensure it stays in pristine condition.

Can Platinum Be Worn Daily?

Platinum bands can absolutely be worn daily, but it’s important to clean your jewelry regularly and correctly. If you wear your Platinum ring daily, clean your ring weekly and never use abrasive cleaners, exfoliants, or bleach as this can damage or scratch platinum.

When Should You Not Wear A Platinum Band?

There are several times you should avoid wearing your platinum band to ensure it's not damaged or lost. As a general rule of thumb, it's best to remove your platinum band if you’re doing something that causes your ring to come in contact with an abrasive substance or makes your band difficult to retrieve if it falls off.

This means you should remove your platinum band if you’re going swimming or exposing your hands to chemicals like hand sanitizer or lotion.

How Much Does A Platinum Wedding Band Weigh?

Platinum is a denser metal than gold, so it will be slightly heavier than the same ring in white gold. The weight of a platinum wedding band will depend on the band, however. Some ring designs feature a thicker or thinner band while others also include diamonds of varying carat weights. Your ring size will also determine the size and therefore weight of a platinum band.

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virtual appointment with diamond expert meeting with potential customers over a call on a computer

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Speak with our diamond experts and enjoy personalized guidance to select your ring, in-depth diamond 4C education, exclusive in-store fittings or virtual try-ons, custom design options.