Promise Rings: Meaning And Top Styles

Kimberly Zerkel | October 7, 2022

Kimberly Zerkel | October 7, 2022

What was once a trend for younger couples is now perfect for any and every age. Those who choose to wear lab-grown diamond promise rings do so to symbolize their love and devotion. They are also promising to one day marry one another when the timing is right.

Explore the meaning of promise rings and why they might be right for you. And get ready to say yes to a future together with VRAI created diamonds!

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What Is A Promise Ring?

A promise ring is sometimes called a pre-engagement ring. They were first exchanged amongst young people, like high school sweethearts, who were considered too young to get engaged. Now they are for any couple, regardless of their age, who wants to promise their love and commitment to one another before getting engaged.

What Is The Purpose Of A Promise Ring?

A promise ring symbolizes an actual “promise” to get married one day. It is different from an engagement ring, however. It suggests that the couple will become engaged in the future but consider it too early to do so now. This might be for multiple reasons.

Normally, a couple wearing promise rings is still young and wants to wait until they are older to plan a wedding. For other couples, they might need to finish their studies, move to a different city, or reach another milestone before proposing. The promise ring shows their intent to propose one day, however, after these milestones are reached.

Promise Rings For Her

The most popular styles of promise rings for women are generally delicate and minimal. Because they are a “pre-engagement” ring, most do not necessarily look like engagement ring settings. Here are some favorite styles of promise rings for her that are perfect for marking the moment.

Rose Gold Promise Rings For Her

A 14k solid rose gold promise ring is romantic and flirtatious. While platinum or yellow gold might be more traditional and used for engagement rings and wedding bands, rose gold rings stand apart. They also mix well with both white and yellow gold, so a rose gold promise ring will match her existing fine jewelry collection.

Half Pavé Band
Knife-Edge Bezel Ring
Signet Ring

Yellow Gold Promise Rings For Her

A solid yellow gold ring is considered timeless, so it’s an ideal choice for someone with more classic taste. And for those with neutral or warm skin tones, yellow gold is often recommended. Want to know if a yellow gold promise ring is right for her? Look at her existing jewelry collection to match with her favorite metal color.

Petal Ring
Infinity Baguette Band
Round Inlay Band

Diamond Promise Rings For Her

Even if you have plans for a larger diamond engagement ring later on, there’s no rule that says you can’t have a diamond promise ring today! The floral-inspired Perennial Ring, the “heavenly” Orion Ring, or the modern-yet-timeless Mixed Cuff Ring are perfect ways diamond-accented promise rings for her.

Constellation Ring
Mixed Cuff Ring
Perennial Ring

White Gold Promise Rings For Her

White gold has a sleek and clean look and feel that is perfect for those with more modern taste. White gold is also recommended for those with neutral or cool skin tones. To determine if a white gold promise ring is right for her, consider her favorite jewelry designs. As she’ll likely be wearing the promise ring every day, matching metal colors is key to finding the one meant just for her.

Chevron Band
Tetrad Band
Knife-Edge Band

Promise Rings For Men

Promise rings exist for him, her, and them — define your love on your own terms! While a traditional band might be perfect as a promise ring for men, consider these other unisex styles to show your love and devotion.

Classic Promise Rings For Men

Classic or timeless styles don’t have to be simple. The right amount of detail, such as a small diamond or a vintage-inspired signet style turn these classic promise rings for men into something uniquely special.

Round Inlay Band
Brushed Baguette Band
Pavé Signet Ring

Unique Promise Rings For Men

Your love is unlike any other — so why not choose a ring that reflects that? Unique styles such as the daring Contract Ring, a Tetrad Ring, or the diamond-forward Alternating Shapes Band are fresh new ways of declaring your devotion.

Contract Ring
Alternating Shapes Band
Tetrad Ring

Are There Matching Promise Rings For Couples?

Consider purchasing Round Inlay Bands, Infinity Bands, or even Flat and Round Bands in varying widths for a couple ring set. Simply select the same metal color for a perfect pairing.

Round Inlay Band
The Round
Infinity Band

Your Promise Ring Go-To Guide

Because promise rings are less traditional than engagement rings or wedding rings, many couples are unsure of what “rules” and norms to follow, if any at all. Below are go-to tips to help you better understand this meaningful purchase.

Which Finger Does Your Promise Ring Go On?

There is no set rule on which finger to wear your promise ring on. For those who truly want to treat it as a “pre-engagement ring,” they should consider wearing it on the left ring finger, like engagement and wedding rings. After the engagement, they might consider transferring it to the right hand.

Whatever finger you decide on, be sure to measure for your ring size to ensure the perfect fit.

How Much Does A Promise Ring Cost?

Once again, there is no set rule. It’s important for couples to set their budget before selecting one or both promise rings. Because it will likely be followed by an engagement ring and wedding bands, it’s generally a good idea to spend less on a promise ring and save for a bigger diamond down the road.

For those who want to purchase a traditional setting like a Solitaire engagement ring, they might consider starting with a smaller diamond. Later on, they can upgrade to a larger diamond through VRAI’s diamond upgrade program.

When Should You Get A Promise Ring?

Ultimately, this is a decision that must be made by the couple themself. But generally, a promise ring is given when you are ready to commit to a person but are not yet to take on the full responsibilities of an engagement and wedding preparation.

Common reasons for getting a promise ring (as opposed to an engagement ring) include age, long-distance relationships, or extended studies like graduate school.

Is A Promise Ring The Same As An Engagement Ring?

The meaning of a promise ring is not the same as an engagement ring. An engagement ring signifies that the couple will begin preparing for a wedding, even if it’s years away. A promise ring signifies that an engagement and wedding will happen one day, but at an undetermined date in the future.

A promise ring can be the same setting as an engagement ring, but it’s normally advised to buy a diamond at a lower carat weight at this phase in the relationship.

Who Receives A Promise Ring?

Both partners may receive a promise ring. While some couples continue the tradition of one person receiving the promise ring (and engagement ring later on), more and more couples are opting to exchange rings with one another. Based on your budget and personal preferences, decide what works best for you

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