Proposal Rings: Top 12 Styles For Her

Alicia Briggs | January 23, 2023

Alicia Briggs | January 23, 2023

Selecting a proposal ring is always an important choice, but it doesn’t have to be a hard one. The right proposal ring for you should be one that best represents your loved one's style, personality, and preferences. Read on to discover the top 12 proposal rings best suited for each style and how to choose a beautiful VRAI created diamond engagement ring that you’ll treasure forever.

Book an appointment with a VRAI Diamond Expert for personalized guidance in selecting your proposal ring.

Is A Proposal Ring The Same As An Engagement Ring?

A proposal ring, just like an engagement ring, is the ring you propose with. A proposal ring is another name for an engagement ring and both terms can be used interchangeably.

A proposal ring will traditionally be worn on the left ring finger, the same as an engagement ring after the proposal has been accepted.

How Do You Pick A Good Proposal Ring?

When selecting a ring to propose, first consider your budget and your partner's preferences. You can easily explore our collection of beautiful VRAI proposal rings online or in one of our showrooms. This will help you get an idea of the diamond shape, engagement ring setting, and metal color that best reflects your loved one’s taste.

Certain diamond shapes and settings have specific meanings and are better suited for different styles, such as classic rings or Art Deco rings. We’ll cover the best-selling engagement rings for each style below.

Before choosing the perfect ring, make sure you know your partner's ring size. You can order a complimentary VRAI ring sizer to ensure the perfect fit.

Another thing to consider when choosing a proposal ring is the diamond 4Cscut, carat, clarity, and color, as well as diamond certification. These factors will determine the appearance, quality, and value of your diamond proposal ring.

Our VRAI Diamond Experts can walk you through how to buy an engagement ring that is best suited to your taste and budget when you book an appointment.

Which Of The Diamond 4Cs Is Most Important For Proposal Rings?

Which of the diamond 4C’s to prioritize when selecting a proposal ring will depend on the diamond shape and setting. While all of the diamond 4Cs should be considered to ensure a high-quality diamond, certain factors will play a bigger role in the appearance and value of your diamond, such as cut quality and carat weight.

Speak with a VRAI Diamond Expert for complimentary guidance on understanding the 4Cs of your proposal ring. How Many Carats Should An Engagement Ring Be? The best carat weight for your proposal ring depends on your personal preference, budget, and diamond shape. The most popular carat weight for a proposal ring is between 1 and 2 carats.

If you prefer a bigger, more brilliant ring, opt for higher-carat weight. However, all diamond shapes display carat weight differently, so certain shapes will look bigger than others at the same carat weight.

While carat weight should be prioritized when selecting a proposal ring, it’s not the only factor in determining the size and brilliance of your diamond.

What Are The Different Diamond Shapes For Proposal Rings?

Any diamond shape can make a wonderful proposal ring. Different proposal ring shapes will reflect different personalities and styles.

A Round Brilliant cut diamond is the most popular diamond shape, best suited for those with classic tastes. Emerald cut diamonds are perfect for those who love a timeless but bold look while Princess cut diamonds are a popular shape that will give a more modern look. Pear cut diamonds and Oval cut diamonds are wonderful for those who want to maximize the appearance of their diamond as well as who gravitate toward vintage-inspired rings.

When choosing your diamond shape, consider the meaning and your loved one's style to select a ring design that suits them best.

What Metals Are Used In Engagement Rings?

Most proposal rings have a platinum or solid gold band and may come with a choice of either a plain band or a customizable pavé diamond setting. There are four metal choices when it comes to proposal rings - platinum, 14k solid rose gold, 18k solid yellow gold, and 18k solid white gold. Different metals are better suited for different styles, lifestyles, and skin tones.

Platinum engagement rings are lustrous and durable, perfect for those with elegant yet minimalist tastes. Yellow gold engagement rings are a popular and classic choice, best suited for those with neutral or warm skin tones. White gold engagement rings create a clean, modern appearance and look beautiful on those with neutral or cool skin tones. Rose gold engagement rings are romantic, look good on any skin tone, and are perfect for those with vintage tastes.

What Are The Best Settings For Proposal Rings?

The best setting for a proposal ring will be the one that you love most. However, certain ring settings will help your diamond appear larger, while others can maximize brilliance, or highlight the style of the ring.

One of the most popular engagement ring settings is the timeless Solitaire engagment ring setting, with Signature Solitaire and Classic Solitaire being the most sought-after.

If you’d like to maximize the size of your diamond, consider a Halo engagment ring setting or a Cathedral engagement ring setting. For added brilliance, opt for a Three Stone setting or pavé band.

The Three Stone Oval
The Classic Hidden Halo Round Brilliant
The Toi et Moi Emerald and Pear

How Much Does A Proposal Ring Cost?

Several factors determine how much a proposal ring will cost. Proposal rings prices will range depending on the 4Cs, diamond shape, setting, and metal choice.

A more popular diamond shape, like a Round Brilliant, will cost more than a less popular, fancy-shaped diamond. A pavé band will generally cost more than a plain band, while a platinum band will cost more than rose gold. A higher quality diamond and a higher carat diamond will also cost more.

How much you should spend on an engagement ring will depend on these factors and your budget. You can compare the price of our proposal rings by exploring both engagement ring settings and VRAI created diamonds. Use our price filters to see which options are available within your price range and what’s a good price for a proposal ring.

VRAI has flexible payment options available including monthly financing for US customers and interest-free installments. Contact us for assistance in choosing a VRAI proposal ring that meets your financial needs.

Why You Should Choose a Lab Grown Proposal Ring

When you choose a VRAI sustainably created diamond, you’re choosing a proposal ring that reflects your love and your values. All VRAI created diamonds are produced in our zero-emission foundries, with no harmful human or environmental toll.

Since we’re there for the entire journey of the VRAI created diamond, with no middlemen, we can offer diamond prices that are less than our competitors.

When you purchase a VRAI lab-grown diamond proposal ring, not only are you getting a high-quality diamond for a better price, but you’re choosing a diamond that’s guilt-free.

The 12 Best Proposal Rings For Her

Discover some of our most popular VRAI proposal rings for each engagement ring style below.

Vintage-Inspired Proposal Rings

1.The Halo Pear

This stunning Halo engagement ring is both beautiful and timeless. A beautiful Pear diamond and rose gold band will give this ring an heirloom feel while a pavé setting will add brilliance.

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3.The Twisted Classic Marquise

A stunning take on a classic style, the Twisted Classic symbolizes two things coming together. Opt for a Marquise, Oval, or Emerald diamond with a yellow gold or rose gold band for a historic and brilliant feel.

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3.The Five Stone Heirloom Emerald

Create your own heirloom with The Five Stone Heirloom engagement ring. This ring is sure to make a statement. Add a rose gold band for a romantic feel or a yellow gold band to highlight the Emerald’s classic shape.

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Classic Proposal Rings

4.The Signature V Round Brilliant

For those who love a classic look with added flair, consider The Signature V. This slightly untraditional take on a timeless design is elegant and brilliant. Pair it with a Round Brilliant diamond and yellow gold or white gold band.

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5.The Floating Solitaire Oval

The Floating Solitaire engagement ring is a traditional silhouette that’s still daring and brilliant. The Solitaire setting with a Hidden Halo lifts the Oval diamond and maximizes its shine.

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6.The Cathedral Princess

Simple and graceful, the Cathedral engagement ring highlights the beauty of the Princess diamond. Choose a yellow gold band for a classic, warm look or white gold for a minimalist feel.

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Modern Proposal Rings

7.The Double Band Radiant

The Double Band is a unique, contemporary design. Choose a platinum or white gold band for a clean, lustrous look while a Radiant, Emerald, or Asscher diamond will highlight the lines and strength of this style.

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8.The Signature Bezel Asscher

The Signature Bezel is a beautifully balanced design, with a modern and updated look. Choose a pavé setting with a platinum or white gold band to further highlight the diamond's brilliance.

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9.The Three Stone Emerald

Another stunning modern design is the brilliant yet sleek Three Stone engagement ring. Opt for an Emerald diamond with a Baguette or Trillion side stone to contrast and highlight the angular shape of the center Emerald.

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Unique Proposal Rings

10.The Graduated Band Round Brilliant

For those who want a unique engagement ring that attracts attention, consider this diamond-forward design. Eight stunning diamonds are handset along the center diamond, for an ethereal and radiant look.

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11.The Duet Trillion

The Duet has both a vintage and contemporary feel to it. For a more unique look, opt for a Trillion or fancy-shaped diamond and choose a pavé or double pavé band.

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12.The Devotion Marquise

The Devotion engagement ring is a unique take on a classic solitaire setting. Choose between Baguette or Round Brilliant diamonds for the band and contrast them with the center diamond of your choice.

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Discover VRAI Created Diamond Proposal Rings

Explore our full collection of lab grown diamond proposal rings online or at one of our showrooms. When you book an appointment, our VRAI Diamond Experts can offer personalized, complimentary guidance on choosing a stunning proposal ring for you, as well as a $100 credit toward your purchase.


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