5 Questions for VRAI's Diamond Experts

VRAI | July 30, 2021

Our diamond experts are delighted to meet with couples throughout their engagement to not only finalize the look of their engagement rings and bands and provide lab-grown diamond education, but to also select fine jewelry from our Solitaire Collection to complete their nuptial look. These meetings are often intimate and celebratory. To find out more, we asked Grace, Meg, Snait, Queena, and Adams from our diamond experts team these five questions about what makes our virtual appointments choosing VRAI created diamonds so very special.

Who books a virtual appointment? The person proposing or the couple? What are these experiences like?

Snait: For me, it is sometimes couples, but mostly the man or the woman solo. I like to see their faces changing right after I congratulate them. Many times, I am the first person to do so! About 60% know the ring style they like, or are debating between 2-3 options. Eventually, they’ll choose the original style that they marked as top on their list. The rest usually ask for a “traditional” solitaire ring, plain or pavé band, with a variety of diamond shapes. I would say at least 80% are already set on a specific shape, the others debate between 2 shapes, and maybe 2% are open to discovering any shape.

Queena: It’s been a good mix so far! I’ve had brides-to-be attending by themselves to pick out the perfect ring, and then they have their partner buy the ring later to keep the surprise. I also have couples attending together, and the appointment feels intimate and relaxed as they are usually at home. Some clients become emotional as they see our rings on hand, as if they were wearing the rings themselves, which really makes the experience!

Why would you encourage clients to meet with you to choose wedding bands and wedding jewelry?

Meg: Meeting to pick out wedding bands is a fun part of wedding planning and can be valuable in seeing how different rings pair with their bands. Especially if they have a VRAI ring, we are able to show a close sample of their style to see how matching bands pair together. Finding a perfect match can be tricky without seeing them together! Wedding band appointments are usually more of a low-stress process for a couple; I've had more clients having a celebratory drink in a wedding band appointment than engagement!

Adams: I'm always showing wedding bands at the engagement ring meeting. It helps me discuss engagement rings when I also point out the necessity of wedding bands. This is because the majority of VRAI engagement ring designs are meant to pair with our wedding bands, so I want them to discover both before making a decision.

Can clients come to you to help select jewelry for their wedding party or mother of the bride?

Meg: They absolutely can! I've had clients include these questions usually in a wedding band appointment instead of a separate fine jewelry appointment. Pieces I'd recommend would be our Tiny Diamond collection, Solitaire collection of earrings and necklaces, and our Medallions.

Grace: I love the Solitaire collection for this because you can choose a different shape for each member of the bridal party, or a slightly larger carat weight for moms.

What is uniquely special about these consultations?

Grace: Virtuals allow us to meet with people not only country-wide, but world-wide. Many people don't live in major cities where there are a ton of options when it comes to shopping for your jewelry, and this gives everyone an opportunity to experience that white-glove service you might get in LA or NYC. People are often amazed at how much they can learn in a virtual appointment because the information we provide is uniquely customized to their specific ring or fine jewelry. We are able to give them really in-depth guidance.

Queena: There’s more than enough on people’s plates when it comes to wedding planning! I love meeting with clients so that I can make the experience as stress free as possible. I encourage clients to meet with me so that I can pair them with the perfect rings for their style and daily life, and the consultations tend to be upbeat and celebratory. There’s really an air of “Wow, this is happening,” that you can feel when couples are picking out their wedding jewelry.

Any last thoughts?

Grace: Come to a virtual appointment! No matter whether you're starting the process and looking for some entry-level guidance, or you've been researching for months and only have a few last-minute questions, we are always happy to speak with you. If you are looking for a wedding band or fine jewelry and have never shopped with us before, don't let that stop you either!