Quiet Luxury and Jewelry: Timeless Style Not Just a Trend

Alicia Briggs | July 06, 2023

The term “quiet luxury” has taken the world by storm, quickly becoming 2023’s biggest fashion buzzword as tv shows like Succession dominate pop culture and spotlight the “stealth wealth” aesthetic. While quiet luxury may be trending, the understated elegance that defines it is anything but trendy. Quiet luxury isn’t simply reserved for fashion - it often defines fine jewelry as well.

Read on to discover what quiet luxury is, where it came from, and how quiet luxury lab-grown diamond jewelry can be timeless and sustainable.

What Is Quiet Luxury Style?

Quiet luxury means dressing in an understated way that prioritizes quality and craftsmanship. The term comes from the subtle, understated way many of the uber-wealthy choose to dress. Like the characters we love to hate in Succession, quiet luxury style conveys an effortless air of status that has long been associated with those born into generational wealth. Quiet luxury is never flashy or logo-heavy - it doesn’t need to try.

Also known as “stealth wealth” or “old money aesthetic,” quiet luxury style embraces timeless, quality items that come at a luxury price tag without flaunting it. Think of well-made, effortless pieces that can be worn forever. This could be a perfectly pressed shirt, bespoke suit, vintage couture, or heirloom diamond jewelry.

Like minimalism, quiet luxury embraces mindful consumption and functionality. However, quiet luxury focuses more on building a wardrobe from premium or bespoke investment pieces that can be seamlessly worn together.

The primary pillar of quiet luxury is that it uses the highest quality materials available. Quiet luxury brand Loro Piana, for example, is a vertically integrated company that produces the finest cashmere fabrics in the world. Wearers can feel the difference in quality between these top-tier fabrics and those used in fast fashion.

Despite its association with the elite, a quiet luxury style can be adopted by anyone since it’s really just a timeless take on style. The focus is on quality over brand names or quantity, so consumers from a range of backgrounds can embrace this style. A timeless, well-fitting, personalized wardrobe made from premium materials can be found in thrift shops or smaller brands that prioritize craftsmanship.

The History of Quiet Luxury

Quiet luxury may be at the front and center in 2023 but it dates back to the Renaissance period. Royalty and the wealthy commonly had high-quality, handcrafted items created just for them by artisans. Since then, the concept of having a wardrobe filled with personalized, tailored items that are functional, fashionable, and enduring has been embraced by the wealthy.

There are three types of quiet luxury: bespoke, made-to-measure, and ready-to-wear. In the 20th and 21st centuries, designer labels started to make personal collections for their most devoted and exclusive clientele.

The difference between bespoke and made-to-measure is that made-to-measure uses a standardized pattern that is tailored to suit the customer's provided measurements. Bespoke means a cutter takes the client's measurements and then cuts a completely unique pattern just for them.

For the past few decades, certain brands, like Bottega Veneta, Loro Piana, or The Row, became known for their quiet luxury style. These designer labels embody ready-to-wear quiet luxury, with expertly crafted, subtle collections consistently chosen by those who are in the know.

While quiet luxury has been around for hundreds of years its existence has largely been, well, quiet - only known and adopted by some of the wealthiest. Until now.

With celebrities like Gwenyth Paltrow and Sofia Richie embodying the aesthetic, and pop culture embracing it, social media influencers are showing consumers at large how quiet luxury can be accessible.

Pop culture aside, many consumers are now becoming aware of the pitfalls of fast fashion and overconsumption. Quiet luxury offers a refined, personalized, and sustainable style of dressing that many are ready to embrace.

Is Quiet Luxury a Trend or Timeless?

Quiet luxury is the definition of timeless. It’s not about wearing the latest trends, or fast fashion. Quiet luxury means understanding what makes a piece of clothing or jewelry high quality so that you can select enduring pieces that will stand the test of time.

What Quiet Luxury Means For Fine Jewelry

Fine jewelry and quiet luxury go hand in hand. As consumers choose expertly crafted clothes, the same ethos is used when selecting jewelry. Historically, jewelry was given and worn to show status, culture, and lineage. Jewelry has long been handcrafted from precious materials and passed down for generations, creating rare family heirlooms.

Jewelry adds personal flair and elegance to any outfit. Shoppers who adopt a quiet luxury style will invest in quality, timeless pieces of jewelry to accessorize.

Quiet Luxury Jewelry

Timeless, understated jewelry, and bespoke heirloom pieces are staples of quiet luxury jewelry. Quiet luxury jewelry isn’t about the flashiest diamonds. It’s about intricate details, premium materials, expert craftsmanship, and artistry.

Consider enduring pieces made from platinum or gold, and historic diamond cuts with subtle brilliance such as Cushion, Oval, Emerald, or Marquise cut diamonds.

Quiet luxury jewelry should enhance your clothes and your style - not contrast or overpower them. A contemporary, elegant jewelry collection that features heirlooms and timeless-yet-modern pieces is a staple for this style.

Does Cost or Quality Matter More?

The most essential pillar of quiet luxury jewelry is quality. It features only the best, highest-quality materials and craftsmanship. The focus is on the details including how each piece was made and where the materials were sourced.

Due to its quality, fine jewelry can be an investment but it doesn’t have to come at an exorbitant price tag. Cost does not always reflect the true value of a piece of jewelry. When it comes to diamonds, many diamond retailers don’t price according to their worth.

VRAI created fine jewelry is handcrafted by master craftspeople with handset lab-grown diamonds and recycled solid gold. Despite using premium materials, we can offer the most competitive prices for luxury jewelry in the industry because we produce everything ourselves, with no middlemen markups.

How Timeless Jewelry Can Be Sustainable

Quiet luxury jewelry can and should be sustainable. For years, luxury jewelry was primarily dominated by the mined diamond industry. Consumers were told that all precious materials were finite and had to be sourced through processes that were destructive and unethical. Luxury and quality only seemed possible at the expense of sustainability.

Thankfully, that’s no longer the case. VRAI has mastered creating handcrafted, thoughtfully designed, timeless fine jewelry without sacrificing sustainability or ethics.

Whether you’re seeking bespoke pieces, one-of-a-kind lab-grown diamonds, or ready-to-wear quiet luxury jewelry, all VRAI jewelry is made-to-order from premium materials and carbon neutral.

Sourcing aside, quiet luxury jewelry is meant to be worn for a lifetime. It inspires consumers to create a curated, enduring jewelry collection instead of a trendy, disposable one. Investing in quality pieces that are responsibly sourced, handcrafted, and meant to last is the definition of sustainability.

Why VRAI Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry Will Always Be Timeless

VRAI fine jewelry prioritizes quality, refined designs, and exceptional artistry above all else. Our contemporary designs are always timeless but never trendy. Each piece of VRAI jewelry is meticulously crafted using premium materials that meet our unmatched quality and sustainability standards.

At VRAI you’ll find understated yet bold designs that differentiate from the generic options available on the market today. Many of our designs are an updated take on classic or heirloom styles.

With VRAI, you never have to compromise on style, quality, or ethics to enjoy luxury jewelry that lasts a lifetime.

The Top 5 VRAI Jewelry Designs That Embody Quiet Luxury

While all VRAI fine jewelry designs could be considered quiet luxury jewelry, the following collections and pieces particularly embody the style’s understated elegance.

Double Row Diamond Gold Bangle

1. VRAI V Collection

The VRAI V Collection offers true luxury craftsmanship without compromise. This daring yet elegant collection includes ten perennial statement pieces based on classic Solitaire designs.

Each style features our innovative knife-edge V setting, VRAI created diamonds, and 14k solid gold. Every handmade piece, from the V Tennis Choker to the V Cuff Ring, expresses your individuality, elevating any look.

Shop VRAI V Collection
Duo Drop Pear Diamond Earrings

2. Duo Pear Drop Earring

The sophisticated Drop earring is a timeless piece that belongs in every quiet luxury jewelry collection.

VRAI’s Duo Pear Drop Earring features a .5-carat Round Brilliant diamond and a 1-carat Pear cut diamond in a solid gold drop setting. It’s the embodiment of understated elegance, with a vintage-inspired look that could easily be a family heirloom.

Trillion diamond bezel station necklace

3. Bezel Essentials

Few settings are as timeless, subtle, and functional as a Bezel setting. The VRAI Bezel Essentials collection features eight sleek designs set in a 14k solid gold, highly secure and thoroughly modern Bezel setting.

Choose between ten different diamond shapes for a distinct piece that truly suits you.

two engagement rings next to a ring sizer and package
two engagement rings next to a ring sizer and package

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Mixed Bezel Emerald and Round Brilliant Diamond Tennis Necklace

4. Tennis Collection

The VRAI Tennis Collection includes necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that all feature the historic tennis design.

The Tennis Necklace was historically worn to represent status but the popularity of this refined yet brilliant design has only increased. Our vintage-inspired Tennis designs have exquisite detail, optimal brilliance, and unwavering elegance.

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Emerald Diamond Signet Ring

5. VRAI Signet Ring

The Signet Ring is a historic design, worn by royalty, religious leaders, and the wealthy. It featured the family crest and was used to sign important documents.

Today, Signet Rings are a sought-after fine jewelry design worn by all. VRAI’s Signet Ring is a contemporary rendition of this historical design. Choose between three historic diamond shapes set in 14k solid gold for a bold yet refined ring that updates everyday attire.

Shop Signet Ring

Shop All Elegant Fine Jewelry Designs

Explore all made-to-order VRAI fine jewelry designs online. Whether you want to create a custom design or a piece that features VRAI created Diamonds Cut for You™, let us help you curate a timeless fine jewelry collection.


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