Best Ring Engraving Ideas: How to Personalize and Engrave a Ring

Alicia Briggs | November 15, 2023

Alicia Briggs | November 15, 2023

Throughout history, engraving rings has been a traditional and common practice. People engrave sentimental messages on fine jewelry or engagement rings to leave a custom mark on a treasured piece. Use this complete ring engraving guide to learn how and what to engrave on your favorite ring.

All VRAI created diamond engagement and wedding rings can be engraved with a custom message when you order your ring online or in person at one of our showrooms.

Can I Engrave a Ring?

You can engrave any type of ring, but engraved engagement rings and wedding rings are particularly popular. Ring engravings are a wonderful way to add a romantic, sentimental, or personalized addition to your favorite ring.

What Is Usually Engraved on a Ring?

People often choose to engrave rings with something meaningful to them, or related to an important relationship. A significant date, your loved ones' initials, or a quote are all common ring engravings.

What Are the Different Types of Ring Engraving?

There are two primary methods of engraving rings: by hand or by laser.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is the newest method of ring engraving. Laser engraving (also known as digital engraving) uses a computer-programmed laser to carve the jewelry. Some jewelers may use machines with diamond heads instead of lasers. Laser engravings are the most precise, and perfect for intricate engravings.

Hand Engraving

Hand engraving is the oldest method for engraving jewelry. An engraver uses a tool to expertly carve into the metal by hand. Hand engraving allows more freedom and creativity for engravings. It requires a highly skilled engraver, as it’s much easier to damage the jewelry while hand engraving.

What Is the Best Method of Engraving?

Laser is the best type of engraving for rings. Laser engravings are the most flexible and precise. This approach can also be used on a variety of hard metals that aren’t easy to engrave by hand. This is why VRAI, and most jewelers, use laser for all ring engravings.

Is Ring Engraving Worth It?

If you want to add a personalized touch to your ring, then ring engravings are worth it. Most engravings are located inside the band of the ring, so only you will see them. If you want your favorite piece of jewelry to hold a special message or reminder of a loved one, then a ring engraving is a wonderful choice.

What Are the Disadvantages of Engraving?

There are very few disadvantages to engraving, but we always recommend getting your ring engraved by a professional to ensure a quality engraving.

Before getting your ring engraved, consider the following:

  • Engravings slightly increase the total cost.
  • Some jewelers won’t let you return engraved rings.
  • Personalized engravings may lower the resell value.
  • Changing an engraving isn’t always possible.
  • If your engraved ring needs to be resized, it may impact the engraving depending on how big it is.

Before getting your ring engraved, make sure that you truly want the engraving, that you have the correct ring size, and confirm the return policy for engraved rings.

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Best Engagement Ring Engraving Ideas

Deciding what to engrave on an engagement ring can be difficult. While many people get their initials or “I love you,” engraved on an engagement ring, there are numerous possibilities.

Consider the following ideas for engagement ring engravings:

Unique Ring Engraving Ideas

  • Coordinates from your first date or kiss
  • Quote from a favorite song, book, or movie
  • Personal symbols such as zodiac signs
  • Favorite phrase you’ve said to each other
  • Time of birth

Ring Engraving Options for Him & Her

  • Nicknames
  • The other’s initials
  • Coordinating phrases or quotes
  • Secret messages for each other

Funny Ring Engravings

  • An inside joke
  • “Dibs”
  • “A Perfect Fit”
  • “Level Up: From Couple to Engaged”
  • “Ready Player One for Eternity”
  • “Non-refundable”
  • “Property of _

Ideas for Wedding Ring Engravings

  • Quote from vows
  • Initials
  • Religious passages
  • Wedding date
  • Romantic poetry

How to Engrave a Ring

We always recommend having a professional engrave your ring, especially for valuable engagement or wedding rings.

To engrave your engagement or wedding ring with VRAI:

Step 1: Choose Your Ring

Explore our full inventory of engagement and wedding rings online. Select your preferred ring and its customizable details.

Step 2: Decide What You Want to Engrave

Before buying the ring, figure out what you want to engrave on it. Engravings can be up to sixteen characters, including spaces, for VRAI designs.

Step 3: Select “Add Engraving”

Tap “Add engraving” located underneath the section to add your ring size. Type your preferred engraving in the designated text box, then select the “Add engraving” button below.

Your ring will then be made to order with your engraving. Your personalized engraving will appear inside the band, opposite the “VRAI” trademark.

If you have a unique idea for a ring engraving, or you’re not seeing the option to add an engraving on your preferred ring, book an appointment with a VRAI diamond expert. They can help with custom engravings.

Engraved Rings FAQs

Read on for answers to frequently asked questions about ring engravings.

How Much Does It Cost to Engrave a Ring?

It costs $60 to engrave a ring with VRAI. If you need to return your VRAI engagement ring, please note that the engraving fee is non-refundable.

How Do You Make Engravings Stand Out on a Ring?

The engraving method you choose will impact how noticeable the engraving is. Laser engravings are preferred for rings because they create a darker, more prominent engraving. You can also work with a professional jeweler to enhance the appearance of your ring engraving.

What Is the Difference Between Etching and Engraving Jewelry?

Etching jewelry can be done traditionally with acid-resistant wax, or through laser etching. It’s a quick process that melts the surface layer of the metal, to create shallow markings.

Etching does not last nearly as long as engraving, as the etching markings are not as deep or wear-resistant. Etching is best for less durable or thinner materials like plastic, wood, and paper, while engraving is best for jewelry.

Do Engraved Rings Last?

Engraved rings should last a lifetime. Laser engravings are extremely durable and wear-resistant. They should last as long as your ring does.

Can I Engrave a Ring After It’s Made?

While it’s best to engrave your ring when you buy it, you can engrave a ring after it’s made. Book an appointment with a VRAI diamond expert to engrave your ring.

Discover VRAI Created Diamond Rings

Explore our full inventory of lab-grown diamond rings to find the perfect ring to engrave. VRAI fine jewelry is the only fine jewelry available today that uses only Carbon Neutral Certified lab diamonds. Our designs are expertly crafted from premium materials and VRAI created diamonds grown in the world’s first zero-emission foundry.

When you choose a VRAI created diamond ring to engrave, you’re choosing a ring that represents your values and your love.

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