Silver Jewelry: Your Ultimate Buying Guide

Kimberly Zerkel | April 19, 2023

Kimberly Zerkel | April 19, 2023

It’s no secret that silver jewelry is having a moment. From runways to red carpets and everywhere in between, fine jewelry lovers are stacking and layering their favorite looks in this timeless metal color. Some are inspired by 90s trends, others by vintage-inspired pieces. Regardless of your reason for indulging in silver jewelry, there are designs featuring VRAI created diamonds meant just for you.

What Is Sterling Silver Jewelry?

Sterling silver jewelry is made from a mixture of pure silver and another alloy, usually copper. Pure silver makes up 92.5% of sterling silver, whereas another metal alloy such as copper makes up 7.5%.

Silver is an excellent choice for jewelry particularly when it comes to price. As it is less precious than gold or platinum, it is more affordable — making it perfect to build your collection of necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings in this sleek, beloved color.

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What Silver Is Best For Jewelry?

Because it is easier to work with that pure silver, sterling silver is considered the best option for jewelry making. Pure silver is softer and at a higher price point, whereas sterling silver is sturdier and more affordable. Sterling silver has a high strength-to-weight ratio, which means that it will feel lightweight when wearing it, but durable and unlikely to break.

Is Sterling Silver Considered Fine Jewelry?

Sterling silver jewelry is considered fine jewelry. Fine jewelry is defined as being made from sterling silver, gold, or platinum, as well as diamonds or precious gemstones. Although sterling silver is less precious than gold (which itself is less precious than platinum), it is still a highly sought-after precious metal.

Silver Vs. Gold

Many consider the only difference between gold and silver to be color, but that is not the case. Silver and gold are entirely different metals. Silver is more plentiful than gold, which is one reason why it is considered less precious than gold (although it is still a precious metal). Mixing silver or gold with alloys to be used in fine jewelry designs is also different — sterling silver is almost entirely made of pure silver alloys, whereas both 14k and 18k gold are blended with more alloys to make it more durable.

As far as color is concerned, gold is available in yellow, white and rose hues. Silver is the closest in appearance to both white gold and platinum, but is often less shiny and has more grayish tones.

Is Silver Or Gold Jewelry More Popular?

Yellow gold designs are still the most popular and best-selling jewelry gifts on the market today. However, silver continues to grow in popularity and is a current sought-after style. This is to do with many designers paying tribute to 90s-style silver jewelry trends. But both silver and gold jewelry are considered timeless and well-loved.

Does Silver Or Gold Jewelry Look Better On You?

Traditionally, it is said that yellow gold looks best on those with warm skin undertones while silver is preferred for cooler undertones. Many have chosen to buck these rules and simply choose which metal they prefer.

If you want to know which color jewelry to buy without trying them on, try and find your skin undertone first. This can be accomplished by looking at the veins closest to your wrist. Warm undertones will have greenish-looking veins whereas cool undertones will have blue or pink veins. If you are warmer, try yellow and rose gold. If you are cooler, consider silver, or white gold and platinum.

Can You Mix Silver And Gold Jewelry?

Yes, you may mix silver and gold jewelry! Mixing silver and white gold jewelry is common because both will have a similar color and look from a distance. Rose gold is often mixed with sterling silver or other shades of gold as it is the most versatile and pairs well with both white and yellow shades. Mixing yellow gold and silver jewelry is a modern look for those with bolder taste and dramatic style.

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Sterling Silver Jewelry: Favorite Looks For Every Style

Find the sterling silver jewelry with VRAI created lab-grown diamonds that are coveted today and will last for a lifetime.

Silver Rings

A sterling silver ring such as the Aura Solitaire Ring can be worn on its own for easy and effortless style. For those looking for sterling silver stacking rings, layering multiple Aura Solitaires with either the same or mixed colors of ceramic halo is perfect for creating a bold and dramatic stack. And while a sterling silver ring might not be the right fit for mixing with your wedding ring set, wearing them with other 14k gold rings is perfect for a day-to-day stack.

The Aura Solitaire Ring

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Silver Necklaces

Silver necklaces such as the Aura Solitaire Necklace are everyday staples that you can wear on their own from day to day. For added shine, consider layering multiple necklaces with different-colored ceramic halos, or mixing with white gold necklaces in a different silhouette. A favorite layered look is pairing the Aura Solitaire with the Knife-Edge Bezel Station Necklace or a Solitaire Necklace in white gold.

The Aura Solitaire Necklace

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Silver Bracelets

Sterling silver bracelets such as Aura Solitaire Bracelets are perfect for solo wear or for stacking and layering. Because this particular design comes with a ceramic halo in different colors, you can mix and match for a look true to your style. The ultimate in mixing and matching would come from pairing an Aura Solitaire Bracelet with Tennis Bracelet for a look that’s dressed up and paired down at the same time.

The Aura Solitaire Bracelet

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Silver Earrings

Silver earrings such as the Aura Solitaire Studs can be worn on their own or stacked all the way up the earlobe. But an ideal way to add playful, statement-making style is to pair the studs with Aura Solitaire Ear Jackets for extra drama and brilliance. Also consider mixing these solitaire studs with Bezel Solitaire Studs in white gold for sophisticated contrast.

The Aura Solitaire Studs

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Shop Silver Jewelry With VRAI Created Diamonds

Ready to discover sterling silver jewelry with VRAI created diamonds? Shop favorite styles to begin building your own personal collection. And mix and match with other fine jewelry styles for a look that’s uniquely yours. Book an appointment to learn more about silver jewelry and rings you can purchase at VRAI.

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