Square Cut Engagement Rings: A Favorite Modern Look

Kimberly Zerkel | October 19, 2022

Kimberly Zerkel | October 19, 2022

Most associate square cut diamond rings with Princess cut engagement rings. This contemporary and perfectly square diamond shape gives any setting a thoroughly modern look. While Princess cut lab-grown diamonds are the closest to a true square, there are many other diamond shapes that are squared or feature the same linear edges. These shapes stand apart from the more traditional Round Brilliant cut diamond or other fancy shapes, like Pear and Marquise.

But are square cut engagement rings right for you? Read on to learn more about this modern favorite, or book an appointment with our diamond experts to find the VRAI created diamond that’s right for you.

What Is A Square Cut Engagement Ring Called?

Most square cut engagement rings are called Princess cut engagement rings, but this name isn’t entirely accurate. Cushion, Asscher, Radiant, and Emerald cut engagement rings are also associated with square diamond rings.

What Are Rounded Square Engagement Rings?

The proper term for a rounded square engagement ring is a Cushion cut engagement ring. A Cushion cut diamond is similar to a Princess, except that its edges and corners are rounded, giving it its pillow-like appearance and name.

Square Diamond Engagement Ring Shapes

Depending on the exact shape and cut of your square diamond, the overall look and feel of your engagement ring can change dramatically. Most shapes lend themselves well to modern-yet-timeless styles, but some are perfect for vintage-inspired settings. Which square diamond engagement ring shape is the one meant just for you?

Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Princess cut engagement rings can be solitaire rings, as well three or five stone settings with a Princess cut at its center. A Princess cut diamond features brilliant cut facets, similar to a Round Brilliant cut diamond, but with a distinctive square shape. The Princess is one of the most contemporary diamond shapes to date and gives any setting a clean, modern look.

The Knife-Edge
The Three Stone
The Five Stone Heirloom

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

A Cushion cut diamond features brilliant cut facets and is similar to a Round Brilliant diamond, but with a slightly more squared shape. Its unique name comes from its cushion-like appearance. A Cushion cut engagement ring, although featuring a modern shape, almost always has a soft and vintage-inspired look.

The Graduated Band
The Floating Split Band
The Signature Bezel

Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

An Asscher cut diamond is a squared shape known for mesmerizing step facets and Art Deco appeal. Almost any Asscher cut engagement ring is the epitome of Art Deco inspired style and is ideal for those wanting an heirloom look. An Asscher cut diamond features step cut facets and is similar to an Emerald cut diamond, only squarer in shape.

The Five Stone Heirloom
The Floating Solitaire
The Baguette Bar

Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

An Emerald cut engagement ring highlights the world’s oldest diamond shape in a design that will stand the test of time. This diamond shape is known for its clean, precise lines and hall-of-mirrors shine. Those who choose an Emerald cut engagement ring love its historic appeal and timeless beauty. This style suits those with more classic taste who want something different than a traditional Round.

The Three Stone
The Toi Et Moi
The Signature East-West

Radiant Cut Engagement Rings

A Radiant cut diamond combines the clean lines of an Emerald with the brilliant cut facets of a Round. Those who choose a Radiant cut engagement ring love it for its modern appeal and extraordinary brilliance. It’s best suited to those with contemporary taste or maximalist style who choose the Radiant ring for its eye-catching scintillation.

The Signature Solitaire
The Three Stone
The Devotion

Popular Square Cut Engagement Ring Styles

From various engagement ring settings to different metal colors, there are multiple ways of personalizing your square cut engagement ring to make it uniquely yours. Explore these popular square cut styles and discover the array of choices at your very fingertips.

Square Halo Engagement Rings

Most square cut diamonds are contemporary shapes, having come into existence in the mid-twentieth century. But when combined with a Halo setting — a circle of pavé set diamonds around the center stone — your Halo engagement ring has an instant vintage twist, ideal for those wanting an heirloom look.

The Halo
The Halo
The Halo

Gold Square Engagement Rings

Square diamond engagement rings come in 18k solid yellow and white gold, or 14k rose gold. Which color you choose is entirely personal. Yellow gold engagement rings are often considered the most traditional, as yellow is the color associated with gold itself. White gold engagement rings are modern and sleek, giving this style an even more contemporary look and feel. Rose gold engagement rings are romantic and vintage-inspired and pair well with both yellow and white gold jewelry collections. You can also consider if a prong setting is suitable for your engagement ring.

The Classic
The Classic Hidden Halo
The Classic Two Tone

Platinum Square Engagement Rings

Platinum engagement rings are considered the ultimate indulgence and are famed for their durability and strength. Whether used in a vintage-inspired setting or in a sleek and modern ring, the choice of platinum will create an overall look of timeless elegance.

The Devotion
The Floating Split Band
The Cathedral

Are There Square Diamond Wedding Rings?

There are certain square diamond weddings. The Eternity Band can feature either Emerald or Princess cut diamonds, for example. The same is true for the Five Stone Band, which can highlight both of these squared shapes. The Tetrad Ring highlights four Emerald cut diamonds.

For wedding rings featuring Cushion, Asscher, or Radiant cut engagement rings, book an appointment with a diamond expert to discuss a potential custom design.

Which Wedding Band Goes With Square Engagement Rings?

Beyond the Eternity Band or Five Stone band, the best wedding bands for pairing depend on your personal preferences and your engagement ring. A metal band, like the Round Band or Flat Band, are timeless and traditional. For those wanting a diamond-accented ring, start first by considering your center stone.

If you have a brilliant-cut Princess, Cushion, or Radiant cut diamond, a pavé set band or one featuring Round Brilliant cut diamonds might be best, like the Infinity Band, pavé Signature V Band, or Half Pavé Band. If you’ve selected an Emerald or Asscher, consider pairing with a Baguette shaped diamond band, like the Baguette Bar Band, Alternating Shapes Band, or Devotion Band.

The best way to ensure the perfect pair is by speaking with a diamond expert who can ensure that the two rings will sit comfortably together on your finger.

Find Square Cut Engagement Rings With Our Diamond Experts

Ready to make a square cut engagement ring your very own? Speak with our diamond experts, in-store, or online for personalized guidance and expert advice. They’ll offer you in-depth diamond education and make buying an engagement ring effortless — so you can say yes right away!

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