earring stacks
earring stacks

Stacked Earrings: Top 5 Stacks For Every Style

Kimberly Zerkel | January 20, 2023

This year, yet again, one of the most sought-after looks in the fine jewelry world is stacked earrings. Statement earrings in general are coveted and well-loved, but the stack is the most effortless way of creating a head-turning look. But while some stacked earrings are undoubtedly dramatic, there are more subtle or effortless everyday looks as well.

Which stack is right for your style? And what fresh stacking ideas can you introduce to invigorate your look? Read on to discover our top 5 favorite stacking ideas. And shop earrings featuring VRAI created diamonds to find the designs made just for you!

What Are Earring Stacks?

Earring stacks are a styling technique that requires wearing two or more earrings at once on a single ear. Stacks can be worn on one ear or both; oftentimes, a stack is created by mixing different styles of earrings, but this isn’t required. Technically, a stack could include multiple variations of the same style, like Solitaire Studs in different diamond shapes or diamond carat weights.

Why Are Earring Stacks Popular?

Earring stacks have grown in popularity over the past couple of decades as more and more individuals opt for multiple piercings. A look once reserved for only the most daring of fashion lovers, earrings stacks — particularly when they involve diamond earrings — are now the perfect blend of edgy and elegant.

Stacking earrings also means that you can experiment with wearing different styles of earrings all at once. This is ideal for those who want to add a little more drama to their regular diamond stud rotation or for those looking for a style that transitions well from day to night.

Do You Need Multiple Piercings For Earring Stacks?

Not necessarily. While having at least two piercings makes stacking earrings effortless, ear cuffs are also a great way of building your own stack. Simply add one or more cuffs to your upper ear for a stack that requires absolutely no piercings!

What Are The Best Earring Stack Ideas?

The best earring stack is the one that you can wear comfortably and pairs with your own unique style. However, the most popular earring stacks usually mix and match various styles. Our favorites combine different designs, such as drop or hoop earrings with studs, or highlight various sizes of earrings. Read on for the best earring stack ideas!

1.Stacked Hoop Earrings

Playing with various lengths and styles of hoop earrings is a great way to create a stand-out earring stack. We love starting with a larger or more diamond-forward design first, such as the Eternity Hoop Earrings. Then add in the small (10 mm) Pavé Hoops or Knife-Edge Bezel Drop Huggie Hoops. If you can, wear all three together or add a stud further up the stack for added variety.

2.Gold Earring Stacks

Go for the gold with an earring stack that shows off your favorite color of solid gold. While most earrings featuring VRAI created diamonds come in rose or white gold as well, 14k solid yellow gold is a popular choice. We love combining the Duo Dangle Earring with its dramatic gold chain alongside Bezel Solitaire Studs or Orion Studs (or both!) in matching yellow gold.

3.Stacked Stud Earrings

One of the most effortless ways to create a stack is by combining different stud earring styles. Start with a Solitaire or Halo Stud (if possible, a higher carat weight such as a 1 carat diamond earring is best here). Add on additional smaller studs, such as the Petite Solitaire Stud or Pavé V Stud to complete. Stacked stud earrings are the most popular stacking style for everyday wear.

4.Ear Climber Stacks

Ear Climbers, also known as Ear Arcs, feature multiple diamonds that climb up the ear instead of hanging down, like a drop or hoop earring. Even though these styles are already eye-catching, there’s no rule against pairing with more diamonds! Our favorite look is pairing with Mixed Drop Earrings or Duo Drop Earrings for a diamond-forward stack that will leave everyone talking.

5.Stacked Drop Earrings

Combining earrings that drop and dangle with smaller earrings that climb up your ear is a favorite for those with the most sophisticated style. Stacked drop earring styles include pairing Linked Tennis Earrings with Pavé Studs or Pavé Bar Studs, for example. This combination is comfortable enough for everyday wear but also tailor-made for special occasions.

How Do You Style An Earring Stack?

The best way to create a stack is by selecting two or three pairs of earrings that range in size but feature similar diamond shapes and the same metal color. Start your stack at the bottom of your lobe with the piercing closest to your face — this piercing is usually best for the largest earring, or one that dangles. Work your way up the ear moving from largest to smallest. If stacking with an ear climber, reserve it for your second or third piercing, as long as it can still sit comfortably on your ear.

What Other Jewelry Do You Pair With Earring Stacks?

There are two options for those wearing earring stacks with other jewelry — go minimal or go big! For those wanting the earring stacks to stand out on their own, consider adding only one ring, like an Eternity Band, or a simple bracelet style such as the Petite Solitaire Bracelet. For those looking for something more dramatic, matching your earring stack with a Tennis Necklace or other tennis styles is sure to do the trick!

Shop Earring Stacks With VRAI Created Diamonds

The easiest way to create an earring stack? Start your fine jewelry collection with designs featuring VRAI created lab-grown diamonds. Because these looks feature diamonds made from converted greenhouse gas in our zero-emission foundry, you can indulge in as many earring stacks as you like, guilt-free.