Statement Rings: Discover The Look That Does All The Talking

Kimberly Zerkel | August 22, 2022

When it comes to selecting your fine jewelry for work or a special occasion, there are certain go-to looks that never go out of style. A statement ring — sometimes called a cocktail ring or right-hand ring — is one such look that has stood the test of time.

Once reserved for those with the boldest or most dramatic style, there are now statement rings featuring VRAI created diamonds that everyone can incorporate into their look. Read on to discover more about lab-grown diamond statement rings and find the one that conveys your own unique message to the world.

What Is A Statement Ring?

To understand what a statement ring is, look no further than the name. This fine jewelry design is made to allure and make a bold statement. A statement ring can symbolize status or power — but more often than not, it’s an expression of style.

Most statement rings are larger in size, or feature more diamonds and gold than a standard solitaire ring. Some will have a distinctive setting that sets them apart, like a domed top or twisted band. Because they are designed to captivate and truly stand apart, many choose to wear a statement ring on its own without other jewelry or accessories.

Is A Statement Ring A Cocktail Ring?

Statement rings and cocktail rings are essentially the same. The two terms are often used interchangeably.

Can A Statement Ring Be An Engagement Ring?

Yes! While most opt for Solitaire, Toi et Moi, or Three Stone settings for an engagement, there is no rule against wearing these rings as you see fit.

Choose the setting and diamond shape, then customize with your favorite metal color, pavé details and more. Measure your ring size on whatever finger you choose to wear it and then celebrate your love for yourself with a statement ring meant just for you.

What Hand Should You Wear A Statement Ring On?

Cocktail and statement rings are sometimes referred to as “right hand rings.” That’s because most individuals want it to stand apart from an engagement ring or wedding band worn on the left hand. There is no strict rule, however, so choose the hand or finger that feels most comfortable for you. Just be sure to find your ring size in advance to ensure the perfect fit.

How Do You Choose A Statement Ring?

Choosing a statement ring should be entirely based on your personal taste and the “statement” you want to make. Consider where you’ll be wearing the ring — whether in the boardroom or a ballroom — and select a look that appeals to you and will feel appropriate for the setting.

Although many try to choose a ring highlighting the diamond shape or metal color that most often appears in their jewelry collection, a statement ring is an invitation to experiment. Try fancy shapes or settings that are different from your everyday essentials for a look that is truly head-turning.

Diamond Statement Rings

One of the most powerful statements you can make is with a diamond-forward ring. While choosing a solitaire that highlights a diamond of greater carat weight is one option, a cluster of diamonds is often even better. Explore Three Stone, Toi et Moi, or a Five Stone Band for diamond statement rings that do all the talking.

Yellow Gold Statement Rings

A statement ring in any metal color can create a powerful look. But there’s something about the bright, colorful yellow gold that makes a statement ring even more eye-catching. A Tetrad Ring with your choice of diamond shape, a Curator Band with pavé details, or a Unity Ring known for its distinctive design are each coveted styles that make a big impact.

Vintage Statement Rings

Ideally, your statement ring should be a conversation starter. And when you choose a vintage-inspired design, admirers might ask if your ring is a family heirloom. A sophisticated Signet Ring, elegant Halo, or dramatic Signature V are vintage-inspired designs that are sure to be heirlooms in the making.

What Are Popular Statement Rings For Women?

Statement rings for women are as diverse as the individuals who wear them. There are certain styles, however, that are sought after time and time again. Bypass styles like the Trellis and Mixed Cuff Ring are coveted for their non-traditional look. Three Stone rings that allow you to mix and match your favorite diamond shapes are also well-loved for their customizable design and dramatic brilliance.

What Are Popular Statement Rings For Men?

Unisex statement rings or statement rings for men exude confidence, self-expression, and sophistication. From a vintage-inspired Signet Ring, to powerful Contract Ring or Compass Ring, these designs are popular looks for individuals with curated style. Each works perfectly on any finger, but a statement pinky ring is particularly alluring.

Speak With Our Diamond Experts

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