12 Top 3 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Rings: A Buying Guide

Alicia Briggs | March 7, 2023

Alicia Briggs | March 7, 2023

3 carat Emerald cut diamond rings perfectly blend a timeless yet modern look, exuding strength, and mesmerizing brilliance. If you’re considering an Emerald cut diamond engagement ring, this guide has everything you need to find the perfect ring for you. Read on to learn how to buy a 3 carat Emerald cut diamond ring, and the 12 best-selling styles to inspire your selection.

For complimentary personalized guidance, book an appointment with our VRAI Diamond Experts.

What Does An Emerald Cut Diamond Ring Say About You?

An Emerald cut diamond ring conveys power and timeless elegance. Emerald cut diamonds are one of the oldest diamond shapes, so it’s a perfect choice for those who love a modern yet historic look that breaks from tradition.

Is 3 Carats Too Big For An Emerald Cut Engagement Ring?

3 carats is a wonderful carat weight for an engagement ring. The average engagement ring is between 1-2 carats, but 3 carats is ideal for those who want a bigger diamond that makes a bolder statement.

Keep in mind that the diamond carat price increases as the carat weight increases. If you’re on a budget, but still want a 3 carat diamond ring, we recommend buying just shy of your ideal carat weight to lessen the total cost.

However, VRAI created diamond engagement rings are priced competitively and accessibly, so you can buy a high-quality Emerald cut diamond for less.

Why Should You Choose A 3 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Ring?

A 3 carat diamond ring, Emerald cut, is a perfect choice for those who want an updated take on a traditional engagement ring design. Emerald cut diamonds are beloved for their clean and sharp lines and their step cut, which creates a stunning “hall-of-mirrors” effect when reflecting light. This linear, elongated shape maximizes its carat weight while making your fingers appear longer.

A 3 carat Emerald cut engagement ring is ideal for those who have both modern or classic tastes and prefer a bigger diamond with stunning brilliance.

Do Emerald Cut Diamonds Look Bigger?

Emerald cut diamonds will look bigger than many other diamond shapes, including Round Brilliant cut diamonds. Due to their elongated form and large table, they maximize their carat weight.

If you want your Emerald cut engagement ring to look even bigger, the engagement ring setting you choose can help enhance your Emerald cut diamond. Opt for a Halo, Bezel, or Cathedral setting to maximize the size of your Emerald cut diamond.

How Does A 3 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Ring Look On Hand?

A 3 carat Emerald cut diamond ring will appear beautifully big on your hand and it will help slim and elongate your fingers. You can view how each 3 carat Emerald cut diamond ring will look on your finger when you select a VRAI created diamond online. Each diamond will have a virtual example on a size 6 hand, so you can easily compare how different diamonds and settings will look on your hand.

Do Emerald Cut Diamonds Cost More?

Emerald cut diamonds will generally cost less than a Round Brilliant cut diamond of the same carat weight and quality. Emerald cut diamonds don’t typically cost more or less than most other diamond shapes of the same quality and carat, but the cost will range based on the diamond 4Cs.

Our VRAI Diamond Experts can help you find a stunning VRAI created Emerald cut diamond within your budget and preferences.

How Much Is A 3 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Worth?

How much a 3 carat Emerald Cut diamond is worth depends on the overall diamond grade. At the time of publication, an Excellent cut 3 carat Emerald cut diamond starts at $3,678.

How Much Does a 3 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Ring Cost?

Several factors determine 3 carat Emerald cut diamond ring prices. The diamond grade as well as the setting, metal color, and band will all influence the cost of your engagement ring. At the time of publication, VRAI created Emerald cut engagement rings start at $4,678 and go up from there.

How to Buy A 3 Carat Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

The best and easiest way to buy an engagement ring is to book an appointment with a VRAI Diamond Expert. They can help you find an unforgettable 3 carat Emerald cut diamond ring that suits your style, lifestyle, and budget.

You can also purchase an Emerald cut engagement ring online. Start by choosing the 3 carat VRAI Created diamond of your choice, then select the setting you love, the metal color, and a plain or pavé band. Once you’ve finished customizing your engagement ring, you can purchase the ring and it will be shipped to your home.

When choosing a 3 carat Emerald cut diamond, first prioritize diamond clarity. Due to this shape’s step-cut, inclusions are often more visible, so it’s important to select a higher clarity grade for peak beauty and brilliance.

Why Should I Choose a Lab-grown 3 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Ring?

When you choose lab-grown diamonds instead of mined diamonds, you’re selecting a beautiful diamond that is sustainably created. Both mined and lab-grown diamonds are considered real diamonds, but the primary difference is the point of origin and cost.

VRAI created diamonds are sustainably created in our zero-emission foundries. We’re there from the creation of the diamond to when it’s set into the ring. We can guarantee the origin and the quality, unlike mined diamonds.

VRAI lab-grown diamonds aren’t simply more sustainable, they are also more affordable. 3 carat diamonds can cost considerably more than 1 or 2 carat diamonds, but VRAI created diamonds are available at a more accessible price point. Since we produce our diamonds in-house, with no middlemen, we can offer the most competitive diamond prices for higher carat, high-quality diamonds.

12 Best 3 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

Below you’ll find some of the best 3 carat Emerald cut diamond engagement rings with a range of settings perfect for different tastes.

3 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Rings With A Gold Band

A gold band is a wonderful, durable choice for an Emerald cut engagement ring. Consider a 3 carat Emerald Cut diamond ring, yellow gold, if you have more classic tastes. For those who prefer to play up the heirloom feel of an Emerald cut diamond, opt for a rose gold engagement ring. If you’d like to highlight the clean lines and sleek look of this diamond shape, a white gold engagement ring would make a beautiful selection.

1. The Twisted Classic
2. The Graduated Band
3. The Knife Edge

3 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Rings With Halo

A halo engagement ring is one of the best settings to maximize the size and brilliance of your Emerald cut diamond. Halo settings encircle the center stone in smaller diamonds, which contrasts beautifully with the linear lines of an Emerald cut diamond. A halo setting will also add a vintage look to any diamond shape.

4. The Three Stone Halo
5. The Floating Solitaire
6. The Halo

3 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring

Solitaire engagement rings are the most popular and timeless setting choice. A solitaire setting with an Emerald cut diamond is an instant classic, with a range of options to suit varying styles. This setting will highlight the elegance of an Emerald cut diamond as well as its strength and size.

7. The Signature
8. The Classic
9. The Signature Bezel

3 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Rings With Baguettes

Baguette and Emerald cut diamonds are often compared, due to their similar rectangular shape. Emerald cut diamonds are better suited as the center stone, however, while the longer, narrower Baguette diamond looks best as a side stone. When you pair these two shapes together, you’ll get a modern, clean, and brilliant design.

10. The Three Stone
11. The Double Band
12. The Baguette Bar

Explore VRAI Created 3 Carat Emerald Diamond Rings

Discover our full collection of thoughtfully crafted 3 carat VRAI Created Emerald cut diamond engagement rings online. When you book an appointment with our VRAI Diamond Experts, you’ll get personalized guidance in selecting the best diamond ring for your budget. You’ll also receive a $100 credit toward your engagement ring.

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