stack of different wedding rings with lab grown diamonds
stack of different wedding rings with lab grown diamonds

2024 Wedding Trends: Top 24 Trends For Inspiration

Alicia Briggs | December 21, 2023

A wedding is a monumental moment in someone’s life. While wedding planning should be fun, it can also come with pressure, especially when navigating the latest wedding trends. Below, we cover the most anticipated wedding trends in 2024. Use these trends and tips to plan a beautiful and memorable wedding that’s still uniquely yours.

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What Is the Wedding Trend in 2023 and 2024?

The most notable wedding trends in 2023 included colorful and textured wedding cakes, eighties-inspired weddings, and multi-day and mid-day wedding celebrations.

In 2024, current trends like wedding weekends and bold colors are expected to continue with a few notable updates. 2024 weddings will further emphasize sustainability, interactive experiences, and the personal over the traditional.

24 Wedding Trends to Help You Plan Your 2024 Wedding

Discover the most anticipated wedding trends in 2024 to inspire your wedding planning.

1.Shared Photo Albums

In 2024, day-of content creation is trending. Many couples are choosing to create shared digital photo albums for guests to upload their photos throughout the wedding festivities.

Professional photographers are creating reels or photo carousels for Instagram and TikTok to post on the day of. In this digital age, it’s never been easier to capture and share your special wedding moments right when they happen.

2.Personalized Sustainable Invites

More couples going paperless and sending digital wedding invitations. In 2024, people are choosing to upgrade their e-vites. Personalized digital invitations, complete with a soundtrack, photo gallery, and custom messages, are trending.

Wedding invites aside, people are also choosing to send more personalized digital thank you’s in 2024.

3.Weekend Weddings

Destination weddings have always been trendy, but weekend weddings are set to be the most popular type of 2024 wedding celebration. More couples are making the most of their wedding and throwing weekend (or week-long!) wedding celebrations.

This is a popular choice for weddings that require travel and allows for more quality time with your loved ones.

4.Themed Guest Attire

Weddings are putting more thought into guest attire in 2024. For multi-day weekends, themed nights with designated colors or styles are trending. Some couples throw day-after brunches with pajamas encouraged.

Monochrome weddings where guests show up in one color scheme are also increasing, as is coordinated wedding party jewelry.

5.Seated Wedding Parties

A newer trend that’s expected to grow in 2024 is seated wedding parties. It’s becoming more common for bridesmaids and/or groomsmen to sit instead of stand during the ceremony. This is a thoughtful way to let your bridal party take in the ceremony. It also creates a more intimate ceremony for the couple.

6.Candid Cameras

Nineties nostalgia continues to trend with candid cameras becoming a mainstay for 2024 weddings. This is a fun way to get guests involved in capturing print moments throughout the evening.

7.Interactive Entertainment

While the ceremony is a beautiful and magical moment, the after-party is where the celebration happens. More couples are choosing to go all out with interactive entertainment. Photo booths, wedding games, and karaoke are just a few of the favored 2024 wedding trends.

8.Day After Brunch

Don’t be surprised if you’re next wedding invite comes with a day after brunch or party. Offering a shared recovery meal where guests can reflect on the night together is one of the most popular 2024 wedding trends.

9.Late Night Snacks

For weddings that continue late into the evening, special late-night menus or buffets are increasingly popular. It’s the perfect way to fuel your guests for several more hours of dancing.

10.Private Vows

More couples are opting to keep their vows private. More couples are taking a private moment after the ceremony to share their vows before rejoining the wedding celebrations.

11.Audio Guest Books

Audio guest books are the newest wedding trend. Audio guest books allow guests to record messages throughout the night. This is a fun and thoughtful way for your loved ones to share personalized messages and moments from your special day.


Taking a minimoon instead of a honeymoon is set to become the norm in 2024. With more couples opting for destination wedding weekends, it’s harder for couples to take their honeymoon immediately after. Taking a minimoon (1-2 nights) is the perfect way to recover from your wedding and to tide you over until your future honeymoon.

13.Bold Colors

Bright and bold colors are set to take center stage in 2024. Expect to see vibrant bouquets, colorful decor, and wedding attire with color accents.

14.Communal Eats

In 2024, communal eats are on the rise. Family-style dishes, dessert bars, and grazing tables are all fun ways to share food. This makes it easy to accommodate various food restrictions or to provide food throughout the evening.

15.Eco-Friendly Weddings

Prioritizing sustainability continues to rise, and weddings are no exception. Sustainable weddings are becoming mainstream in 2024. More weddings are eliminating plastic or single-use decor and choosing venues or caterers that implement eco-friendly measures.

16.Pre-Wedding Activities

Traditional rehearsal dinners are expected to become less traditional. Many couples are favoring pre-wedding events, from fully catered meet-and-greets to themed parties to bridal showers.

17.Live Music

Having a standard DJ or playlist is becoming less common. In 2024, expect to see more couples hiring live bands and making the music an event.

18.Drone Photography

Drone photography is one of the most breathtaking 2024 trends for capturing a wedding. If you chose a picture-perfect venue, or you’re having an outdoor, summer wedding, consider capturing the beauty from above with drone photography.

19.Black Bridesmaid Dresses

Monochrome is set to trend in 2024. Black or neutral bridesmaid dresses are competing with traditional pastels.

20.Retro-Inspired Weddings

In 2024, wedding decor and gowns inspired by the past are set to trend. Retro weddings, particularly the 70’s and Art Deco eras, are increasingly trending. A recent report from Pinterest Predicts forecast a rise in groovy themed weddings and bridal showers.

21.Planned Exits

Traditionally, the emphasis has been on the couple's first entrance and first dance. In 2024, expect to see weddings emphasizing their exit. End-of-the-night toasts, firework send-offs, and even a last dance are the latest ways to say farewell.

22.Unique Wedding Venues

Alternative wedding venues are on the rise in 2024. People are getting creative as to where they want to say “I Do,” with some couples turning the venue into the primary event.

23.Custom Thank You Gifts

It’s traditional for a couple to give their wedding party gifts, but experiential or custom thank-you gifts are trending in 2024. Couples are selecting gifts that their loved ones can enjoy, like an Airbnb Experience, cooking class, or concert tickets.

24.Shots Over Champagne

One of the biggest wedding trends in 2024 is an updated twist on the classic champagne toast. More couples are opting to take shots over sips of champagne to start the celebrations.

Wedding Trends 2024 FAQS

Consider the following frequently asked questions about 2024 wedding trends.

What Is the Trend in Gowns for 2024?

Bridal gown trends in 2024 include wedding dress separates, colorful wedding gowns, drop waists, shorter wedding veils, and dresses that can transform into dance floor-friendly designs.

What Is the Luckiest Month to Get Married in 2024?

According to the Chinese zodiac calendar, the luckiest date to get married in 2024, and every year, is August 8th. Additional lucky 2024 wedding months include May, July, October, and November.

What Is the Trend in Wedding Bouquets in 2024?

Trendy wedding flowers in 2024 include bright and bold bouquets, monochromatic florals, and mini bouquets. The trending colors for 2024 include vibrant and bold shades of blue, purple, and pink, as well as jewel tones and earth tones.

What to Wear to a Wedding in 2024?

Follow the stated dress code when deciding what to wear to a wedding in 2024. If there isn’t a dress code, consider the season and the event. In general, avoid wearing any color that resembles white.

What Is the Most Popular Month to Have a Wedding?

The most popular month to have a wedding is typically September, followed by November, June, and October. September and November were the most popular wedding dates in 2023.

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  • Custom design options