Trillion Shaped Engagement Rings: Why You Should Choose This Rare Diamond Shape

Alicia Briggs | December 26, 2023

While classic diamond shapes are beloved for a reason, the rare Trillion diamond is becoming increasingly sought-after for engagement rings. If you’re searching for a unique yet timeless diamond shape, consider a Trillion shaped engagement ring. Use this guide to learn what a Trillion diamond is and how to buy a Trillion cut engagement ring.

All VRAI created Trillion cut diamonds feature an Excellent cut and perfect proportions, ensuring the symmetry and fire it’s known for.

What Is a Trillion Engagement Ring?

A Trillion engagement ring is an engagement ring that has a Trillion cut diamond for the center stone. A Trillion cut has three equilateral sides that form a triangle shape, with sharp corners and a Brilliant cut.

This distinct, geometric diamond is a popular choice for shoppers who prefer a rare and unique engagement ring with peak brilliance and fire.

Trillion Engagement Ring Meaning & History

Trillion cut diamonds are one of the newest diamond cuts and have only recently been chosen as center diamonds for engagement rings.

The first triangular diamond cut was created by the Asscher brothers during the 18th century. However, it wasn’t until the 1960s that Leon Finker crafted the Trillion cut diamond. Today, any triangular-shaped diamond is referred to as a Trillion cut.

Trillion diamonds are commonly found in jewelry, but Trillion cut engagement rings are relatively rare. Trillion cut diamonds are popular as side stones for engagement rings, but a Trillion cut center stone is still unique.

There are several famous Three Stone Trillion engagement rings. Elizabeth Hurley’s Sapphire engagement ring, Jennifer Lopez’s green diamond ring, and Salma Hayek’s Oval engagement ring are all flanked by Trillion cut diamonds.

As Trillion cut diamond engagement rings are becoming more popular, more jewelers are starting to offer this shape for a center diamond.

Trillion Shape Engagement Ring Pros and Cons

Use the following pros and cons to decide if a Trillion cut engagement ring is right for you.


  • Maximizes Carat Weight
  • Comparable Brilliance to a Round Brilliant
  • Considered Rare and Unique
  • Distinct, Triangular Shape


  • Fragile Pointed Corners (unless covered by prongs)
  • Harder to Find

Best Trillion Cut Diamond Ring Settings

The best engagement ring setting for a Trillion cut diamond will protect its three-pointed corners and highlight its triangular form.

Solitaire settings are the most popular settings for Trillion diamonds as they offer versatility and security. Shoppers especially love the way that Trillion diamonds shine in vintage-inspired, diamond-forward settings like The Duet and The Pavé Dome.

To best highlight the distinct triangular shape of a Trillion, certain settings are better than others. The Bezel, The Hover, and The Halo showcase this silhouette like no other. Multi-diamond settings like The Three Stone, The Devotion, or The Baguette Baralso create a brilliant geometric contrast.

VRAI diamond experts can help you select the best ring setting for your VRAI created Trillion cut diamond.

What to Know Before Buying a Trillion Shape Engagement Ring

When buying a Trillion engagement ring, consider the following:

Trillion Cuts & the Diamond 4Cs

Use the diamond 4Cs to ensure a quality Trillion cut diamond. Cut is the most important diamond C for Trillions. Trillion cut diamonds look the second largest face up (second to Marquise), so you can save on carat weight if you're budget conscious and splurge on cut instead.

Opt for a near Colorless or colorless Trillion diamond with an Excellent cut grade and an SI or above clarity grade. This will ensure an eye-clean Trillion cut with no visible color and peak brilliance. To guarantee perfect proportions, look for excellent symmetry.

Size & Brilliance

When choosing a Trillion cut engagement ring, think about what you want to enhance the most. Do you primarily want to highlight the size, the shape, or the brilliance of a Trillion cut? You can choose all three, but certain settings and diamond grades will spotlight these qualities more than others.

Bezel or Halo settings will enhance the size of a Trillion cut diamond, while settings with pavé diamonds or multiple diamonds will add brilliance. To further highlight the shape of a Trillion, choose a setting that encircles or lifts the diamond.

Metal Color

Most Trillion cut engagement rings are available in either a platinum, yellow, white, or rose gold setting. Choose the metal color that works best with your diamond color grade so that your Trillion diamond still appears white.

Platinum and white gold pair well with colorless or G and H color diamonds. Yellow and rose gold look best with near colorless or J color diamonds.

Color grades aside, lighter metal colors highlight the modern strength of a Trillion cut, while darker metal colors add warmth and elegant contrast.

Ring Style & Security

When choosing the ring setting, consider the style and security. We recommend only looking at settings that cover the Trillion’s three fragile corners to protect your diamond.

The engagement ring setting will also determine the overall style and appearance of your ring. Whether you have classic, modern, or vintage-inspired tastes, there’s a ring setting that will match your unique style.

Reputable Jeweler

Quality Trillion cut diamonds are harder to find. When shopping for a Trillion cut engagement ring, make sure you do your due diligence to verify that the jeweler is offering a well-cut, perfectly proportioned Trillion diamond. Always check for the diamond certification and look for the diamond cut grade, measurements, and symmetry.

All VRAI created Trillion cut diamonds are certified and come with a Full Lifetime Guarantee.

Shop Trillion VRAI Created Diamond Engagement Rings

For a beautiful, certified Trillion cut diamond, look no further than VRAI. Our lab-grown diamonds are grown in the world’s first zero-emission foundry; then cut and polished in-house by master diamond cutters.

All VRAI created diamonds have perfect premium cuts and excellent symmetry to guarantee a Trillion engagement ring that shines as bright as you do.

Trillion Shape Engagement Ring FAQs

Read on for answers to frequently asked questions about Trillion cut engagement rings.

Does a Trillion Cut Diamond Sparkle?

A Trillion cut diamond does “sparkle,” and is comparable to a Round Brilliant. Trillions are known for their brilliance (i.e. sparkle) and fire, thanks to their Modified Brilliant cut.

Are Trillion Cut Diamonds More Expensive?

Trillion cut diamonds are often more affordable than more popular diamond shapes of the same quality, such as Round Brilliant cuts.

However, finding a quality Trillion cut diamond with an excellent cut is relatively rare. This can make a Trillion engagement ring more expensive as you may have fewer options and price ranges to choose from.

Is Trillion Cut Good?

A Trillion cut is a great diamond cut, as long it's cut by an expert diamond cutter. When cut well, Trillions have scintillating brilliance and equilateral sides to form their coveted triangular shape.

Are Trillion Cut Diamonds Rare?

Trillion cut diamonds are relatively rare. There is less demand for this shape, and it takes a skilled diamond cutter to cut a quality Trillion diamond. As such, fewer diamond retailers carry Trillion diamonds.

How Do You Wear a Trillion Cut Ring?

Trillion cut diamonds are worn according to how they are set, and/or your preference. It’s up to you which way you’d like to wear a Trillion diamond ring. Just like Pears, people choose to wear Trillions with the pointed tip facing toward them as well as pointing away from them.

What Are the Different Types of Trillion Cuts?

The classic and modern Trillion cut we know and love today has 37 triangular and kite-shaped facets with a Modified Brilliant cut. This Trillion cut has three equilateral sides with sharp corners. However, some jewelers offer different cut types for Trillions. You may find Trillions with rounded corners or different faceting structures.

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virtual appointment with diamond expert meeting with potential customers over a call on a computer

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Speak with our diamond experts and enjoy:

  • Personalized guidance to select your ring
  • In-depth diamond 4C education
  • Exclusive in-store fittings or virtual try-ons
  • Custom design options